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Super Nail Acetone Polish Remover, 16 Ounce

Removes polish gently from natural and artificial nails. Especially recommended for sculptured nails. Keep away from heat. Flammable.

Key features

  • Especially recommended for sculptured nails
  • Keep away from heat; Flammable
  • For natural or artificial nails

Honest reviews


Supernail non acetone polish remover 16oz

Ok, the bottle DOES say non acetone however it does say in the ingredients on the bottle the very first ingredient IS acetone. That doesn’t matter to me. I like this nail polish remover. It works better than others I have had. It’s quick to remove even the toughest polishes. it smells like polish remover. The bottle is kinda chubby and cute. I have not had problems with my nails chipping or anything with ANY acetone polish and it helps to take off fake nails and nail glue. Glitter polishes have come off fast with this. I recommend it to anyone who likes acetone polish removers.

Tracey Maceo, KY

Super Nail Acetone Polish Remover

I had to buy this on Amazon since my local beauty store that sold it stop selling this brand. This is the best brand for me since there are no stripping agents in this solution. With other nail polish removers my nails would look awful and dry after removing the nail polish. But with this one, my nails were smooth and did not have that dry look to them. This is the best one by far, and I would recommend it for women who have real or artificial nails.

Marcella Lees Creek, OH

love it

Works great and It does not have the harsh smell of the other nail polish removers that i have used previously. I will buy this again!!!

Carey Plainview, NY

Super Nail Acetone Polish Remover, 16 Ounce

Good product for the price and it lasts a very long time. My daughter is very happy with this purchase.

Tracey Nuttsville, VA

Great for glitter polish!

This remover quickly and easily removes all polish, even the tough glitter kind. I don’t use gel polish, so I can’t attest for it there, but on all other polishes, it takes it off quickly. It is also a large bottle, and therefore a great bargain.

Rhea Bunker Hill, WV

great remover

This is a wonderful acetone polish remover, and it doesn’t smell as strong as the white acetone remover. It works better, than, I would have imagined…I wish amazon sold the gallon size bottle..

Jeannie Santa Rosa, NM

It’s acetone, the wonder solvent! Don’t go to chem lab without it!

Items just as described. It’s acetone. I don’t know what else too say. when I need refills, this bottle can handle the cheaper hardware shelf acetone. It’ll smell bad, no matter what.Just a note… do NOT try to clean plastic safety goggles with this, as you might clean your glass wear for the lab!

Alyssa Riverton, NJ

Great stuff for the price..

it takes of laqur polish very well. that stuff is like 10 coats of normal polish. IT does great glittery stuff and very well on super glue (i do a lot of DIY projects).

Earnestine Humnoke, AR

Good polish remover, good value

This is a nice big bottle, and works well to get the polish off without being too drying. I can usually get the polish off with one or two swipes, though I do keep a bottle of real acetone around for stubborn colors. That’s all non-acetone removers, though, and its well worth it to avoid my nails getting all gross and dried out.

Benita Leonardville, KS

SERIOUS Polish remover!

You want a polish remover that will melt away your polish…THIS is the one to buy. It’s definitely industrial strength. I do NOT need as much to remove polish as I do from the ones I buy at the store. This was an add on to an order I made and boy am I glad I did add it! You do have to be careful where you use it tho. It IS INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH!

Reyna Nuttsville, VA

Works great

I’ve ordered this twice now. I don’t even bother with the crap at the store. It works fantastic and there’s a good amount of it too. Lasts a while and I do my nails a lot!

Aida Byron, WY


For the past 2 years I’ve been using the type where you put your finger in it and do each finger, I thought it was very nice and easy, but now that I am using darker colors the jar just gets filled with whatever color I use, then when I go back to use it, the last color gets all over my skin, so I decided to go back to the cotton ball and remover, I normally would just get cvs brand or Sally Hanson, but I saw this and how big it is and a good price, I’d give it a go, I love this stuff!!! I can use 1 cotton ball for almost all fingers and that taking off dark nail polish, it does still smell like nail polish remover but a little less strong and a slight better smell. But this stuff really does work great, I didn’t have cotton balls and used paper towels and it took my nail polish off quick and easy! If you haven’t tried this, give it a try, I bet you will not go back to using the store brand… Hope this review helps someone. 🙂 have a great day!

Ellen Greenford, OH


This acetone works great excellent price nice big bottle takes the nail polish off your nails quick doesn’t stink much not really a strong odor which I like. And excellent deal for the orice..

Katrina Columbiaville, MI

No complaints

It took some time, like a long time to arrive but it looks like the picture. I haven’t used it yet. So I can’t comment on the quality. Will do a follow up.

Rae Burlingame, KS

Great Buy

Purchased this for my daughter who is in college. This should last her the year. 🙂 Great buy for the amount.

Elba Chanhassen, MN


This works so much better than the stuff you can buy in drug stores. I am able to get off all of my polish (all ten fingers) with only one cotton ball! I don’t ever have to go back over a nail. Even dark red or black comes off cleanly and quickly. AND this doesn’t smell as bad as other polish removers. This is what I will use from now on!

Hallie Proctor, MT

Very satisfied

Works just as well as any other nail polish remover I’ve used, but at a better price for the huge bottle you get.

Sharron Santa Rosa, NM

Smells nice

I found it surprising that this nail polish remover actually smelled kind of nice, I mean there is still an acetone/chemical smell but also sort of like a ginger something scent. It’s more standable than others I have tried in that sense. It works decently to take off nail polish and it’s a nice sized, stubby bottle. I don’t think I would buy it again though, for 7 bucks a bottle and not THAT big of a bottle at that…idk. It’s just nail polish remover, nothing amazing about it I just thought the bottle was cute.

Marta Inman, NE

little expensive for nail power remover

it is a big bottle but it is expenpenve stillI would get it again I guess it good to have a big bottle

Nicole Edgefield, SC

Love it!

I have been doing my own manicures for years now and absolutely love this nail polish remover! It takes just a few seconds to get even several coats of high quality nail polish off.

Jane Eastman, WI

Good Stuff

This works so wells to take off my polish. I can take the polish off easy without scrubbing. Smells nice and doesn’t leave your hands bitter. It is a bit drying, but not overly drying. I would definitely buy this again.

Marsha Middletown, CT