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Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts, 4-Ounce Boxes

Brazilian Waxing Kit for Private Parts – The Brazilian bare look – and we mean completely bare – is hot, hot, hot! Getting the Brazilian look is as easy as regular bikini waxing with the detailed step-by-step instructional guide and no muslin strips needed! Start with the best salon quality hard wax available and add Maple Honey to increase the grip on each hair for complete removal right from the root. Results are smooth and sexy with no need to worry about stubble for up to 6 weeks. And with continued use, hair returns slower, finer and sparser.

Key features

  • Easily prepated, simply microwave and stir
  • Jar has a convenient handle so looking for potholders or burning your hands never happens
  • Includes a Pre-Epilation Oil that ensures that wax always adheres just to the hair and never skin
  • Spatulas are wide and eacy to grip and have a wide spreading surface to lay down more wax at a time, speeding up the process
  • Brazilian Waxing Guide contains very detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations to make the process easy

Honest reviews


So Easy, and So Inexpensive!

I must preface this by saying that I’ve had a Brazilian wax done by a professional for the last 2 years. I toyed with doing this at home, and even ordered this product once and returned it without opening because I psyched myself out of it. However with the job situation being somewhat shaky, I decided I HAD to cut back, and my boyfriend REALLY enjoys the clean look of the Brazilian. So I ordered this again, not without a small amount of trepidation.I am totally blown away by how simple this is! I sat on the bed (on a towel) to do this, and kept the jar on a candle warmer after warming it in the microwave (it took a full 2 minutes to heat up in my small microwave). I followed the instructions exactly:1. Cut hair to 1/4 inch length2. Wash the area with soap and water and dry completely.3. Generously apply the provided oil (super important!).4. Apply the wax in small patches, and allow to dry for 30 seconds.5. Flip up one end of the wax and pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth.The whole process took me about 45 minutes for my very first try. Some things to know:1. This is probably not for someone who has never waxed before. I’m used to waxing and have a high tolerance for pain. This doesn’t really hurt to me…just like ripping a band-aid off. However that will not be the case for a first-timer, I am quite sure.2. The wax gets brittle and hard to remove if you leave it on longer than one minute.3. You can ball up the just-used wax and use it to help remove any stubborn wax that has been left behind (like you do with tape or a sticker to get sticky residue off).4. This stuff will definitely stick to your nails! I may try using gloves next time. However, after I showered and exfoliated the area (exfoliating afterwards is very important to avoid ingrown hairs), I applied more of the oil to the area, and also rubbed some into my hands. Voila! The wax came right off my nails!5. You MAY be able to get more than one application per jar, but I only had about 1/4 of the jar left and just threw the remainder away. Next time I will plan to do my legs and underarms at the same time, but I had recently shaved them.I’m so thrilled that I will be able to maintain my tidy look with such an inexpensive option. A Brazilian is $60 in my area, but this is less than $5 an application! I highly recommend this product and will now have it on “Subscribe and Save”.Now, I’m going to see if I can get my boyfriend to let me use it on him! <evil grin>

Esmeralda Sharon, CT

Pubic horror

I’ve been waxing/epilating my bikini area for years; and decided to try this product after a rave review from my friend. This is the worst thing I’ve ever done to my pubic area.- This wax never hardens enough to be pulled off easily. Imagine trying to get rid of a piece of chewing gum…attached to your labia.- Oil makes skin slippery (duh!); hence, I cannot pull my skin tight – and tightly pulled skin is a key to a painless and clean waxing- Took forever. When I use my usual wax (strip free Parissa), I’m done in 20-25 minutes. After an hour and a half of fussing with Surgi I had lots and lots of hair left behind.The worst part: I have ingrowns galore. Never, ever had it happened before (and as I said, I’ve been waxing, shaving and epilating for years). It looks horrible and hurts like the dickens. I’ve tried TendSkin, AHA, BHA, azulene oil and whatnot. Despite all my efforts, the entire area still looks like a train wreck. Romantic life effectively ruined; and I could have probably opened my own waxing place with the money I’ve spent dealing with ingrowns.Bottom line: it does not work for me. I am getting back to Parissa.

Suzette Golden Meadow, LA

Like a messy, painful craft project.

I followed the instructions to the letter and still wound up with wax all over the bathroom and severe pain and bruising on my ladybits. Apparently I’m not woman enough for this product, even though my favorite movie is Scarface and I listen to Slayer. Do yourself a favor and pay someone to do this for you. It’s worth the investment.

Allyson Dublin, NC

It hurts!!

