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Swedish Beauty, Aloe There, Color Boosting Moisturizer 18 Ounce

This superior formula is now even richer with a turbo boost of moisturizing power for longer-lasting results. More nutrients, more skincare, more luxurious moisture with No additives, No preservatives and No fillers. Leave your skin softer, smoother and instantly hydrated with the Dew Over of Aloe There.

Key features

  • Note: The date mentioned below the item refers to the bottle’s manufacturing date, not expiration date
  • Nut, Gluten, Paraben and Silicone FREE; designed for sensitive skin
  • Dew Drop Ultra Moisture Complex: Replenish, renew and restore moisture like never before with this duet of superior moisturizing agents
  • Color Booster: Tyrosine prepares skin for dark color and extends the life of your tan
  • EcoChic Hydration: Honeydew melon and honey extract blanket the skin with a deliciously soft youthful glow

Honest reviews


Smells so good!

omg it makes your skin like silk!!! It smells so GOOD!!!! PARABEN Free and its like 95% natural!!! GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Stefanie Windfall, IN

My favorite!

I always bought this from my tanning salon! I love the smell and it moisturizes my skin so soft! Aloe is one of my favorite natural ingredients for my skin.

Lorrie Ballantine, MT

Best moisturizer

This moisturizer is by far the best moisturizer I’ve ever tried. It’s so silky smooth but doesn’t weigh you down! I have incredibly dry hands and feet and this is the perfect solution for me. Not sure if it “boosts” color as it says, but the key to maintaining and prolonging a tan is having well moisturized skin, which this will do. Smells very clean in a pleasant way.

Gretchen Glencoe, NM

i love it !!

this is the best aftersun care for in door tanner it keeps your tan much longer it goes on smooth and has i lihgt frangrance which i like. i recommened this product to everyone who use indoor tanning beds. i would go with out it.

Lacey Boulder Junction, WI

Very cool

Smells SO good–AND helps your summer tan to stay put a little longer. Definitely recommend!

Arline Portsmouth, RI

Very Moisturizing!

I love the smell and the texture. It definitely helps relieve dryness, redness, and the "tight skin" feeling I get after tanning. Sometimes I use it on my face too. It has a melony-fresh laundry scent.

Fay Coalmont, TN

Swedish beauty

Keeps my skin very soft and really does a good job protection my skin after tanning, It’s perfect for dry skin.

Susanne La Push, WA

Swedish Beauty is great

I used this moisturizer after tanning each day before a vacation. The moisturizer smelled good and kept my skin soft. It definitely prolonged my tan.

Brooke Crawfordsville, OR