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Super Staying Lip Stain – Zinnia brown berry – Morpho Cosmetics – Long Lasting Lip Stain

Water based, non drying lip stain that beautifully defines your lips to it’s fullest lip look without bleeding into any fine lines. Angled sponge tip applicator. Zinnia is a natural brown berry color. It can be applied lighter for a more sheer look. Wear on it’s own for a matte look or top with any shade lip stick, lip gloss or balm for a great base long lasting lip color. Great gifts for women ! Birthday gifts for her, graduation gifts for her, anniversary gifts for her, best friends gifts, Christmas gifts. Create a lip stain set for Birthday presents !

Key features

  • TALK, EAT, KISS lips with this best lip stain ! 6-12 hour unbelievably long lasting lip stain in a natural brown berry shade.
  • Perfect for redefining a shrinking lip line, no bleeding into any fine lines.
  • Comfortable lips makeup that’s water based, no alcohol so does not dry out lips.
  • Angled sponge tip applicator, a light refreshing peppermint flavor.
  • Try lip stain shades Azalea, Lantana, Snap Dragon, Hibiscus, or Aster !!

Honest reviews


Needs accompaniments, and CRAZY dark!

I bought a set of five morpho products from Amazon and was shipped this by mistake! Oops! But I contacted the company and my email was immediately responded to by a very polite, courteous, and apologetic woman who shipped my correct order immediately and let me keep the mistaken shipment. I was excited I got a freebee…. but unfortunately, I hate it 🙁 I have snapdragon as well, and feel the same way about it.-It is crazy dark. Absolutely nothing like the picture they have of it on their light model. I’ve tried it out of the tube as well as with a lip brush… Just dotting and covering my entire lip.-If your lips are even 1% dry, it will adhere more to that area becoming even darker-It does not fade evenly, all the little lines in your lips will be dark while the rest is lighter-Staying power… once it starts to look bad (about an hour at most) I make it come off, so I’m not sure what it’d do after that :/-It does dry my lips outThe plus side?-It doesn’t bleed-Dries quickly on the lipsI’ve tried it dabbing over chap-stick to make it lighter, this made the color shift into lines even worse…. I honestly can’t find a way to wear this product. I don’t want to have to wear it with colored lip gloss or any other product that will transfer color. The point of a stain for me is that I can put it on, and I can drink out of my coffee cup, kiss my boyfriend, and eat my sandwich without it getting on anything. If it fades and I have to reapply that’s fine, I just don’t want it to transfer, so that makes this product worthless for me.What I will say, is they make a lip glossSuper Staying Lip Gloss – Cho Cho, a red brown – Morpho Cosmetics – long lasting lip glossthat I love and recommend highly.

Francisca West Richland, WA

Deep warm brown

Got my Zinnia 2 days earlier than expected i have Snap Dragon and adore that red ( my bottle from 2010 is still 1/3 full!) Zinnia is a rich brown that minty tingles at first but once dry tingle is gone i do find it a tad drying but a teeny dab of gloss moistens and still retains the matte-natural look i have normally pale lips and fair skin and i prefer the more gothy lips so this works for me $20 is really not bad for a product that will last as you dont need to use a lot the creamy beige pink pencil came with! I tried it both over and under the stain for 2 varied looks next i will order a fresh bottle of Snap Dragon as that one really is my favoritesorry for poor punctuation using kindle fire and its not the easiest to type on

Barbra Staples, TX


Best lip stain I have ever used. However, to achieve the color on here, just a teeny dab will do ya! otherwise it comes out MUCH DARKER. Either way, this product is fantastic.

Lila Columbia, MD


Stain is decent and color is perfect. However Sephora Stain last longer. But this one comes with free liner and looks great alone !

Pamela Nashoba, OK

Believe the hype!

I found this product through MUA and have been blown away. I put the gloss on at 6:30 PM the same day I got it- and couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up the next morning- it was still on! I have fair skin and the color looks a bit darker on my lips than pictured (even with one coat.) I’m wearing a red/wine colored dress today and it matches perfectly. I love the gloss so much that I bought 3 more colors. This stuff is brilliant! I hope they continue to put out more colors….would love a lip color close to the color of baby lips.You will fall in love with this!

Sophia Doylestown, PA

Love this stuff!

LOVE IT!! When you first put it on it is pretty scary. I have the zinnia brown berry. I am fair to med skinned. It looks VERY DARK when you put it on. Do not panic! Lol. This is a s-t-a-i-n! Put it on, let it sit for a little bit then wipe it off. Wow, very nice color that stays. I have never used a stain before. Lipstick doesn’t really stay and also doesn’t really leave any color on your lips like this does. It just leaves a nice color that looks natural and takes that washed out look away. The color lasts most of the day. Experiment on how long you need to leave it on. Good stuff!

