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Suvorna Professional Manicure Nail and Cuticle Pusher Tool Manipro M15, Polished Steel, 0.8 Ounce

Professional quality instrument from Suvorna’s value range of nail care products. Ideal for use at home, spa’s or salons

Key features

  • Made with high quality surgical grade stainless steel
  • Hollow spoon on one end to push and shape nails
  • Cupped end to clean under the nails
  • Textured slender body for better grip

Honest reviews



Love this….works great and seems to be of great quality…would recommend it to my fellow nail techs. Be sure to look at the ends in the pic…was more curved then what I had seen but I actually liked it.

Lisa Raleigh, ND

Great tool

I use this tool for cuticles and cleaning under the nail. I also use it to scrape off the remaining polish after removing gel soak off. Love it!

Lidia Devers, TX

Perfect cuticle tool.

They got this right. Only one word of warning, it’s VERY Sharp which is not a bad thing, but don’t slip while pushing back or cutting your cuticles.

Sherry Kernersville, NC

Excellent Quality not a flimsy tool

Works great and is great quality. Very nice! Was very pleased that the tool wasn’t flimsy as I have purchased in the past. Will look for this brand again.

Sharon Olathe, KS

Glad I bought this

I had a Sally Hanson cuticle pusher tool with a flat-edged scraper instead of the cuvet tip. The flat-edge really scraped up my nails after a while, so I bought this one instead. It works just as well and the curved, blunt cuvet edge leaves my nails intact. However, the cuvet tip fills up with tissue and doesn’t come out just by wiping on napkin. I have to keep a couple toothpicks in my manicure kit to scrape out the cuvet after each finger. It’s not that big a deal and would not stop me from using this tool. I just wash it with soap and warm water after and spritz it down with alcohol to sterilize all my tools after.I would recommend this for people who have the same problem. I was already doing at-home gel manicures. I didn’t want to further scrape up my nails than necessary.

Angelina Durham, KS