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Supernail Nail Primer, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

Supernail’s nail primers are great for securing the adhesion between your natural and acrylic nails and help prevent premature lifting.

Key features

  • Used to prevent premature lifting
  • Won’t damage natural nail
  • Gives great adhesion between natural and acrylic nail

Honest reviews


its ok

I will recommend a stronger primer Such as NSI super bond. This primer did not last it started lifting 2 day later

Magdalena Leesburg, FL

its what i needed

I was having crazy lifting with my acrylic baize and gel nail sometimes the next day. I always redo my nails every Sunday and no lifting for the whole week 🙂 and it did not burn at all

Mona Dante, SD


nessesary. you do need this product to keep the acrylics on longer and it even feels more cleaner when i use this product.

Angie Jamestown, KY

Did the job!

This primer did not give me any trouble, it did the its job well. I got it early in the mail also. I am only giving it 4 out of 5 stars because it burns and stings! I don’t mind it because I have a high post for pain. From a 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) the pain was about a 3.5 If you can’t handle stinging or burning on your nail beds don’t buy this. I know Amazon sells gentle, less painful primers. Look for those and buy them. Otherwise save a few dollars n buy this!

Dayna Taos, NM

Well … its as states by other reviews .. STINKY

Arrived on time … Frozen .. But dethawed after a few hours … it is as stated STINKY … BUT its a nail product what do you expect .. I have not been able to use it with my Acrylic yet as im still awaiting its arrival .. But once it arrives I shall definitaley update my review and let everyone know if it worked better.

Marla Mcleod, ND


I purchased this primer to use with the Supernail Acrylic system. I usually prefer two coats of primer as I am always prone to lifting, but this BURNED too much for me to apply a second coat. If I didn’t have a fan nearby to cool my hands I would have been running to the sink to rinse in cold water. This is not Supernail’s fault, and it did stop lifting which is why I still gave 4 stars. I should have known better to purchase an acid free primer for my sensitve and thin nail beds. Not sure if I will be using this again in 2 weeks for my fill, but I would like to considering I have the matching powder and liquid. Know your nail beds and choose and gentler primer if you are like me!

Alexandra Robertson, WY

Super nail primer

I didn’t think .25 was not enough, but it actually is. Good product and I would def recommend it to anyone

Ruthie Tribune, KS


We’ll funny story it was frozen when I received it and I thought it was ruined but it thawed out and works well. Had a few nails come off in full though.

Latonya Kemp, OK

the best ever

even with cheep acrylic stuff… the primer works awesome and nail are not lifting at all…. my favorit from now on

Nicole Irvington, AL

Basic staff

It’s just regular staff. The best I could find for that price. It’s burning pretty much and sticks a little

Abbie Connersville, IN

Super nail nail primer

Great product. I always use it when doing a fresh new set or when I do a fill. Works great, it does have a very strong smell so I suggest to wear a mask when using this product.

Shawna Geff, IL

horrible smell!

Well I received it quickly, but was blown away by the smell as soon as I opened the box. It was an overpowering chemical smell. Can’t bring myself to use it since it smells so bad. Probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Opal Bliss, ID


I got it in before the date they gave me which was great but I hadn’t tooken it out of the bag they shipped it in and I could already smell it.The smell is very strong

Bernice Pine Bluff, AR

super nail primer 1/4 oz.

i got it is works fine, thank you.

Gabriela Caldwell, OH

great stuff

I was in a pinch and decided to order this to get some primer in my shop before i would run of my usual brand of primer. It is holding up well and the fumes are lighter than my brand. If I had not of order my usual brand I would switch. I will be switching once I am in need of primer again.

Stephanie Bill, WY

Fast shipping..

Well shipping was fast. But the product was all over outside of box. Very strong smell which gave me an instant headache. I don’t even get a headache from being in the nail salon sooo idk.

Denise Hopkins, MI