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Suvorna Professional Blackhead Remover / Cleaner & Comedone Extractor Skin Care Deluxe 14 Piece Kit

The most complete professional quality kit from Suvorna’s value range of skin care products. All Suvorna products are hand made by skilled craftsmen from finest materials. Ideal for use at home, spa’s or salons. Combines multiple implements to address all kinds of blackheads & whiteheads.

Key features

  • Made with high quality surgical grade stainless steel
  • Includes two main body rods and a variety of 14 implements that screw on to the main body
  • Attractive high quality carrying & storage case
  • Knurled main body for comfortable grip
  • Backed by Suvorna’s 30 days money back satisfaction guarantee

Honest reviews


Not the quality I thought they’d be

I thought the quality would be better, but maybe I guess you get what you pay for. I only use 2 tools so it was a waste of money for me. I can’t imagine using most of the heads, but I’m not an aesthetician. Instructions would be nice too.

Lizzie Cragford, AL

For those who like to groom.

The are wonderful, sturdy personal grooming tools. It has many inter-changeable heads for the job you need to do. They are easily cleaned.

Tricia Medford, OR

Great but don’t need this many accessory.

I bought this to remove my black heads, white heads, and acne (in between facial treatments). When I got this at home at first I was scared of using them. So I read what each one actually does carefully. One day I had a acne and I wanted to try out the product, but when I screwed it on, it felt flimsy and with every press on my face to remove the black head, the top became loose. That’s when I made up my mind and decided to return this product. I’m going to stick to my tweezerman.

Jacklyn Ashford, WV

Love it!

So many to choose from! I love this product. I am an avid pimple popper. Gross I know but hey it happens. This thing helps get those hard to pop pimples in no time at all. Also I am a decedent of the hairy middle eastern people so I have a lot of in grown hairs. This product helps me to scrap off the skin and expose the hair! I am absolutely thrilled that I bought this. I have no regrets on spending the money to buy such an awesome piece of equipment. Although I will be honest and say that the screw in pieces are not very sturdy but it still usable.

Zelma Lima, MT

Great arrangement of tools for skin care

I bought this to use in my skin are class, and am I ever happy with it. Well thought out, with the tool for every need.

Dianne Prole, IA

So fun!

Yes, it’s gross, but I have so much fun using this kit to attack blemishes on my face. It feels like a tiny victory every time I clear a clogged pore. Sometimes, I actually let out a satisfied, "Aaahhhh…" It took some patience and practice to figure out how to use all the tools without skin damage – definitely do not use this kit when angry or impatient or your face will pay the price. Use the directions that come with the kit. If you do not receive instructions, contact the seller and get them – I have found them to be quite useful. Like many others, I have a few favorite "go-to" tools in the kit. I use this kit at least once a week. Love it! Only gripe is that one of the handles only had threads on one side to attach a tool, where there should have been threads on both sides. Also, sometimes the threads don’t hold tightly and the tools do come a bit unthreaded while being used – but not that big of a deal.

Noreen Mendon, MO

Doesn’t stay together

First and foremost you don’t need this many parts, I use at most 4 of the different heads. For the price you think that the parts would stay on the handles, unfortunately you have to tighten the heads onto the handle multiple times while using as they generally fell loose almost immediately and begin to wiggle and wobble. The heads themselves are well designed, but their use with the handle is deplorable. I suggest tools that don’t screw onto a handle after using this set, you will have less fuss out of them. Also, having the heads separate from the handles makes the individual parts easier to lose and I have already lost one to the drain.

Maritza Albion, NY