This is the first time I ever used a wax of any kind and I have to say I am not a fan of this one. It hurts. It’s messy. It hurts. Strings of cooling wax get everywhere and it hurts a lot when you try to remove it. It’s difficult to apply evenly. And did I mention it hurts? I’ve since tried the strips and like them so much more. I gave this item two stars because it does rip the hair out although unevenly and, well, waxing isn’t supposed to be completely pain free.

Rhonda Eagle, AK


I was really excited to try this. I read so many good reviews in so many places. Waaaaaaaay too messy. Hard to warm up to the right temperature without being too hot. Doesn’t get every hair. Very hard to apply unless you’re already an expert. Messy messy messy. Hope you have more luck then I did.

Faith Formoso, KS

best home brazillian wax

If you’re going to do a brazillian at home this is the way to go. Make sure A) you have a bikini trimmer and trim the hair very short, about an eighth of an inch long and B)make sure to use the oil in the kit on your skin to be waxed and your hands to make sure you can get the wax off your hands. I also use a thin towel or paper towel to help pull the wax off…it just is less painful that way. Also, never attempt to do a huge area all at once. Do small strips. Do all these things and this is a relatively painless home wax. It can be time consuming if it’s your first wax or you’ve let your hair grow in. Best to do it over a couple of days in that case. Great product!

Kaitlyn Cave Springs, AR


I bought this product, for a lot cheaper than the price on here at Sally’s. I had high hopes for it, really I did. I read the instructions and tried it out. At first, its very difficult to get it to completely melt. I had to reheat it once or twice more to get it to a liquid consistency as recommended. I did what it said and the product didn’t remove as much hair as I wanted or it purported itself to be able to. Plus, it seemed to remove a layer of skin along with it! It got stuck and wouldn’t peel off and I thought baby oil or washing it off would work.. Big mistake. Those made it an even gooier mess, so do not try those things to remove it. Believe it or not, Goo Gone removed a little and it didn’t hurt my skin as I thought it would (but I wouldn’t recommend that to others). I will not try this again and am back to shaving. Schick, you’ve kept a customer.

Annmarie Sherwood, OH

newbies approach with caution

I had several professional bikini waxes done before attempting to do this myself at home and even then it was a challenge. Not to be crass but waxing your eyebrows and waxing downtown are two VERY different things and you probably want to know
• exactly
• what you are getting into here so I can’t stress enough how important at least one salon trip can be. Even though I knew what to expect pain wise, there is definitely a learning curve involved in mastering this skill which is probably why the salons charge so much to do it.My recommendations would be:If possible, have this done professionally at least once so pain-wise you know what you can handle. Also, with hair growing in several cycles, if you approach the Surgi Wax as
• maintenance
• plan then you will have much less to work with and much less pain.Read the instructions and as many reviews as possible for extra tips.Trimming to the proper length first is crucial to a good result, as well as following ALL the instructions to the letter, with no short cuts especially with the oil.Don’t do too much at once; I had to do my first home waxing over three sessions over a couple of days.The candle, cup, or wax warmer to keep the right consistency is a huge help! Too thick or too thin and you wind up with a mess.For stray hairs, use tweezers or an epilator after skin has calmed down rather than trying to go wax an area twice – you’ll risk swelling, irritation and possibly even removing skin if you try “double dipping”.If you still want to try hair removal without having ever had a professional waxing, I’d recommend starting with something you can’t get into too much trouble with in an area that is easily reached like the legs. This productMoom Organic Hair Remover Refill, 6-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)does a pretty good job at getting about two-thirds of the hair off but can be wiped off if you’re in over your head for any reason.Also, one last thing is that if I try to reheat/reuse the same Surgi-Wax jar after it has been consistently warmed using my candle warmer, sometimes the results are not the same – the wax gets either gummy or for whatever reason I just get just poor results. At the pack-of-three-price I find it’s better to just throw away the rest of the jar and start fresh each time which seems to be cost effective compared to what I’ve paid for a professional session.Good Luck!

Nichole Tioga, TX

It works, BUT…

Well, I’ve just exited the bathroom after not finishing my bikini area. Now, the Surgiwax works WAY better than any Sally Hansen product that I’ve used, BUT this is only true beneath the navel and close to the thighs, When you reach the labia, it is excruciatingly painful. I would rather use strips in that area because like a previous reviewer stated, once you get down there, it’s like pulling off a piece of bubble gum. I couldn’t even finish that area because it was so painful. I spent 45 minutes trying to get the wax off until I realized that you can warm it with friction, add a little oil, and it comes off. But, man! Trying to rip hair off of the labia was HORRID and I will NEVER try this kind of wax down that low again. I will, however, purchase a sugar wax and muslin strips for that area and still use Surgiwax for the less sensitive areas down below as well as my underarms and legs. I gave the wax 4 stars because it does state on the box that the labia area is the hardest. And it is. My God, it is.

