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Supre Smoke Black Bronzer, Tanning Lotion, 10.5 oz.

SmokeTM O2 dark tan maximizers with Oxygen Regenerating SystemTM . Potent Unipertan P-2002 dark tanning technology. Oxygen Regenerating SystemTM. Powerful antioxidant trace minerals. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fragrance: Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Mango 10.5 oz

Key features

  • Oxygen Regenerating Tanning System
  • Self-acting Bronzers
  • Great for Men and Women

Honest reviews


OMG, it had been sitting on my shelf for months

I thought id buy this, it seemed like it had decent reviews. First off ive tried numerous tanning lotions out there. This one is probably the worse. The only thing nice bout this is the bottle. Their is so much bronzers in there that you turn orange looking…not a nice colour compared to other lotions i have used. It also gets streaky easily since it doesnt go on very smoothly. and it will be noticeable right away. This seemed more to me like a self tanner. I gave it a try twice and have stop using it since. The smell is so bad i was ashamed to be in public after use, people could smell you from feet away, not pleasant. Also not pleasant when your husband doesnt want to get close to you due to that ‘weird smell’ even after a shower 🙁

Celina Port Clyde, ME

Nothing amazing about this lotion.

I have been tanning for years and used many,many lotions. I just started tanning for this summer and recently bought (smoke) for the first time. The bottle is black and to me the name smoke stands out thinking wow this lotion will give me a deep dark tan. After trying it out I realized this lotion does not do nearly what it says. There are so many other lotions that are a little cheaper that give wonderful results. Iam very disappointed with my purchase but I would of never known if I would of not tried smoke out. I don’t see any reviews on the figi tanning lotion brand. Island Dreams by Figi is about $25.00 on line and it gets you brown very fast. In fact, I will use the Smoke lotion I bought so I will not waste my money. But I will soon order Island Dreams by Figi. After I get super dark from this lotion I will order Fire Walker by Figi brand also this is a super, super, super Tingler. Thank you, Brandy G from Lousiana

Suzanne Sasakwa, OK

great starter lotion

The lotion is white, so you don’t think that it can give you much bronzing effects, but in fact it does, and you may want to use it every other session as if you are pale, it can cause an orange tint.. so don’t over use it!!!

Terra Vaiden, MS

Shipping fast! Results fast!

I ordered this lotion and received it in about 2 days with free shipping! I was totally pleased! Where to begin this will break your tanning plateau! The bronzers are incredible! It does have a lot of sunless DHA in it but it doesn’t make you orange what so ever! Just wash your hands immediately and you will be just fine! When you first apply it the scent is light and fruity but seriously has a slight “smokey” scent. It is a little deceiving since the lotion is completely white and makes you this dark. Very impressed. The after scent is another story, smells like I just had a spray tan. I can tolerate it because I know the results will be amazing! I love this stuff perfect for if you an event to go to! Happy Tanning!

John Frankston, TX

Only lotion I have used for about 10 years!

I love this lotion! It darkens my skin considerably when I use it in a tanning bed. It has a light scent and is easy to apply. It goes on like a lotion and isn’t greasy or oily. I love the color that it provides. I am very light skinned, and even at my palest, this lotion doesn’t turn me orange at all! It leaves me with a brown color that looks real. I doesn’t burn, tingle or make your skin cool, which I really like. I have tried other lotions, and I haven’t found one good enough to switch to.You have to be careful when putting it on. If you leave gloppy areas, you will see streaks. You need to make sure you rub it in well. Also, you really need to wash it off your hands and from underneath your fingernails, or they will turn an orange/brown color from the excess lotion that is on them. The color will stain your fingernails and remain until they grow out. If I can’t wash my hands, I use a handy wipe, and that works perfectly. But really wipe them with it, over and over to make sure you got it off. Also, I don’t bathe directly after using it, so that way the color really shows. I usually tan at night, so I just take my morning shower and that works perfectly. I think if you bathe too soon after putting it on, it washes some of the bronzing off.I really see that this lotion helps speed up my tanning process. I tried tanning without lotion, versus tanning with this lotion, during different years and using this accelerated my tanning about 50 percent.

Minnie Santee, CA


Really like the smoke lotion. Is super good for the girl on the go who can only get to the salon once a week but it looks like I go at least 5 times. Will leave inbetween fingers orangey tho if your not diligent on wiping. Smells EXACTLY like vitamin c tablets! Not my fav smell but eh : )

Kristy Gill, CO

This is a fabulous in door tanning lotion !

If you like in door tanning lotions with bronzers, this is absolutely worth trying. I have used many different bronzers, this product does not make you look orange or streaky at all. It gives you a very natural sun kissed glow and has a very nice tropical scent, not that yucky chemical smell that some bronzers have. And a definity plus is that this product is PARABEN free !! YAY !! I would absolutely purchase this product again! Happy Tanning !

Candy Keller, VA

Orange Streaks are not my style

I bought this lotion after using some other bronzing lotions thinking this could help make my established tan look even darker. Boy was I wrong! It just left me looking orange, and i had streaks in some spots and orange between my fingers (and i even bring along wipes to wash my hands off before i get into the bed AND wash with soap and water as soon as I get out). i wish that i would have tried it the day i got it, then i could have a chance at sending it back. now i’m stuck with an entire bottle of stuff i hate. And at this price…

Bettye Paragonah, UT

I’m not albino anymore 😀

This product rocks. I actually think this smells good, I don’t know what those other people are talking about. Also, it gave me a great tan, I’m usually as white as a person can get but this definitely gave me color, like bronze not orange. Also if you turn orange it’s not the product, it means you’ve gone tanning just a little too much. I used this for four months about every other day and I didn’t turn orange.

Nita Ermine, KY

You guys weren’t kidding..

WOW! This stuff gives me amazing color. I have been tanning for years and I have used MANY bronzers but this is the best one. I took one star off because it does stain my hands – and yes I am VERY careful about wiping them and washing them but I still have some orange going on, but its not enough to get me to stop using this lotion.

Julianne Coalville, UT

really like this lotion!

Love the smell of this lotion! I alternate lotions every other day, but I did use this one for 1 week straight and it did seem to get me darker. I’m a year round tanner, and I have many lotions in my bag, but this is one of my favorites for sure!

Lee Prineville, OR

Good Stuff!

I always order Smoke when I need a quick tan! This gets me really dark, but if I use it too often too many times in a row I get orangy so I switch it up! Be sure and wash your hands after tanning and rub in very well around wrist and fingers when you are applying it to body.

Tamara Sundance, WY

my husband’s fave for years now

He simply won’t try another despite cheaper options out there. It doesn’t tingle his skin, smells nice & helps the indoor tan deepen.

Lois Eaton, TN