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Super Nail Cuticle Oil 4 oz.

Moisten cotton lightly with cuticle oil and apply to finger nails For deeper penetration cuticle oil may be warmed to aid in softening the cuticles and help restore dry brittle nail

Key features

  • Softens, moisturizes and stimulated the cuticle.
  • For deeper penetration, cuticle oil may be warmed to aid in softening the cuticles and help restore dry brittle nail.

Honest reviews



I think this oil is very great. cheap price, good quality and very good packaging . Im happy I bought this

Lesa Farmingville, NY

Great value

This has made a difference when doing my acrylics, i can still keep my cuticles healthy, i love this stuff, and it seems to last for forever! This stuff leaves a nice shine behind I will definitely be ordering this product again from this seller. The way i use the product is for home use i have a brush just for the cuticle oil that i dip in it.

Sabrina Pedro, OH

Better than any other cuticle treatment I’ve tried!

I got this as a birthday gift from my dad who had a store clerk pick it out for him because naturally he knows nothing about nail care. I wish I knew who she was so I could thank her, because this stuff is AMAZING.This works better than most "big brands" of cuticle oil/creams I’ve tried. Essie, OPI, Burt’s Bees, and ORLY can’t compete. It works into your skin so easily, I barely need any pressure to push my cuticles back anymore, and I used to need A LOT, and they look so pretty now.First off, a little goes a long, LONG way. 3-4 drops was enough for both of my hands to be almost soaked in the stuff. I have the 8 oz bottle and I anticipate it lasting me the better part of 2 years, at least, with twice daily use. This oil is super moisturizing, it’s heavy duty stuff. I saw a world of difference in my cuticles after the first use. They looked neater, not even slightly ragged, and the skin around my nails just felt so wonderfully soft. Also, it doesn’t dry greasy or sticky like some cuticle stuff does. It takes a little while, but it dries, well, dry.The consistency is watery, but honestly I think that’s a good thing because it makes working it into your skin so much easier. The bottle makes it tricky to handle the oil without getting it all over everything, so do yourself a favor and use a cleaned out nail polish bottle or an empty eye-drop bottle or something to make it easier on yourself. But don’t worry if you get it all over your hands, they’ll end up super soft too if you do!I don’t think I’ll find anything than this, I think I may have found my HG cuticle oil. So ladies, TRY IT, it’s awesome!

Marcia Jefferson, MD

love it.

use it all the time and its great and will continue to use it and will order again when im out.

Genevieve Drummond Island, MI

Keeping my nails from snapping off during the furnace season

I had a small bottle of cuticle oil that was running low and checked for what I could find on Amazon. This 4 oz bottle, although not Prime, was free to ship and cost less than cuticle oil in a bottle the size of a standard nail polish. I use a Q tip to apply the oil to my fingernails and toenails then swipe the extra away with a tissue. Very few spontaneous nail breaks this winter, and am going to keep it up for the summer. I think overuse of polish contributed to a crack in my big toenail that led to an infected ingrown nail – 2 years and 2 cuttings away the side of the nail to get over ingrown nail. I’m going to continue with cuticle oil and water/oxygen permeable nail polish for the long sandal season here in Houston.

Claudia Creston, WV

Could’ve Found a Better Deal

I realized only after buying this product that it was a little overpriced and I could’ve got a better deal. However, the product works well and it was shipped very fast.

Florine Columbiaville, NY

Great deal, save money

Great for the price. I put them into cobalt small bottles with droppers. Love this stuff – you’ll save a ton of money buying this bulk and distributing into your own bottles rather than buying the oil separately at the drug store IMHO

Esperanza Rougon, LA

Cuticle Oil

I am very satisfied with the cuticle oil; it arrived on time and was in perfect condition. I haven’t been using it long, but it seems to be helping. I bought the oil to try to help prevent hangnails, which I get often, as well as to soften my cuticles and so far so good!

Stella Iola, TX


This is a great product i use it everyday. And it was a great price also. I really love this oil.

Ashlee White, GA

So far so good

I’ve bought cuticle oil for years. It cost a lot of money for only a few ounces, but it works so I kept buying it. I’m thrilled to discover this cheaper cuticle oil that’s so much cheaper & almost four times the amount. It’s very similar to what I bought in various stores so no complaints here. I’ll update after a month to see if it’s as good as it seems.

Tanisha Aliceville, AL

Basically mineral oil

It’s basically mineral oil which you can probably buy a gallon of for this price. Used every day for about two weeks, but didn’t really notice any difference in my cuticles.

Lillian Alma, IL

Seems good

Only real drawback is I wish it came with a brush. Used a q-tip instead and it worked well. Nice size bottle.

Wanda Montclair, CA

Cuticle Oil

I like it, well it’s okay, but i really don’t have much to say about it except i should have got a scented kind like pineapple.

Christy Ruby, LA

Works well

Works well with nail tips. This really does soften the cuticles so nail tips are easy to press on. Very happy with purchase and would definitely recommend.

Kathy Chester, PA