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SuperNail Chamois Buffer 5″

* 5″ Chamois Nail Buffer * It has an elegant tortoise shell handle and chamois skin * Used with Flowery/Super Nail Buffing Creme, provides natural nails with a deep, rich, long lasting shine Eliminates harsh features of cross-cut steel nail files. Will not rust.

Key features

  • Supernail Chamois Buffer 5 inch leather buffer that buffs natural nails

Honest reviews


Always near by

I love this as it takes up little space and I can buff my nails as I watch t.v. After using it once, my husband thought I had clear nail polish on but I didn’t….it had buffed them to a high gloss. Want to buy another one to buff my nails when I need to wait at an appt., etc.

Ann Nellysford, VA

Chamois nail Buffer

I was excited to see this online and immediately tried it out. I was a bit a surprised it was really flat and little padding. I was disappointed to have been so excited and then left feeling flat since the buffer was rather flat, not as the picture shows. I went to a beauty supply near my home, because I was so excited to finally find one of buffers from my childhood, and their Chamois buffer was far nicer, very padded and worked great. Oh well, live and learn.

Jenifer Arapahoe, NC

ok item.

The price is the best selling point. I have gad other buffers that did a better job. It is uncomfortable to hold when using.

Lenore Ridge, NY

Supernail Chamois Nail Buffer 7″

My wife loves this product. It smooths her nails with a little effort and it is a worthwhile use of time. The nails come out very smoth and clean.

Rosanna Pine City, MN


You do NOT receive 2 for the order price no matter what the picture shows. And the chamois, if it is chamois, is very cheap and seems to be held to the handle with a ponytail elastic band and the edges of the chamois are just hanging out.. The handle is also not worth the price as it is flimsy.

Sheree Whittier, AK

Pretty decent buffers

Only thing is the chamois tends to start coming out at the edges after a couple of weeks of usage. I purchased a single one with a cover which I find of better quality for a dollar difference (for only one, of course). However, if you don’t use it constantly like I do, they should last you a few months.

Nell Walnut Springs, TX