Peggy South Newbury, NH

Excellent wax

I’ve been sugaring to remove underarm, leg and bikini hair for 3 or 4 years, so my review will be with that comparison in mind. I found Surgi Wax to do a much better job of removing hair than sugaring, and when used with the oil it was less painful. I also always managed to bruise myself sugaring my bikini area, no matter how diligent I was about trying to hold the skin tight, and with the Surgi Wax I had no bruising.Surgi Wax is more messy than sugaring in that it makes strings the same way hot glue does, but sugaring is sticky on my skin even after I remove the hair, resulting in me sticking to things and to myself. Whereas Surgi Wax is in inoffensive waxy specks even if some does cling to my skin and the removed strips of wax are hard and not messy. After I finish waxing I can massage with a little oil (it doesn’t seem to matter what kind) and any clinging bits of wax come off.One of the major advantages Surgi Wax has over sugaring is that I don’t necessarily have to apply the wax directly to my skin for it to work. Some areas are difficult to reach neatly with the spatula, and for those spots I heat the wax slightly hotter than usual and spread it on a strip of muslin. I apply the muslin strip quickly to the spot I want to wax, wait for it to cool and rip it off. I got the idea from a review here.Sugaring is okay in a pinch for my legs but now that I’ve tried Surgi Wax I won’t ever go back for my underarms or bikini area.

Colleen Winter Beach, FL

great product

this is a great product & with that being said make sure that when you warm up the wax there is a whole in it so it can come out. we didn’t know this & all there was in ours was a big bubble that never popped & we had to pop it & then the wax was so hot you had to let it cool down. but when it did cool down enought to use it works. altho beprepared to bite something or try to keep your mouth shut. cause when the wax gets pulled off it hurts like crazy & the pain only last for a short time. If you can’t do it yourself or don’t want to get someone to help you. I had my husband help me cause i didn’t want to pull the wax myself. really easy & works for awhile. you get enough product to last awhile.

Ophelia Hastings On Hudson, NY

Pretty Good!!

The product shipped fast which was a big plus!! It wasn’t bad but I would have liked for the waxing stick to be a little longer and bigger. I like the strips so this will take a litte time to get used to but its overall a good product.

Ilene Findlay, IL

Best Wax Ever

I’ve been using this for years (the regular and brazillian). I don’t really notice any difference for the regular and this one, so I actually use this on my face too and it works like a charm. Minimal pain and it gets virtually every hair at the root. When you rip the wax off, the wax looks like a little porcupine 🙂

Sara Leon, VA

This stuff is amazing

I am actually shocked how well this works. I use it to wax my underarms, and it really is almost painless. Almost painless waxing? Never would have imagined that. Price is great too. Big fan!

Jessica Funkstown, MD

First Timer Review

Ok-I have been waxed once before and it was so bad I swore to never do it again (my friend was becoming an esthetician and I was her first time). I saw all of the reviews and I thought- what the heck maybe I can do this too. It was actually very easy to use and not nearly as painful as when my friend did it. There were some points where it was a bit painful but I bet it was my own fault. It actually did not last me as well as it did some other reviewers. I used almost the whole jar and I only cleaned half up. Maybe I used too much wax? Either way it turned out great. It’s nice and clean- which is what I wanted. The only other thing that bothered me is how the wax piles up on the rim of the jar. It was frustrating. I also had to reheat it about 3 times. I might get the mug warmer. Other than those 2 things- I’m a happy camper=)