Lakisha Westborough, MA

Pretty but doesn’t last at all

I really liked this stain at first. It gives your lips a nice rosy tint. Very natural looking. But it doesn’t last at all. I’m mystified by the reviewers that claim it lasts all day. My lips are not particularly chapped and other stains last a long time on me. This one is gone in less than an hour or when I drink or eat something – which ever comes first. I tried applying gloss and pencil over it. That doesn’t work. Really – it lasts less time than a normal lipstick. The search for a non-drying, long lasting lip stain continues.

Juana Friedheim, MO

Excellent color and not as toxic as other brands

I’ve never been a fan of lipsticks for numerous reasons, but I have made an attempt with lip-stainers. I can’t stand the name brands because they are very drying and the ingredients in them are horrifying. This brand however did not have me running the other direction. I actually find this color to be perfectly between subtle and rich. It also doesn’t have the concerns that other name brand versions do. All I do is trace it on, rub my lips together and then I top it off with some clear lip gloss.

Terri Tenaha, TX

Good quality product but didn’t perform the way It hought it should

This is much darker than I thought it would be. Has a pleasant taste. Takes a long time to dry and I’m not impressed with the staying power at all. Probably need to play with it some more. I might need to use 2 really really thin coats. If I find out something different, I’ll write an addendum. In the meantime, I have to say I won’t buy this again. Just didn’t perform that way I thought it should.

Kathleen Warnock, OH

GREAT stuff.

I think I have tried every lip stain type product there is. Sephora’s isles have nothing I haven’t sampled, not does the drugstore or department stores. Most tear up my lips, others don’t actually last that long. And then there is the dreaded “fuchsia curse” that most pretty colors seem to suffer as soon as I put them on my lips. (Benetint, etc) This goes on without turning bright pink, lasts for hours and does not dry out my lips. As a redhead I’d love to see a more orange/brown over the berry/brown, but this color looks good. And that’s coming from somebody who NEVER buys anything with “berry” in the name. Thankfully they put good pictures up, and I decided to go for it.Seller was fast and nice, even included a gift with purchase!

Tamika Carthage, AR

Only wish it lasted longer…

I really like this color. I think it looks like a natural lip color and I like stain for that reason as well – looks natural. I can’t stand the cakey look and feel of lipstick or the smear. What I don’t like about Super Staying Lip Stain is that it doesn’t last long. I have to apply it as much as I would lipstick. But until they come up with something like a magic marker for your lips, I guess this will do. Meanwhile, I’ll keep sarching.

Penny Stedman, NC

Great Color lasts

I love this product.It is a nice natural looking stain that lasts.It withstood the heat and water in Cancun.

Luisa West Middleton, IN

I love it

This is the best stain you could buy. It has kind of a bitter taste when you first apply it. When I received it, it came with a sweet little note and a bonus lip pencil that matched. I would buy this again. Just make sure when you apply it, to not mess with it for some minutes while it sets. Otherwise it may smear off when wet.

Brenda Saint George, SC

Amazing Lip Stain that Stays

Wow, this stuff is amazing! The color is lovely and very neutral. My lips are stained all day with this and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Natalie Florahome, FL

i love it!!!!!

I use lipstick all the time. I get tired reapplying it every hour. This lip stain is wonderful. I put it in the morning, have breakfast afterwards, go to work and come home with lip stain on my lips. It is just a good product. And it does not leave your lips dry at all. The Seller was very nice. She included a lip pencil and a beautiful butterfly sticker for free. I have been a customer on Amazon for quite a while and nobody put such a personal touch in their order. I will order again from this company.

Coleen Newport, NY

Pow Wow- This stuff really works!

I was so happy with the product after using it for 5 hours, I contacted the Seller and told them. I love the even coverage, stayed on for at least 5 hours, it matches my tan/brown/olive skin tone and it looks stunning. I’m so pleased, “I will return again” to purchase !I’m extremely happy with my purchase and felt it was well worth the price.Thank you

Desiree Tuluksak, AK

Lovely color but dries out

Unless you put gloss on top of this stain it will dry your lips out. But if you use gloss, then the color no longer stays put. It is a beautiful shade.

Rosalia Boone Grove, IN

Does not stay on even an hour or two

It is truly a dark cherry red liquid with mint flavoring.It goes on very runny, the color is not even but in the creases.Looks dreadful.Service was nice, and I got a free lip liner pencil included as a gift which was much better than the product I bought.But I cannot remotely recommend this as a long lasting lip color.

Agnes Rumsey, KY


I loved the color. You do have to let it "soak In" before eating and such but the color is pretty and if you follow directions, it lasts quite well. It doesn’t leave lips dry.

Lessie Elsinore, UT