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super nail Pure Acetone, 16 Fluid Ounce

Pure Acetone 473 mL/16 fl oz. Eliminates fill and repair lines.

Key features

  • Eliminates fill and repair lines
  • Blends tips on natural nails
  • Professional grade

Honest reviews


Not good for gel polish soak off

I use gel polish and you are supposed to soak off gel polish with acetone. This acetone did not soak off very well. Cutex acetone worked much better. I was just looking for something cheaper than the gelish harmony acetone remover so I tried this.

Jenifer Ruso, ND

Not that good.

For me the only thing that this does is dry my nails, and the bottle is so small. I personally dont like it and it does not remove the polish as fast as i expected for pure acetone, i wont be buying it agai!

Cara Vera, OK

Too smelly

Generally speaking, it works pretty well. But I don’t like the smell of it, too harsh. Plus, I guess there’s too much alcohol in the remover, which cools down my fingers dramatically every time I apply it to them.

Katrina Grayling, MI

Four Stars

Works well to remove gel polish.

Robbie Graysville, TN

Im in love

you literally only have to rub your finger off once and all the nail polish is off even if you have a lot of layers.

Alexandra Monmouth, OR

Yep, it’s acetone

Not much to say about this product except that it is as described. My bottle was the same brand and contained the volume advertised, but was a different shape from the picture. Not a big deal, but I either got an old version or Amazon needs to update the photo. Either way, acetone is acetone.

Reba Christchurch, VA


This stuff is very strong and kind of scary. I accidentally spilled some on a paper plate and it completely melted it.

Darla South Acworth, NH


This works just as it should, it gets the acrylic, and the nails polish off my nails with ease. You don’t have to worry about running out of it in a short time either!

Nona Alexander, AR

A must have if you use CND products

If you use any gel polish, please, I beg you, do NOT peel the polish off as you damage the nail bed by peeling at least one, usually more that one, layer of your own nail. It take a long time to grow out the damaged nail and get back to healthy nails. Soak off the gel polish like you’re supposed to and learn from my own mistakes! Love CND products, just do what you need to do to keep your nail beds healthy!

Janell Osage, WY

Good Stuff

I use this Acetone to remove gel polish from a no chip manicure. i soak my fingers in a little bowl of it and the polish starts coming right off. Then i use a cuticle pusher to get the rest off. It does not damage my nails at all. it works very well.

Meagan Sidney, MT

love it

gets the color off immediately and no mess and scrubbing forever. will order again when im out. easy to use.

Mona Westfir, OR


Works Very well, will buy again

Bernadine Stittville, NY

fast and easy nail polish removal

so much easier to get nail polish off then the store bough stuff. Especially for glitter polishes. And great to get off all the oils before painting nails. It does dry out my nails and hand a little, but just put on some lotion after using.

Charlene Sigourney, IA

Excellent Remover

This product works great. I was removing toe polish and holding the cotton ball carefully with my thumb and index finger so it would not get on my fingernail polish. It was barely touching my shellac nail polish and by the time I had removed just the polish on my big toe, it was causing the shellac to peel.

Carmella Kite, KY


Its great bottle of acetone. Its great for Soak off gel polish. I would recommend it to anyone who uses gel polish

Alana Great Valley, NY

Removes Polish Like a Charm

I bought this on the recommendation of my friend for easier removal of glitter nail polish. Just as told, it works great. I have enough to last quite a long time with the 32 oz bottle.

Patsy Fresno, TX

All Acetone Is Not The Same

After running out of the Beauty Secrets Pure Acetone Manicurist Solvent I purchased from Sally Beauty I purchased this product. They are both pure Acetone but reacts very differently to removing glitter polish. The one I purchased from Sally’s was awesome in the way that it took the polish off quickly and efficiently without smearing all over my fingers. This acetone, when removing the glittery polishes, ends up bleeding all over my fingers and I don’t like that. I use a cotton ball per finger so not to have polish overload on one cotton ball and it still smears. The one from Sally’s also smells like flowers when trying to remove the polish which is another plus to that product. This Acetone did the job in regards to removing polish but when it comes to removing mess free, this product gets a zero. I would recommend if you are removing acrylics but if you need something more powered than normal nail polish remover try heading over to Sally’s Beauty’s website and purchasing that product.

Matilda Long Beach, MS

Great acetone

It gets the job done with ease! I was tired of the CVS brands that barely took off my polish. This does what I need it to!

Cecilia Ohio, IL

It’s okay.

I’d get a local drugstore brand acetone next to compare. Maybe I’ll be back to Supernail after that?I had trouble removing a salon UV gel mani. It took two soaks and my cuticles were naturally showing stress. Le fumes, le fumes! The bottle has changed in appearance from the photo – a design update, shorter and wider.Anyway… I got that sucker off, mostly. Phew.

Jordan Crownsville, MD

Great product, not same as pictured

As someone who’s only ever used drugstore branded nail polish remover, using this product was an amazing experience. Nail polish removal now only takes a tiny fraction of the time it took before. Doing french manicures is much easier now too.

Claire La Joya, TX

pure acetone

I wish I can buy a gallon size acetone cause I do soak off every week.This is no special but pure acetone which exactly is what I need.

Abbie Ghent, WV


Can’t purchase acetone nail remover in any drug stores where I live. That non-acetone doesn’t take the nail polish off. It takes four cotton balls per hand and you sit there rubbing, rubbing that darn polish and it simply don’t come off. Takes about 1/2 hr. to remove the polish.One cotton ball and it removed ten fingers of polish in 2 seconds. Love it and will tell everyone I know. Get it if you are sick of rubbing and rubbing.THAT’S all FOLKS.

Marie Oilton, TX

Great quality

I love this product, easily removes shellac gel polish, leaving your nails clean and ready to redo. I recomand it.

Esperanza Mc Grann, PA

Does just what it is supposed to do.

I use this to remove my shellac polish the night before my mani. I like to keep it on longer than at the salon so that it pulls off more of the shellac. Then they do not have to do as much rough filing and my nails stay in great condition.

Eva Egegik, AK

This stuff removes Shellac. u have to have it!

I use this at home to do my own Shellac…. I’ve already gone through one bottle of this….. I ordered 2 bottles….. It’s the only thing that removes shellac. take my advise, do shellac at home yourself. just order this to remove it.

Amber Vienna, WV

Perfect for nail art cleanup

I use this to clean up around my nails after painting them myself, which I do every week. Look, it’s acetone. What can I say? It works great. Cleans up the nail polish just fine. I also use it with a small (eyeshadow) makeup brush to clean off my nail stamper and scraper.

Phyllis Gentry, AR

No complaints

I have never looked for pure acetone before, so I didn’t know if it was available anywhere else. I have since seen it in a store, and i think this was a little more money than the one in my local store… but it was convenient at the time and it’s everything it’s supposed to be

Marsha Huntsville, TN


Pure acetone. No water. Was looking for a pure acetone in a decent sized bottle for crafting without going to a hardware store and buying a gallon of it. This was amazing.

Regina Boling, TX

Works like a charm, bye bye nail polish!

It takes the polish off my nails quicker than lightning, so much better than sitting and scrubbing my fingers off with regular nail polish remover!

Rachelle Middletown, IL

Very potent.

This is the only polish remover I will ever use mainly because it does the job by making sure every amount of polish is off your fingers and toes.

Hannah Hempstead, TX