Jacqueline Madden, MS

Good for Brazilian; recommend some accompanying products

Used with:Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmerto maintain the temperature of the wax.This was my first at-home brazilian. I have gone to spas to get them many times, so I am familiar with the prep work and the aftercare. After reading the reviews, I also purchased the mug warmer (see link above) so I wouldn’t have to keep running back to the microwave, and I don’t know how I would have survived without the combination! The brazilian went relatively smoothly, though there is a learning curve of how to do it best, depending on your preferences, skin type, and sensitivity. Definitely follow the directions if you’re a firstie! Their suggestions helped me a lot.It took me about 2 hours since it was my first time, and then I decided to try it on my underarms, as suggested. What an awful experience! I don’t know if I did something wrong, but I followed the directions and the wax got stuck to the skin in a really oddly gummy texture. I had to scrap it off desperately with my fingernails, leaving my underarms so bloody painful for the next 2 days, with some open pores. (If this happens to you, don’t put ANYTHING on: no deoderant, anti-perspirant, or lotions; just baby oil or body oil.) I probably should have tried a smaller patch on my underarms first, since the hair is different there compared to “down under”. Next time, I will try a small small patch and see if the results are equally torturous.Having said all that, I am very happy with my at-home Brazilian! 🙂 Smooth, no ingrown hairs at all, no irritation or even soreness. Will use Tend Skin product (see link below) to make sure ingrowns stay at bay! Remember: only use Tend Skin a day or two after waxing!!Helpful hint: to remove wax product from skin, nails, or anything else it may drip on, including desks, use body oil or baby oil (see link below to what I used). The wax comes right off! (I had wax on a handheld mirror.)Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame Formula, 16 OunceTend Skin The Skin Care Solution For Unsightly Razor Burns, Ingrown Hair And Razor Burns, 8-Ounce BottleBottom line: Recommend for Brazilian, will re-try a patch of underarm hair again. Recommend with mug warmer, body/baby oil, and tend skin.

Carey Shiner, TX

i love this product

I love this product! I use to use it when it was available in stores, and now I order it from here because it’s easy to use, and better than the strips! I use it for every part of my body, not just my bikini area. It can be a little messy, but definitley worth it!

Lillian Winchester, IL

*** GREAT * STUFF ***

Works on all different areas of the body or face. This is the best wax by far. All the other types leave a terrible sticky mess behind and this is the only type that leaves no residue what so ever. It’s very easy to use when following the directions. As for the pain; the pain is worst the 1st time because that’s the only time you’ll be pulling out all the hairs from an area, after that it’s only a fraction of pain since you’re just keeping up. You might try Orajel Max strength; even tho it feels funny when applied it is perfectly safe as babies put it inside their mouths & is used for tatooing. It may take you several attempts before you accomplish your goal the 1st time and then it’s a breeze. …The short duration of pain is worth the lasting results.

Mallory Pitsburg, OH


I used to get brazilian waxing in a salon, but I wanted to save money and try this one…Well, I guess it may work for someone, but for me it was just too painful and I did not have the courage to rip it off quickly and so many times.. It just hurt as hell!!!! After 2 hours of agonizing pain I gave up… I was half done, or better say un-done…It might work for you, try some smaller packaging. I wish I could use it, but I just couldn’t.

Kimberley Isanti, MN

Surgi Wax for Private Parts

This product is AMAZING. It works well, it’s cheap and the packaging is great. The container is convenient in that it’s small, has a cover and a comfortable little handle. Just pop it in the microwave. the product works and its much much cheaper than going to the salon or even purchasing Bliss’ at home kit (which i find the container to be bulky and it does not have a cover). One jar of this stuff was enough to give myself a brazilian with some left over to spare for underarms. Also note, this was my first time waxing myself so i dropped alot of wax. All in all, i really love this product and will continue to order this via Amazon.

Lesa Sherman, NY

Surgi Wax Kit for Privates 4 oz boxes (3 Pack)

This wax worked really well for me and was surprisingly easy for me to use even though I had never waxed before. It was quite messy but the results were good. My underarms and bikini area turned out like I had wanted, smooth. I wish though that there was more epilation oil though.

Dorthy Waco, MO

much better than Bliss Poetic Waxing

For years, I spent a fortune at a waxing salon, which had great results but let’s face it – is rather awkward and intrusive, not to mention expensive. To save money, I then began buying Poetic Waxing from Bliss. The price is close to $50 per jar, and I would re-use all the wax (they recommend doing so) from my face and underarms – not the bikini area. Still, cost a lot although not nearly as much as having a salon do it.I am SO glad I found Surgi-Wax on Amazon. It arrived today and I just used it; it is easy to use and the results are GREAT. I like that it’s a pale lemon color because I can see all the hair that came out. Bliss’s product is so dark that I wasn’t always sure.This is an excellent value for the money. I used it on my face and underarms and it is quite gentle. Worked great on bikini area.

Estella Forks, WA

great and gentle wax

I was apprehensive when I got it I thought it was wax strips but is real wax I put it on the microwave for 1 minute then stir it and wax my arm pits it took all the hair and left my arm pits so soft without pulling my skin of…. of course you have to follow direction. you must pull the wax as soon as it is not sticky, it feels soft , moldable but not dried, it will hurt but is better than shaving or wax strips.

Angeline Selawik, AK

Hard Wax Is Better for the Bikini Area.

