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Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond

Dark Bronzing System Tingle Pwer T2 Anti-aging and slimming Formula THC Drug Free

Key features

  • Added Natural Bronzing for immediate results.
  • Tingle Power T2 formula increases blood flow and tanning cell activity
  • Triple action anti-aging, firming and slimming Blend.
  • Green Citrus fragrance.

Honest reviews


Beware if you have sensitive skin!

I bought this product based on the fact that my tanning salon carries SB products (just not this one) and the many positive reviews that it received. I saw the tingle factor and figured it wouldn’t bother me.. Wrong I was. While this product produces a rich, bronze tan; it also can hurt your skin very badly… Allow me to explain. This product works by making more oxygen at the skin, which makes you tan quicker and more. What it did for me was that, but also burned my skin from within. Every time I use it, I literally feel like I am on fire. If you just barely rub your face with this stuff (its too strong to put on the face) you end up looking like a tomato afterward. My skin also developed what the tanning salon called a “fungal infection” after using this product. It made me develop white splotches on my body, which make me look like I have vitiligo. Every time I use this, it further ruins the look of my skin and makes me feel like garbage. I will never, ever buy this product or any other tingling lotion again. This was a waste of my money and very detrimental/dangerous for the skin! You’ve been warned. This is NOT a healthy lotion.

Adrienne Valley Park, MO


This product is a Great product for fist time tanners that would like to get into tingles! i first started off by using snookis ultra hot bronzer and I love that product! I ordered this one after that lotion, it smells ok but nothing like other cheeper and same amount of money tanning lotions it smells like pineapple and super glue not a nice sent! I personally only put tingles on my arms legs and shoulders, I have little acne on my face but that is a medical problem but with this lotion it broke my arms out WTF!!!! My legs got streaks from this lotion! Would recommend this lotion to people who do not have any acne problem medical or not, and to people who would like to try and get into a tingle lotion! Just not for me period

Monika Shickley, NE

I’ve used better.

The only thing that I really liked about this lotion is the scent. Even if you are an “experienced” tanner, this lotion will make you itch like there’s no tomorrow. The only benefit of a “hot” or “tingle” product, in my opinion, is that you’ll look extremely dark as soon as you get out of the tanning bed. However, the tan will quickly fade and you will be left with marks from itching so much during your session. If you are trying to achieve a bronzed, “beach tan” look, I would recommend purchasing a bronzing lotion (which doesn’t itch or burn) rather than a tingling lotion. After using this product religiously solely because of it’s wonderful scent, I realized that it isn’t worth the irritation you’ll experience while in the tanning bed.

Dominique Tunbridge, VT

Smokin’ HOT!

I got this lotion to start acclimating my skin to tingle lotions. This is my first tingle and I know that it’s a comparatively low-powered tingle (T-2, they range from 0-100), but it’s still super hot. At it’s climax, I felt like I had a medium sunburn all over, but after I tanned, it tapered off to mild over exposure and now, 3 hours after tanning, it’s almost completely gone. For my first session with this lotion, I already had a base tan. I went in a 15 minute medium-pressure bed with facial bulbs, but I didn’t put any Pink Diamond on my face!Taking into consideration that it’s a TINGLE and tingles are supposed to be a little uncomfortable…Pros: HOT! Contains bronzers. Conditioning. Spreads really well. Didn’t streak or stain my hands.Cons: The smell. It has after tan odor under control, but had I known it was going to smell super coconutty, I would have gone with a different lotion. If I had the option, I would give the lotion a 4.5 because it doesn’t smell bad, I just try to avoid coconut because my BF doesn’t like it =-(

Elvira Mount Olive, AL

it’s ok, but it lost its tingle!

i loved this lotion when i first got it. gave me a boost when i needed it. but i stopped laying for a couple of months, then started again and i used that lotion but it didn’t tingle like it use too ! and i had half a bottle left and i had to throw it away !! i won’t buy this lotion again.

