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Swisa Beauty, Dead Sea Facial Peel, 1.7-Ounce

Vital anti-aging Dead Sea minerals are infused with life giving anti-oxidant ingredients including, Echinacea, Ginseng, Rosemary, and Green Tea Extract. With a simple gentle swirling motion of the fingers, whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin are effortlessly removed. At the same time, the legendary properties of the Dead Sea minerals work uniquely to retain and attract moisture, maintaining the delicate PH balance of your face. Sensation Beauty Dead Sea Facial Peel combines the robust citrus aroma of grapefruit with the delicate scent of rosemary.

Key features

  • Anti-aging Dead Sea minerals infused with anti-oxidant ingredients
  • Has Echinacea, Ginseng, Rosemary, and Green Tea Extract
  • Whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin are effortlessly removed
  • Works uniquely to retain and attract moisture
  • Gives you a firmer and more youthful appearance

Honest reviews


not great

I really looked forward to getting this product after reading early reviews. when I got it, it seemed as if it had already been opened. it had clumps in it, almost like yogurt. those clumps did not dissolve on contact with my face, so I ended up flicking them into the trash. I must have wasted a third of the product that way. once you open this, you need to use it fairly quickly. I made the mistake of not using it for a couple of months and the stuff liquefied. it was just runny liquid in the jar. I think it reacts to air even when it’s exposed for a short period of time. very disappointed.

Juliet Topeka, IN

Overpaid and broke out!

This product actually made me break out. Not just a couple of pimples either- I’m talking a full blown break out running a rampage on my previously acne free face!Skincare products work differently with everyone though, so my skin’s reaction could have just been a fluke compared to the norma; response to this product.If you choose to get this product, I highly suggest not getting it at the mall where you will be charged roughly 4 times what Amazon and a few other online retailers charge. I made the mistake of getting it at the mall and it seems that the vendors selling it get to set their own prices. The guy I got it from started at $100 so I felt like I was getting a better deal when he went down a bit in price. I have seen posts of people talking them down to $35. But none as low as the current Amazon price.I wish I would have checked online first 🙁

Louisa Maceo, KY

Swisa Beauty, Dead Sea Facial Peel, 1.01-Ounce

It gently lifted all aging problems and impuritties on my skin, make skin look younger. I will keep trying it. thank you.

Geri Vickery, OH

so unhelpful

I purchase this product when I think it will exfoliate my face from the acne spot but realy it did nothing

Chrystal Weiner, AR

Dead skin

If you have a problem with winter dry skin, you can use this lightly everyday to keep your face soft and clear. I had a rough winter with very dry skin and this would remove the dry sking without burning the skin underneath. Still the best facial peel I ever found

Georgina Rockaway Park, NY

Not right for me

Not right for my skin!…I do not have a glow after several weeks and very disappointed in the way this product worked.

Nell Everetts, NC

Leaves your skin refreshed!

I have really sensitive skin so just washing my face never quite did the trick for me. I had to always add other products to get rid of dead skin cells. While others swear up and down it doesn’t work, I think it just has to end up in the right hands. It’s like pro-active some get amazing results, others don’t. I like this product because it makes my skin smoother than a babies face. I bought dead sea lotion from a vendor at the mall and it smells great, and allows other lotions to smooth right down into my skin, instead of lying on top. It moisturizes it and really makes my skin feel great! However the only downfall is the lotion was expensive. The price to pay for this product is affordable, and it really does it’s job!

Dianna Ukiah, OR


i love this thing! u can actually see the dead skin residue leaving your face. if u have oily skin this is a must

Gracie Weatherford, TX

great product

I love this product, it takes away all the top layer of dead skin, I have tried it before, I didn’t think I would ever find it again, paid a huge price for it in the mall, got it super cheap here, will be ordering it again, works great and leaves your skin smooth and reduces pores while giving you a healthy glow.

Earlene Cayucos, CA

looove this stuff

it has helped my skin soooo much!! i have acne scars, and when i first started using it, ihad horrile, big red pimples on my chicks, now they are goneee!! 😀 after i use this ( 2 times weekly) my skin is always soo soft and brighter, u can tell it really helps ur skin feel and look better. i will definitely buy a new one when i finish this one 😀

Yvette Grafton, NH