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Super Nail Pure Acetone Polish Remover 8oz

Effective Removal of Polish and Lacquer from Nails.

Key features

  • Quality Nail Polish Remover
  • Pure Acetone Formula
  • Great Value!

Honest reviews


does job

This is good for soaking off those acrylic nails. I would buy again if need be. Much more potent then the ones at the store.

Kaitlin Excello, MO

very happy

I just love the way it removes the polish from acrylics I’m not into the gel nails but when that time comes I will edit to let you know what happens. I also ordered another brand to compare have nor gotten it yet but I hope it works as well.

Ruby Caneyville, KY

It’s acetone!

This is exactly what it says it is and it does what it’s supposed to. The bottle is pretty standard and I haven’t had any trouble with leaks or anything. Not much to say about acetone.

Noreen Alma, AL

better products out there.

Need the maximum strength to remove gell nails easily. This does work, but you have to soak nails 10 minutes before the polish begins to dissolve.

Candace Brawley, CA

does the job

it is a grat product however it does have a really srong oder if you are not a fan of the oder this is not the product for you however it does an amazing job.

Maxine Chefornak, AK

Great, gets the job done

Shipped on time, and this gets the job done better than regular nail polish remover.Very strong smell, I would recommend using in a well ventilated room. Does dry out cuticles and hands a lot. use a good moisturizer when you are through

Lina Hallstead, PA

Works great with Shellack

I bought this aceton because I needed a shellack remover. It works great, I just put down my nails for about 30 seconds and after it’s just to take of the Shellack.

Maureen Baker City, OR