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Supre Sweet & Sexy 20X Black Bronzer

Regualr – 20X Bronzer – Lotion – 10 ounces * Extra dark BabyDoll bronzers blended with Tantalize Dark Tanning Complex take your skin to new levels of deep rich golden color. * Skin firming extracts leave you with a more toned and tightened appearance in all the right places, while a sweet hydrating blend of floral extracts leave your skin petal soft and smooth to the touch.

Key features

  • Dark Bronzing Lotion

Honest reviews


Bronzing lotion? OK!

Well, this was my first purchase of a full body tanning lotion with DHA in it… and I’m generally pleased! To be fair, I’m very pale naturally, and I’d been tanning in a level 3 bed for about two months before I purchased this lotion; I had a pretty dark base anyway. I’ve used this lotion twice in a level 1 and haven’t noticed a huge color difference. Perhaps I need to use it a bit more–maybe a higher level bed would do it.I will say that I’m happy I haven’t noticed any unfortunate orangey tones or streaks on my naturally cool, pink toned skin. The lotion is thicker than, say, the Supre Sweet & Sexy lotion with natural bronzers. I prefer thicker lotions to thinner ones, myself. This lotion has the usual Sweet & Sexy scent, kind of a sweet sugary musk, and the same ATO that I affectionately refer to as ‘pencil shavings-y.’ If this lotion had a shimmer in it, I might offer another star.

Imelda South Byron, NY

Great color, but…

It’s hard to find a tanning lotion that smells great before and after tanning, this one does! I was surprised at how tan it made me skin, too. However, this is a THICK lotion. I kind of feel gross after tanning due to the thickness. I probably wouldn’t buy again.

Jenifer Mullan, ID

Smells delicious.

This isn’t your average smelling tanning lotion. It smells sweet and delicious like candy. That’s the main reason I bought a sample packet of it.

Jolene Gapville, KY

great smell

This product has a wonderful smell and it works great. I will be back for more thanks for a great smelling tanning lotion.

Samantha Allentown, NY

Sweet and sexy

Love the smell before you get in! Goes on smooth and most importantly gets you darker! I notice a little after tan smell but nothing too bad and compared to other lotions not that that strong.

Sara Calhoun, IL

ok not a great tan

Lotion is ok really no fragrance and didn’t care for the way it left my skin feeling. Thought it would do more then what it did. Ok product.

Rae Westport Point, MA