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Surya Nature Henna Burgundy Cream – 2.37 Ounce

Henna Burgundy Cream by Surya Nature Inc 2.31 oz Cream Henna Burgundy Cream 2.31 oz Cream Product Winner of the Best of Natural Beauty Awards Surya Brasil’s high performance Henna Cream Color is an anti-oxidant rich semi-permanent hair color that infuses hair with lush vibrant color while nourishing with sustainably harvested botanicals. Every shade of Surya Brasil’s sophisticated natural color contains vegetable extracts including herbs and fruits from Brazil and India which offer simultaneous coloration and deep conditioning treatment for the hair as well as intense treatment for the scalp. While coloring gray on first application Surya Brasil Henna Cream Color does NOT contain ammonia PPD parabens propylene glycol EDTA phenoxyethanol peroxide resorcinol heavy metals artificial fragrance mineral oils GMO’s or gluten. Like all of Surya Brasil’s products the Henna Cream is 100 vegan and cruelty free. Hair color shade results will vary as will the natural ingredients used in our henna

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Dipropylene Glycol – toxic, very bad

This ingredient, propylene glycol, is in Surya Henna which is listed as one of the top five toxic ingredients

Anna Manhattan, IL

It doesn’t make me swell up like a Klingon!

I used to color my hair with any drugstore color – and I’d color on a whim. If I didn’t have anything better to do on the weekend, I’d change my hair color. Red, black, various shades of brown and blonde, with the occasional fuschia or burgundy thrown in for good measure. Then, about 15 years ago I used a popular drugstore brand (no names, they’re no different than any other) to go a gorgeous sunset red and about 6 hours after application, I had open, running sores on my scalp. I figured, oh well, I’ll live through it. I left it alone for the rest of the weekend, just rinsing with cool water and leaving it be until the ickiness went away. Then, three days later, my forehead started to swell a bit. Just a little pointy bit in-between my eyes, like I was sprouting a unicorn horn. I stopped by the emergency clinic on the way home from work and was told I had probably developed an infection secondary to my allergic reaction to the color. They gave me a script for antibiotics and sent me home.I woke up at 3 in the morning with my eyes swelled shut and my face resembling nothing less than a Klingon! I holed up at home for a couple of days, bugging the nurses at the clinic about how long it would take the antibiotics to take effect, until I could put neither my loving (and concerned) boyfriend nor my demanding job off another day. At that point, I called the clinic and insisted on immediate relief. They gave me a course of Prednisone to take the swelling down.You really haven’t experienced fear until you’ve seen your forehead go from a mild unicorn affliction into full-blown, shut-eyed, bumpy-faced Klingon mode overnight. To say it wasn’t pretty is the understatement of a lifetime!I tried a couple more times after that, always having antibiotics on hand to start a couple of days before. The symptoms persisted, although lessened by my precaution. A tightness of the scalp, a persistent itchiness, and finally, a feeling of heat with some mild swelling. At first it seemed I would tolerate it okay with the help of antibiotics, but continued use worsened the symptoms until I was afraid to keep trying.My hairdresser tried every exotic coloring he could get his hands on…and they all followed the same pattern. Mild symptoms the first time or two, with more pronounced effect after that. I resigned myself to a colorless life.Now, I don’t have a lot of gray to cover up. Even now, without color the guy who cuts my hair is pretty much the only one who notices besides me.But I missed the pretty.I stumbled across this product about 10 years ago. I know it’s not entirely natural. Nothing this easy to use could be. However, the chocolate brown is an exact match for my natural color, it’s quick and easy, and it covers the gray. It lasts as long as any semi-permanent color – and, best of all, it doesn’t make me swell up like a Klingon!So far. Fingers crossed. Truth is, at this point in life, if it stops working, I’ll just make peace with the gray. Until then, I’m a Surya Henna fan.

Marianne Mosheim, TN

Great product

This was my first time I used this product. When I tried it. It really covers the gray. Wow its really nice, The only down fall it washes off when you shower 7 to 8 washes only.. I will buy again……thanks

Jeanne Raynham Center, MA

Very Nice

I bought this for my 10 year old daughter since her is fine and thin blond hair. She washed her hair and put the light blond henna in for 30 minutes before rinsing it out. It made a great change in her hair making it healthy and shinny looking and much more manageable. I got the light blond since I didn’t want to color her naturally blond hair. It did not color her hair at all and the directions said that it would not cover previously grey colored hair so if you want it to cover grey hair it won’t. It is a very nice conditioner that we use about once a month with good results. We did not have to use the gloves since the color is light.

Angelique Canonsburg, PA

Great non-allergenic hair color/conditioner!

