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Super Staying Lip Stain – Snap Dragon Red – Morpho Cosmetics, Long Lasting Lip Stain

Snap Dragon is a true red color. It can be applied lighter for a more sheer red look. Water based, non drying lip stain that beautifully defines your lips to it’s fullest lip look without bleeding into any fine lines. Angled sponge tip applicator. It can be applied lighter for a more sheer look. Wear on it’s own for a matte look or top with any shade lip stick, lip gloss or balm for a great base long lasting lip color. Great gifts for women ! Birthday gifts for her, graduation gifts for her, anniversary gifts for her, best friends gifts, Christmas gifts. Create a lip stain set for Birthday presents !

Key features

  • TALK, EAT, KISS lips with this best lip stain ! 6-12 hour unbelievably long lasting red lip stain
  • Your perfect maintenance free red lip color, not too cherry, not too orange
  • Comfortable lips makeup that’s water based, no alcohol so does not dry out lips.
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Honest reviews


Love it…

Absolutely can build up the color. The color is long lasting. Just make sure the color completely dries before rubbing lips together or applying a balm or chapstick or gloss. It feels minty and I just love it.

Jewel Lavaca, AR

Excellent red and staying power

Gorgeous rich red! Blotted, it leaves a matte stain that lasts and lasts! It does not bleed either. I have used it many ways…alone, with gloss over it, with lighter lipstick over it, or I have dabbed this on over gloss or lipstick. So many ways to create different looks. I recommend it, plus the company has fabulous customer service, very personal and caring.

Jessie San Pedro, CA


I received the lip stain with a complimentary lip pencil and two cute blue morpho butterfly stickers that you bend and stick to something so they look like they are flying. They are currently on my monitor…cute! Anyway the lip stain. I have tried SO many and they never stay. Someone else said in their review “this is the one you’re looking for”. Oh my goodness they were right. This stuff does not come off, even after I applied clear gloss and later on in the day at least a couple applications of Carmex. Just give it a good long time to dry (I like to put it on right after foundation and let it dry the whole time I’m doing my other makeup). I highly recommend this product and the seller packaged it beautifully with freebies and super fast shipping. Thank you!

Lavonne Liverpool, TX


I love this lip stain. it lasts forever, does not feel sticky or crusty once it dries and the color is crazy vibrant and smells nice. Did I mention it LASTS FOREVER!?

Lila Gillette, WY

Was not tightly sealed. Got all over my clothes.

When I opened the package to the Stain and opened it. It was runny and got all over one of my favorite dresses. Be careful when opening. Stays on okay,, but it makes your lips dry.

Marian Valdez, NM

Needs accompaniments to be feasible

I wanted to love this product. I bought a set of five morpho products from Amazon and this was included. Of the five products this is what I was most excited about. I hate it :(-It is crazy dark. Absolutely nothing like the picture they have of it on their light model. I’ve tried it out of the tube as well as with a lip brush… Just dotting and covering my entire lip.-If your lips are even 1% dry, it will adhere more to that area becoming even darker-It does not fade evenly, all the little lines in your lips will be dark while the rest is lighter-Staying power… once it starts to look bad (about an hour at most) I make it come off, so I’m not sure what it’d do after that :/-It does dry my lips outThe plus side?-It doesn’t bleed-Dries quickly on the lipsI’ve tried it dabbing over chap-stick to make it lighter, this made the color shift into lines even worse…. I honestly can’t find a way to wear this product. I don’t want to have to wear it with colored lip gloss or any other product that will transfer color. The point of a stain for me is that I can put it on, and I can drink out of my coffee cup, kiss my boyfriend, and eat my sandwich without it getting on anything. If it fades that’s fine, I just don’t want it to transfer, so that makes this product worthless for me.What I will say, is the company is wonderful. The owner was courteous, polite, and quick to respond. They make a lip glossSuper Staying Lip Gloss – Cho Cho, a red brown – Morpho Cosmetics – long lasting lip glossthat I love and recommend highly.

Jimmie Wallace, IN

Amazing color and lasting power

This product is great. You get a lot, is reasonably priced, and what a pretty ruby red! It came super quick, with a personal note from Morpho Cosmetics, and a free complimentary lip liner. You can make the product a sheer wash of red, or vampy Twilight-esque. I am glad I ordered after reading the good reviews it received on here.

Katrina Artesia Wells, TX

Super Staying Lip Stain – Snap Dragon Red – Morpho Cosmetics

I love the color of this lip stain its perfect and a true red. I have been looking for this for a long time.Great seller thanks for shipping the stain so quickly.

Adelaide Tangipahoa, LA