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Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator Tanning Lotion 8 oz.

Accelerator/Tingle Experience a whole lot of sweet with a little bit of heat! Cherry Bomb hot tanning formula is bursting with flavor for the ultimate in dark tanning perfection. Powerful skin stimulators provide you with an explosion of flirtatious color while skin firming Cherry Extracts top it off for the perfect tanning treat you’ve been longing for. Product Size: 8.5 fl oz Fragrance: Cherry Fever Manufacturer: Supre Classification: Accelerator, Tingle

Key features

  • Hot Action Accelerator

Honest reviews


In love

It is very intense the first few times of use. So if you have sensitive skin, I would recommend trying it on a small part of your skin for the first few times. The smell is wonderful, and you do come out a little red and hot, but within a few hours you are literally shades darker, even in a level one bed. If you are a fan of hot lotions, I definitely recommend this, because for the price the results are fantastic. Just as good as any other fifty dollar hot lotion.

Maria Marble, MN

Great lotion

I was excited to try this once I received it and to my surprise the tingle factor wasn’t too hot or too weak it was just right. It seemed to get hotter throughout my whole 16 minutes max of tanning and wear off nicely after about an hour after you get out. It has a very strong cherry scent but it does calm down after you are done tanning. It gives you a very good boost of color as soon as you get out of the bed. The redness starts to go away and leaves you with a good bronze glow. It doesn’t seem to last that long though but it still is a great deal for the price. Perfect lotion to use in the winter to warm you up. No messy bronzers or streaking which is a plus.

Earline Shermans Dale, PA

Cherry Bomb is the Bomb

For the price, Cherry Bomb smells great and works very well as a tingle lotion. It doesn’t have bronzers in it, but if all you’re looking for is a tingle lotion to intensify your tan, Cherry Bomb is worth a shot. I switch between tingle and tingle with bronzers for my legs, as sometimes using too many bronzers can cause build up. This one is a good one =).

Juliet Maysville, AR

Love this tanning lotion

This is a great addition to my tanning ritual. It is a MUST have for the tanning enthusiast. This lotion has an amazing scent with just the right amount of "heat"!

Myrna Bradford, IL



Valeria Lawton, MI

It was Okay

This was my first tingle lotion. I’m an experienced tanner, but not like an all-the time tanner. I have naturally olive skin and tan easily. I put this on and hopped in the tanning bed. I didn’t know how intense it was gonna be so I just went for 10 minutes (I usually go 15 in a 20 min bed). I didn’t feel anything right away, but after maybe 2 minutes I started to feel a tingly burn in my arms. By the end of the session I didn’t feel the tingle anywhere else though! I did see that I was red when I got out though, but a tan-red not a lobster red. The redness lasted for about an hour or so. I tried the lotion a few days later, this time for 15 minutes. That time I *started* to feel it on my legs and tummy, but it still wasn’t intense. I don’t know, it seems like it does help me get a bit darker, it’s just not as intense as I thought it would be. Still a fun lotion and smells great though 🙂

Effie Glen Elder, KS