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Sweet Sweat Skin Cream, 13.5 Ounce

Sweet Sweat Skin Cream accelerates and enhances heat production, helps balance problem areas during your workout. Increasing heat production to “Slow to Respond”, insulating fatty tissue areas. Creates a “Portable Sauna – Like” Environment, accelerates Warm – up and recovery time, making your workout feel easier. Assists in preventing muscle injury.

Key features

  • Workout Enhancer
  • Thermogenic Accelarator
  • Fights against painful injuries
  • Increases circulation
  • Fresh Scent

Honest reviews


The jury is still out

I thought I would try this to lose some fast weight for a special day. I have used oils and wrapped myself in plastic to work out or just to sleep away the excess water. I used this the first day without wrapping and was not excercizing, just doing things around the house. I didn’t notice any sweating. I tried it again and using more this time before I went to bed and wrapped in plastic. I didn’t notice any heating action. I actually felt chilled. I put a heating pad on my stomach area and once it heated up, I got so hot I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I did drop a couple of lbs. water weight but without eating and only drinking water, all the weight was back by lunch time. I’ll keep trying this to see if the effects last any longer than the time it takes to drink a bottle of water or two.

Jacqueline Toronto, KS

oily sticky, and also a scam

BS product. I apply some on this on a flat steel panel, lighted up a lighter from the bottom and within seconds it started melthing.A clear indication of BS.When on skin, as soon as u start running, u get hot and it starts melting creating an illusion of sweat, plus very very oily and sticky.

Gracie Langdon, ND

Didn’t see a difference

I used this with a waist trimmer with a regular cardio workout. Doesn’t make a difference. My diet is all organic and I have a regular work out routine. I’m sure it depends on your age and body type. I’m in my 40s and am in excellent shape (except for that mid life lower poofy belly) for my age group. I just didn’t see the results that I thought I would. It is what is is though. I’m sure it wasn’t the product, but genetics and my high expectations.

Jo Hilda, SC


If you take cycling or spinning classes at the gym then this product is a must….Use a layer for inner thighs, buttocks and stomach…true results will show quickly…will buy again!

Belinda Lewisville, PA

Great Stuff

This stuff really works. I was sweating like crazy the first time I used it. I combine this with a sauna suit and I put it all over my belly my arms and even my legs. I sweat more than I would with just the suite alone. I think its great if you are begging to work out and need to get rid of water weight. This is a great investment towards your body. This alone wont make you loose inches and weight but it would help you if you put in the work.

Beatrice Brookings, OR

this is the bomb

Use this product to help me exercise and sweat it does !! This help me with my stomach issues love it

Annmarie Dover, DE

It will make you sweat …

I have tried many contour slimming creams designed to help you ‘sweat’ off the weight and this is by far the best hands down. The smell is great – no heavy chemical smell or super floral smell. It only takes a little to do the job. It is easy to clean off and doesn’t leave an after smell on your skin like some do (even with heavy cleaning and exfoliating).

Millicent Whittington, IL

Awesome product…feel the burn!

I’ve been using Sweet Swear for about 6 months now and it really gets me sweating. I’m not a big sweater to begin with so using this with a sweat suit, I feel like I’ve tripled my workout optimizing results. It has a mic scent and doesn’t stain clothing which is great.

Maritza Erwin, SD

Mom loves it.

I bought this product for my 70 year old mom to use while she works out at the gym. She likes this stuff. It has no noticeable odor and it most definitely makes her sweat!

Jody Floyd, IA