Marguerite Spring Glen, PA

All time favorites…

I have used this for years. I have used a lot of tingle products but this one by far seems to give me a good tan without the lingering redness that comes with using a tingle lotion. I also don’t feel as itchy (some tingles make me feel itchy after tanning), and I’ve always noticed a difference after just a couple uses.

Kathrine Velarde, NM


i have very pale skin but i tan alot so my real skin color is rarely seen,,however the town i live in sucks and the tanning salons are a joke so i wasnt able to tan where the bed acually worked so my skin had really got back to my white self..i went the first time using something eltes then used this the second time n i was shocked…i went from pale to awesomely tan in joke..this has made me so dark and so fast!! i have NEVER gotten results lke this in 10 years..great smell..thick rich consistancy..great tingle that dont kill u..over all i love everything about this lotion..most likely my new gotta have lotion..thanks swedish beauty! and amazon!

Zelda Muir, PA

Good lotion

I used this lotion one day because I didn’t have anything else available. Little did I know I’d really end up liking it! It’s a mild tingle, so mild I only felt the tingle on parts of my legs which was weird, but I end up getting significant color after using this. It smells good which is always a plus, too. My favorite thing about this lotion is its so thick I feel like it’s really moisturizing my skin well. Swedish Beauty doesn’t let me down!

Robyn Tingley, IA

Didn’t like this at all

I was hoping for a lotion with results, but the only result I got was flaming red skin that was hot and itchy. I would not recommend.

Benita Edinboro, PA

Nice tingle

I’m a newbie to the tingle world and have always been told to try this one starting out. Well thanks to Amazon’s great prices, I decided to finally get it. It does heat your skin but nothing I can’t handle. I do pair it with Millenium Solid Black so that may take away some of the tingle. The combination of the two work quite well. Leaves my skin soft and a nice brown tan. Not orange at all…which is a huge plus for me since I have a hard time finding lotions that don’t turn me orange.

Hilary Tallahassee, FL

swedish beauty pink diamond

I thought I would like this which I have used for years in the other way where bottle was a little harder. Living on beach a lot it does not come do good. I know you can use it inside and out because I have used it for 20 or so years. I do not look like I am in my 60’s which everyone tells me too. I want it back in the bigger hard bottle. That is the only reason I will not buy it. Other then that I would buy it because it is great..

Allene Siloam, NC


I tanned for a few weeks using this product and was soooo dark after only 3 sessions. This stuff is amazing! I dont mind the ‘tingle factor’, kind of soothing! 🙂

Gayle Saint Mary Of The Woods, IN

Great Tingle Lotion!

I have always been a fan of Swedish Beauty tanning lotions, I used to use the Sinful lotion daily for years. I stopped tanning for a couple of years and then started back when I got my own bed. I bought this one, hoping it was close to Sinful, since they don’t make it anymore. I have to say it’s awesome. It is a tingle, so if you don’t like tingle lotions or you have never tried one, build up to this level before you try it or you will hate it.It offers a nice smell, not a burnt after smell and it’s not greasy. I like that it gives you a bronzer in it as well, and it’s not an ‘orange’ look either. It didn’t take long to build up a tan with this one and I would recommend it to anyone that loves tingle lotions and is a fan of Swedish Beauty lotions.

Bridgette Chimney Rock, CO

Works as it should

This was obviously purchased for my wife. She likes it and it does the job. Just make sure you have a base before you start using it.

Marva Crawford, MS

Love it!!

I love this lotion, I love all tingles, the hotter the better, this one did tingle my face a bit but I didn’t feel a thing on my body but when I got out I was very dark with a little bit of a pink tone, I already have a DARK tan but this took it up a level, the smell is amazing its like a fruity tropical smell and it doesn’t have any ato, wish it was way hotter but I knew it wouldn’t be, but the color is so great I will alternate with my others, I would recommend this to everyone, also great price

Patrice Promise City, IA

Another hit from Swedish Beauty

I wanted a good base tan before a vacation and an accelerator that would help to deepen what I got at the tanning salon. This did a good job. The tingle was not overwhelming and the color magnification was great (bronzer).

Dale Argyle, MI

I love it

good product

Myrtle Elmo, MT