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Supernail Nail Powder Clear 0.25 Oz

What it is: Strong and innovative. Advanced formula uses pigments, peroxides and high-tech polymers with controlled particle sizes to create our best-performing powder yet. What it does: Advanced adhesive properties and exceptional hardness and strength with no crystallization. What else you need to know: SuperNail extra fine powders create beautiful, brilliant nails every time.

Key features

  • Available in 3 colors

Honest reviews


Not too clear…

I bought this product and it does say clear, but when I put it on it looks a little bit cloudy over my white tips… It’s ok…

Caryn Peterman, AL

Good prduct

arrived on time , full container , packaged neatly . works well and comes out clear . great for the price and would definitaley purchase again

Rochelle Bellefonte, PA

Will set fast when used with matching liquid

I will be going to school soon for Nail Technology but cannot currently purchase professional products. Supernail works well for me doing my own nails at home. This powder is very fine, doesn’t crystallize or leave bubbles/cloudiness. I’ve used it as a filler to create custom glitter acrylics and it does just what I need it to do. When used with the Supernail liquid it does set very fast, a little too fast for me as a beginner. Not sure I would buy it again for this reason, but I’m happy with the large amount of product for a small price and I will use it up!

Marylou Dutton, AL

Clear powder

It goes on cloudy but sets up clear I can see my natural nail through this acrylic powder. I like it so far maybe I’ll come back with a better rating after I get my other things in the mail.

Paula Holmesville, OH


There’s so much powder in there it seams like it will last forever literally !! Definitely getting ur money worth

Jo Box Springs, GA

Works for me

Even tho I didn’t go to school to learn how to do acrylic nails I must say, this powder is pretty good.

Annabelle Viola, AR

Read the instructions to get a successful enhancement

Some unhappy people don’t read the instructions for applying it, like priming and using the correct brush and dabbing not sliding the brush, etc. Supernail, like other acrylic powders, depends on proper application, to avoid lifting and breaking, etc.See partial instructions for the same product at The Only 2 oz jar of Super Nail Supernail Acrylic Powder on Amazon with a 30 day 3D Warranty against Delay, Dislike, or Damage: get refund or free replacement ~ Original Brand ~ Do Your Own Nails at Home or Just Save Money on FillsSee full instructions at[…][…]It is probably not the fault of the brand, but the application, that will cause lifting.

Shawna Rising Sun, MD


IT HAS A GRITTY CONSISTENCY BUT IT LASTS AND DOES NOT LIFT. VERY FINE POWDER, NICE QUALITY AND SETS PRETTY FAST… I take back my comment of gritty, I’ve been using it a while now, and really like it.

Michaela Otway, OH


This stuff works good so far. I’ve had my nails on a couple days. I haven’t did lengthy nails yet. Easy to apply. I will be ordering this again. Glad I ordered two containers.

Rosemarie Chalmers, IN


just started doing my own nails. product drys hard. only thing is it is not very pink. well not pink at all, but i put nail polish over all over my nails so no biggy.

Deanne Holly, CO

Awesome nail powder for acrylics!

This powder works great I mixed it with some old eyeshadow of mine to make some pretty acrylic nail colors and it worked great with this powder and along with the supernail monomer I have no complaints!

Leola Captiva, FL