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Swedish Beauty HONEY FACE FACTS Naturally Dark Hypoallergenic Facial Tanning Lotion 3 oz.

Naturally Dark Hypoallergenic Facial Tanner Natural melanin enhancers prepare skin for dark color. Natural power of honey helps keep skin smooth, nourished and protected from harsh environmental elements. Vitamins A and E plus Aloe help protect against future signs of aging. Continuously tested on all types of skin to determine safe even on the most sensitive skin. Fragrance Free

Key features

  • Naturally Dark
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural melanin enhancers
  • Fragrance Free
  • Vitamins A and E

Honest reviews


I Love this lotion!!!

Doesn’t break me out, smells great, feels smooth, isn’t sticky like I thought it would be. One of the problems I was experiencing before was when I would use just normal tanning lotion on my face, my face would burn, with this it hasn’t. Also for awhile my body was looking darker than my face thanks to this lotion I don’t have that problem any more. Was definitely worth buying and I’m definitely gonna buy it again when I run out.

Alyssa Bradford, VT

Love , love love honey face the facts

I tan regularly year round and find most facial tanners have a bronzer which causes irritation and breakouts not to mention a somewhat unatural color, this I started using through my regular salon and loved it , my face is a very healthy and natural brown , I am 51 and never have tanned without facial lotions I am not overly tan, but healthy and I think this is the ideal product for anyone who choses to tan without facial lotions because of heaviness, stickiness , clogged pores and redness…I am ordering from amazon as it is cheaper. This I feel will be my permanent go to facial tanner. I am a high tingle user for my body , this is something you want to keep far from your face and neck..Added plus, smells great ….

Catherine Grand Chenier, LA

awesome face lotion.

I love this lotion it is priced right for a facial moisturizer thats 3 oz!! For a natural lotion that smells good and diminishs wrinkles! After the first use my face was noticeabley tanner and so so soft. My face dosent break out after using it. Love it highly recommend it. This is such a good deal tanning salon is only charging 30$ for it love the botanica line.

Lesley Esopus, NY

Didn’t work for me

I’ve been using self-tanner for years and my skin suddenly became allergic to it, so I was hoping this would work since it was hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, it didn’t – at all. Although my face didn’t react badly to it, I developed NO color whatsoever from it and I followed the directions to the tee.With all the rave reviews, I was hopeful, but no such luck. Bummer..

Isabelle Pateros, WA


This lotion produces a nice tan, but it goes on very sticky and the smell is not appealing. It was also difficult to get out of the container towards the end of the bottle.

Bettie La Loma, NM

Hypoallergenic? Okay, but…

This product still broke my skin out. I think the smell is amazing. However, my pores were completely clogged to the max. I don’t like the way this lotion feels either, very greasy. Not for me…

Wendi Mosby, MT

Swedish Beauty Facial Facts

Great smelling lotion and does wonders on my skin since I am in the sun and tanning in the tanning bed.

Glenda Kensal, ND

Works great

I was looking for a tan accelerator that would be gentle for my face but still help me tan faster. This did the trick. My tan looked great and my skin was not irritated.

Donna New Washington, OH