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Super Sunnies UV Eye Protection Tanning Goggles Eyeshields One Pair


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  • Colors May Vary

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Super Sunnies UV Eye protection

it’s okay to use it, but it’s very uncomfortable to use it. wish it was little more bit bigger opening.

Mavis Lees Summit, MO


I tan on a regular basis so I thought I would get my own goggles to always have on hand. The ones at my tanning salon seem a little too clear like they wouldn’t really protect your eyes. I got these ones and have used them a few times now. They seem a little ill fitting since you can see light above, below, and on both sides. I feel like they are not that protective since all that light shines through. Looking straight ahead they seem to really protect your eyes and shield them from the uv rays but I still worry about all four sides being exposed.

Denise San Saba, TX


These are cheaply made. They are small for my eyes they feel like a children’s size. I bought some at my tanning salon for $4.00, they were twice the quality than these. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carmella Harmon, LA

Cheap but does the trick

I mean, theres not much else to say. I bought them cuz they were the cheapest ones on here. They do exactly what they are meant to.

Elsa Otego, NY

Not worth the price or effort. Not a recommended product.

The expression “You get what you pay for” is very true with this product.These goggles are cheap. That is because they are the “Made in China” mass produced item available in lots of thousands for only a few dollars. These googles, being charged greater than one dollar, is too much.First, you do not have a choice of what color the send you. It is an assorted random selection. Second, the black tint to the lenses do not block out as much sun as you believe they should. The eye pieces are sharp and dig into the eyes yet do not do a good job of completing a seal which means quite a bit of sunlight still gets through. A cheap pair of sunglasses polarized from a brick and mortar store available for just a few dollars do a better job of protection.These goggles are cheap. I was expecting that but I was at the very least expecting them to be functional. These do not really get the job done and, for the price being charged, it is insulting.Not worth the price or effort. Not a recommended product.

Claudette Kings Bay, GA