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Swanson Dr. Barbara Hendel’s Magnesium Oil 8 fl oz

Swanson Ultra Magnesium Oil Spray is a super-saturated spray of pure magnesium chloride and water — nothing added, nothing taken away. It’s mined from deep underground at the site of the ancient Zechstein Sea in The Netherlands. Naturopathic expert Dr. Barbara Hendel recommends Magnesium oil for daily use. It’s non-greasy and absorbs rapidly leaving little residue and no unpleasant scent. Magnesium Oil consists of a supersaturated solution of magnesium chloride and pure water.

Key features

  • From the Ancient Zechstein Sea Dr. Barbara Hendel’s Magnesium Oil Spray
  • Nourishes & moisturizes skin
  • Apply after showering or bathing

Honest reviews


Very effective!

I’ve got adrenal fatigue, and, as often accompanies this condition, a severe magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is crucial for healthy adrenal function. During times of stress, either emotional or physical, the adrenal glands are called on to respond to the stressor, namely via the production of cortisol and adrenaline, among other hormones. You can imagine that if the diet is producing an inadequate supply of magnesium, one would run out fairly quickly. When these tiny glands malfunction, chronic illness can occur. This is where I’m at. I was popping magnesium citrate supplements like crazy all day long and eating foods rich in Mg, to no avail. All I wound up with was diarrhea. I wasn’t obtaining results at all and continued to feel crummy.I was digging around online when I saw the term “transdermal magnesium.” Intrigued, I looked into it. Then I came to, because I feel the reviews here are authentic and I can trust what people are saying. I decided I had nothing to lose and bought some.As soon as it arrived, I wasted no time and applied it all over my body. I won’t lie; this “oil” stings and/or itches, especially on a cut or wound of any kind. But it also heals the cuts very quickly. I didn’t feel anything happening the first time I used it, but during the second time, all of a sudden I felt a warmth underneath my skin (presumably in my bloodstream), and I felt like someone had “plugged me in.” [Note – adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal glands’ cells are devoid of the necessary mineral reserves to sustain them, so you just sorta fizzle out. It’s no fun, believe me.] My energy didn’t soar through the roof or anything, but for me, I knew that I was onto something.I’ve been using it 2x/day for several months now, and I refuse to be without it. It goes where I go. I sleep much more soundly, whereas before I had trouble falling and staying asleep. The anxiety that I suffered for a decade is also so much better. I feel more alert and more in control of my thoughts. It’s also eliminated the heart palpitations that accompany adrenal fatigue. I could not be more pleased with this product.By supplementing orally, it can take a year or even longer to replenish the cells’ Mg reserves. I’ve read that using transdermal Mg, replenishment can occur in as little as a few months. While my case is extreme, I have no doubt that healthy folks would benefit from this too. In my opinion, we are all likely Mg deficient to some degree. For optimal health and vitality, we could all use more powerful magnesium! And, as we all know, our food quality these days is subpar and just not supplying us with everything that we need.UPDATE 2/12/12:True to what I’ve read, I was able to stop using this oil after only a few months. So, even in my extremely depleted (read: stressed) state, this oil was able to build my Mg reserves back up in a very short time. Now I make sure to eat a lot of bone broth, organ meats, and I juice veggies everyday. A few weeks ago, I applied some Mg oil again to ensure I still have a sufficient supply, and I didn’t feel any difference. So it seems that I’m able to obtain the magnesium I need from my diet once again. I’m grateful for this transdermal oil; I believe it would have taken me much longer to build up my reserves if I had only used the oral form of supplementation.

Ida Columbus City, IA

Not Sure…

I’d love to be able to rave about how this made me feel, but I can’t. Unfortunately it makes my skin itch and get red spots soon after applying it. I switched from my forearms to thighs, but still have the same issue.

Antionette Yakima, WA

did nothing for us

i tried to use this like many of the reviews detailed, but i noticed no difference. it does itch a little bit and feels "weird" on the skin.

Jodi Greene, ME

bad reaction

My skin is very sensitive, and unfortuantely is reacting to either the oil or mineral? Product fails to display what type of oil the magnessium is based in. I wouldn’t recommended this to friend at all, and I normally have few problems from purchasing herbal remedies/supplements from other companies.

Judy Moody, ME

Husband loves it, but it burns my skin

I’m not sure why, but this product burns my skin. I don’t care for the feeling at all (uncomfortable), so I use Magnesium lotion, which doesn’t burn me. However, my husband uses this oil and he says it never burns his skin and he loves it. He uses it for hip pain. He sprays it on at night before going to bed and says he can really tell the difference, as his hip pain doesn’t wake him up anymore..

Cecelia Pickerington, OH

Even the oil sends me running for the bathroom

I have problems trying to take magnesium orally, so decided to try the oil for transdermal benefits. Unfortunately, even it sends me running for the bathroom, so I gave up on the whole get more magnesium scene.

Blanche Nallen, WV

great oil

first few times you use this oil, you’re going to feel cramps in places where you applied it. then as your body is no more deficient in magnesium, you won’t feel anything. the only negative is in places where you put the oil on your skin, there will be film on it. so I’d recommend maybe using the oil at night and washing it off in the morning.

Myrna Brackenridge, PA

Son Love It

Bought this product for my son who has back acne, he likes the product, it help decrease his acne and smooths his skin. It is a supplement that is missing from he and this helps him.

Margarita Waseca, MN