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Supre – Snooki Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer 12 oz.

Bronzer Its all about attitude and style when you use Snookis Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer. Designed for those who want to unleash their inner Guido/Guidette, this advanced formula boosts up the tanning process for dramatically dark results. Enriched with vitamins and skin conditioning extracts your skin will feel amazingly soft, smooth and ready to party. * HyperDark Tanning technology immediately prepares your skin for deep, rich golden color.* Vitamin enriched skin conditioning blend helps skin fight against environmental stress for a more radiant and healthier looking glow.* SoftChic skin moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond oil hydrates skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and sexy. * Paraben Free.Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer by Nicole Polizzi.

Key features

  • Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer

Honest reviews


Smells SOO good!

Im not necessarily a fan of Snooki’s but I figured she’d have a good tanning line because of her love to tan. I just received my tanning lotion and LOVE the smell of it! It smells amazing and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. I will continue to use this product. I love how golden my tan is getting and I love how moisturized my skin is after using this.

Lauren South Butler, NY

Snooki Tanning Maximizer

I love love love this lotion! I’ve used it a few times now and I honestly think with even one use you can tell a difference! Also the smell is amazing! Definetly recommend!!!

Elvira Point Of Rocks, WY

A Must Have!!!

Use to be very pale…I’ve been tanning 4 months..Tried this almost 2 months ago..FELL-IN-LOVE with it as A Must Have *BEFORE* putting my bronzing lotions. I’ve used with and without in all the level beds at my tanning salon..This product works best put on 1st, then my main bronzing lotion..and I use several. I alternate them. When I used alone or ran out and tried a cheaper maximizer..Couldn’t tell a difference, between, used it as a single pack-COSTLY-that way..Could tell the difference again. Everyone brags on how dark I am!!! It’s A MUST HAVE for the serious tanner!!! Just bought it online..HUGE SAVINGS, along with my favorite bronzer and a new moisturizer/extender, I wanted to try. Got all 3 cheaper than 1 bottle at my salon…EXCITED TO SAVE SO MUCH!!!

Wendi Jenkins, KY

Great lotion with an even better scent

This is a great accelerator to have in your rotation. It’s one of the lotions that gets me the darkest (along with Designer Skin’s Phoenician and Australian Gold’s Fierce D Fense). I was worried about the smell (it’s very fruity / candy-ish) but it actually smells really nice, and it isn’t obnoxious like some lotions. I get a lot of compliments on my scent when I use this. The smell is on the girly side, though, but I don’t mind. You can’t go wrong with this lotion, especially at Amazon prices.

Cornelia Ayrshire, IA

snooki tanning lotion

This is the best tanning lotion I have ever used. Even though I am not a fan of Snooki or Jersey Shore, this lotion is great. Smells great an makes your skin feel wonderful.

Eliza Marion, AL

Smells great!

I love this compared to other lotions because it smells like bubblegum. I use this lotion in addition to a bronzer and I see great results with the two

Natalie Windsor, MA

Makes skin sooooo soft!

I love this product because it is so moisturizing. It doesn’t have any bronzers in it, so I apply it before I use my tanning lotion that does have bronzer in it. It smells delicious and leaves you smelling delicious after tanning.

Roxie Industry, TX