I’ve used Surgi (formerly One Touch) roll-on strip (soft) wax for nearly 30 years. I’ve found it to be the fastest, easiest, least messy, and least expensive way of removing hair. But strip wax works best on relatively flat surfaces. Using it on the bikini area is difficult and often requires going over the same area more than once, which can leave redness or even mild abrasion in such a sensitive area. So, when I saw that Surgi now makes a hard wax kit for the bikini area, I decided to give it a try. I hadn’t used hard wax at home in many years. I remembered it to be messy and to require a lot more wax than strip wax, which rolls on in a thin layer. Nevertheless, it seemed like a good idea for hard-to-reach areas that are not flat.Surgi’s Brazilian Waxing Kit for Private Parts includes a 4 oz. (112g) pot of wax, 2 wooden spatulas, a small vial (3.6 ml) of pre-epilation oil, and an instruction booklet. Conveniently, the wax can be heated in the microwave. Instructions say it takes one minute to heat a full jar, 30 seconds for half a jar, etc., but it took longer in my microwave. If the wax has a watery consistency, it is too hot. Wait for it to cool down a bit. It should have a honey-like consistency. You can test it for temperature on your hand, if you like. I could only get half the job done before the wax cooled too much and I had to re-heat, but you could place the jar on a cup warmer if you prefer. How much wax you need will depend on how much hair you are removing, but I think the average person will need 1/4 jar for a bikini line wax and 1/2 jar to remove all hair (Brazilian wax).Hair should be about 1/4-inch long for waxing, so you may want to use a trimmer set to that length. Apply the pre-epilation oil before waxing. It is mostly soybean oil. The pre-epilation oil is not entirely necessary, so don’t worry if you run out or don’t have it. It prevents the wax from sticking to skin, making it easier to remove small, stray pieces. It’s nice, but I never used a pre-epilation oil with hard wax years ago, and I sometimes forget to apply it with this waxing kit. It’s not a big deal. Use a spatula to spread the wax in the direction of the hair growth. Let it set for about 30 seconds or until no longer tacky to touch. Then rip off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This works a lot better on uneven surfaces than soft wax.I have to tweeze the occasional hair that the wax missed, but generally this hard wax kit works better than strip wax on my bikini area. It grips the hairs better on uneven surfaces. I do not have to go over the area more than once. So there is less redness. It is less painful, as it does not stick to the skin as much. I don’t think waxing other parts of the body is painful, but the bikini area is. I was pleasantly surprised to find that hard wax doesn’t hurt as much as strip wax on this sensitive area. It’s a bit messy. I recommend putting newspaper underneath you. And it is never easy to wax an area that you can’t see well. You have to use a mirror. It’s no faster than strip wax, but the results are better. I’ll be using the Surgi Brazilian Waxing Kit on my bikini area from now on.

Betsy Stoneboro, PA


I hate shaving the bikini area and have been professionally waxed numerous times. I tried Surgi Wax and it was fairly easy to use (a little mess…but it is wax) and yes, it does hurt but not as much as I though it would. The 2nd time I waxed I got wax stuck to my skin (even though I used the oil) and it didn’t come off for about 2 days. Fortunately it did not irritate my skin at all. Considering the price per waxing at home compared to having it done at a spa, I think it’s worth the self-inflicted pain for so much cheaper vs the professional inflicted pain for considerably more money. I will continue to use the product and grimace once a month while I pull my hair out by the roots. Then I will smile at the nice smooth results.

Ingrid Erlanger, KY

Works great no strips..

Make sure you use the oil in the box before starting. It’s works very well and I would use small patches or strips so it’s not so painful. You do get used to it just like plucking your eyebrows. Just heat and lay it on while it’s warm..not hot..wait a little, then pull per the instructions..not pulling up but pulling back

Tamera Brooks, ME

Great wax

I like this wax. I am in healthcare and heard from someone that this is used in the Operating Rppm? No idea if that is true or not, but I thought I would try it since GOING to get waxed was getting a bit expensive. It does a good job! ALTHOUGH, I found that I still like to use muslin (?? spelling??) strips with wax. I dont/didnt like to just peel this stuff off – I found it didnt like to all come off. WITH the strips – no problem!

Kathleen Avon Lake, OH

so painfull…

this wax works well but not on the most sensitive areas.. i use it to make a nice line but i cant use it for a full brazilian waxing

Corinne Wildwood, NJ

fantastic product

this wax works very good and the price was even better. I liked the fact that it was three separate jars. Will buy again for sure.

Edythe Hawi, HI

The only brand

I’ve been using since i started using it years ago, for some reason, i couldn’t find this anymore in stores but it’s ok AMAZON is the best place to buy this from and it’s in packs, so it’s very economical.

Elise Amissville, VA