I bought this henna cream after having two months of out-of-the-blue intense sensitivity to every product I used – whether new, or tried and true. My face just suddenly “rejected” my makeup, face wash, moisturizer, etc. and in the end, I developed eczema for the first time at 58 years old! Through all of this, I decided to seek out beauty products containing less allergens and chemicals, to try to avoid the same type of hyper-reaction, with natural shampoo, soap and the like. Although I hadn’t had a reaction to traditional hair dye, I decided to try this to avoid that altogether.Surya henna cream is fantastic! It’s as easy to use as regular hair color. The process is the same except for the timing – this stays on for 60 vs. 35 minutes with hair dye. I’m using Dark Brown and the color at first is extremely dark, though not black, but it’s fine with me. I wash my hair every day, or 2x if it’s a gym day, so it lightens daily. I’ve been doing it regularly every 2 weeks but could stretch it to 3 if necessary. One of my pet peeves with hair dye is the brassiness that occurs after a few weeks. So far, I haven’t seen that with this product! I do get some reddish highlights, and I think my grays might be the red ones, but I never get that horrible orange color as it wears out!I’ve given up conditioner because the henna makes hair very soft and more conditioning makes it too soft to style. I’m happy with the grey coverage too; I’m also more forgiving if a few greys peek through seeing as how I’m not putting potentially harmful chemicals on my head. All in all, I’m 100% happy with this product!Update after using a few months: I switched from Dark Brown to Chocolate (one shade lighter) because there seemed to be some cumulative increase in the darkness of the brown, where it was more black for the first week, rather than brown. Tried the Chocolate and it did the trick.

Rosella Cheyenne Wells, CO



Ashlee York Beach, ME

Henna Hair Color

The Surya Henna cream hair color is great. I’m greying and the henna colors the grey and highlights my natural color. The effect is great. The product also conditions hair and gives it body and shine. I have sensitive skin and have never had a problem with this product.

Lynn Chagrin Falls, OH

Great for skin

I’ve been searching for a type of henna dye that is safe for mehndi, and I am pleased to say that this stuff is perfect. I received it today and used it and the color is really nice with my skin tone and it looks amazing. The only downside is that the bottle inside the box is kind of small.If you have any questions feel free to ask me!~

Lindsay Altonah, UT

I was surprised by the results!!!!

WOW! I am still shocked. I loved the product. It was very easy to use. Color is pretty strong in a good way and it makes me happy that it is natural. I have tried powder henna before (the most natural Iranian henna to find) and the results would give me reddish-auburn results since my natural hair color is light brown and not dark or black. I always wanted to have natural black or at least dark brown hair but without dying it was not possible. We all know that dyes of major brands put too much chemicals in and therefore they are of serious harm. Henna is two in one: dye and food for the hair. The only bad thing i have to say about the product despite its coloring effectiveness, price and nature, that it was very hard to wash out. Some say they lost results after so many washes. I haven’t lost the color but i constantly see dark water dripping off my hair. Every time i wash my hair (and i have 3 times since dying process) i have seen some dark water dripping off my hair. It is not a big problem; just use dark towel to dry your hair and dont wear any whites if the rain is expected. LOL

Janine Kiel, WI

Love this stuff!!!

I saw a review of this product on youtube when I was desperate to find a hair color that would cover up my awful grey hair. I have dry, relaxed color treated hair, and for some reason I have lots of greys on my hair line and on my temples. At first I tried the chocolate which was ok but it left me with grey hair that was now chocolate, it looked ok and did the job. Then I tried the dark brown and tada! it covered everything nicely. I dont use heat on the color so I dont know if it could have come out more brown, but I’m happy with the results.

Jenna Glen Arm, MD

It’s okay

Nice color but pretty basic and looks like your typical hair coloring product. I would check out other henna products as I don’t think this is totally natural

Anne La Plata, PR

Would be great if it lasted longer

I have nearly black hair so every single gray/white strand glows on my head. I thought this would add some interesting color to my hair & it did. It is very easy to use & if you rinse it out really good the first time, it will not rub off on your clothes or pillow. My scalp was pinkish red from the dye which sucked, but what can ya do? After the second shampoo my colored scalp looked normal. By the third shampoo I can already see gray/white coming through. By the 4th shampoo I imagine my old lady strands will be rather obvious. This is a huge disappointment. This stuff costs way too much to last only a few washes.So you know, I let this sit on my head covered with the provided plastic cap for over an hour on a nice warm day. I didn’t rush the process in the least. I did not wash my hair after, just put in some conditioner as instructed & then rinsed.I wash my hair every other day. I don’t know if the problem is this red color. I am going to try one other color (burgundy) before giving up on this brand entirely. I was really hoping to have a easier henna product to use rather than the much messier stuff. If it still doesn’t work, I will try out Light Mountain which is rated excellent on the Cosmetic Safety Database! Thankfully Amazon sells it because I have a heck of a time finding a lot of natural products around here.

Keisha Decherd, TN

Love this stuff!

I recently transitioned from relaxed to natural hair and I am looking for healthier and gentler coloring alternatives. I have used real henna before and I love it, but mixing it is cumbersome, so I thought that I would try this premixed henna. I realized that this is not all natural, but it is gentler than other products and I love the ease of application. I actually mixed the chocolate with the dark brown that I already had and I love the soft brown color. By the way, it covers my grey very nicely. It’s been about a month and needs to be touched up, but it is worth it.

Rena Oak Brook, IL

SOOOOO much better than the powder

My hair stylist has been bugging me to do henna for awhile on my hair. I donate my hair when it gets long so I can’t use any dyes on it. Henna washes out gradually after about a month so it is safe for me to use. I tried the powder first, and it was a smelly messy disaster with no results. Then I found this pre-mixed henna and it is amazing. It doesn’t have a strong smell and I actually like the smell so it doesn’t bother me. It does take 1 hour for the mahogany color, but some colors take less time so just make sure you are prepped for the time it will take. Remember that henna is a coating that goes on your hair, it isn’t a chemical so it isn’t going to make for a dramatic change You also can’t make your hair lighter with henna. I have medium brown hair and used the mahogany to give myself a red tone for my wedding. This makes my hair look so much brighter and gives it a more consistent color overall. I have heard that henna is used as a sort of conditioner, but I don’t think I can say I really saw those effects on my hair. It FOR SURE doesn’t leave your hair dry and brittle like an actual chemical dye would.

Carole Princess Anne, MD

great product

The color lasts and lasts. It covers grey very well. It doesn’t sting or smell bad. It does stain your ears, and scalp, just like the harsher peroxide based dyes. The stain does come off very easily with regular shampoo. I’m glad I found this.

Elma Westwego, LA

Great Results

This henna works really well, gives great saturated color, and is for the most part chemical free. I hope Amazon gets it back in stock soon.

Cecelia Ashby, NE

I love this dye

This is the only dye I use that I feel like doesn’t damage my hair when I dye it. Plus you can reuse it, so if you’re only doing roots you could make it stretch over 2 uses. The burgundy color is beautiful, kind of purple but dark enough that it doesn’t look too crazy. A+

Karyn Wye Mills, MD

Love this DYE!

I loved this henna dye it is awesome. I’m pregnant and wanted to darken my hair but didn’t want to use a dye with harsh chemicals like ammonia and such. This stuff was perfect. It barely had a smell at all. I loved the color I used the dark brown and I had dark blonde hair before. The color came out beautiful, it made my hair dark brown with awesome highlights. It wasn’t just a flat dark color that some hair dyes leave you with. I highly recommend this product.

Iva Spencer, IN

Pretty color

Let it stay on for awhile and notice it color those unwanted gray strands. You will have shiny, cherry-redlike hair. I love it, and will purchase more.Update: Yes, this is a pretty color when using it on my dark and some gray hair. However, the difference with this and the store bought semi permanent hair dye is that this Henna is very temporary and the store bought has longer staying power. When I washed my hair a few days after applying this henna, most of the henna had washed out exposing my grays and I had to redo it. When I use the store bought semi permanent hair color, it stays until regrowth comes in. The color may fade a tad, but it’s still there. So I guess I might have to go back to Miss Clairol.

Dayna Georgetown, ID

BLACK result

Dark brown gives you nearly a BLACK head of hair. And, yes the instructions were followed to the letter and the hair was wrapped in plastic for not less than one hour – ewwwww uggghhhh

Jamie Crab Orchard, KY

but replaced them with a red color that I did not like. As it oxidized the red got brighter

I no longer use this product.It did cover my grays, but replaced them with a red color that I did not like. As it oxidized the red got brighter. 6 months later the hair is still red. The dye does not wash out completely and I have brown hair with gray and red stripes. If you like the colors that Henna will produce in your hair, then this is an easy product to use. It did to not cause the allergic reaction I used to have to ordinary hair dyes.

Leta Ferguson, IA

Great softening properties, no color hold.

My first experiment with henna was withGodrej Nupur Mehendi Powder 9 Herbs Blend, in which I liked the result but not particularly the mess associated with mixing and applying henna. I tried this on a whim because it combined color. I applied it exactly as directed and for the 60 minute time as noted in the insert. When I went to rinse it out the mahogany color went down the drain as well and stained my scalp mahogany. Obviously I am disappointed with the color hold, but the ease of applying the product and the softening effect it left on my 4b natural hair was amazing. For me the color rinsed off my scalp with two shampoos ofKeracare Hydrating Detangling Shampooand a 20 minute conditioning treatment withKeracare Humecto Creme Conditioner. I also remember my hairdresser telling me that some people’s hair will not hold color well, I just may be one of those people.

Dorthy East New Market, MD


ThisGREAT product is wonderful easy to use and I have great results and my hair looks awesome! GREAT GREAT GREAT

Carmella Great Mills, MD

Colors grays but dries out hair

I bought this product because I started losing my hair due to harsh chemicals with other products so I liked the fact that this product didn’t have any PPD, Peroxide, and Amonia which I thought it would help with my hair loss but it didn’t. I’ve tried it for a few months now, and every time I put it on, my hair gets really dry and starts falling out again. However, it does give me a nice tint and highlights my grays, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have hair-loss problems.

Flossie Franklin, NH