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Sun*Si’Belle+ SPF 50 Organic Triple Action Moisturizer, with Antioxidants, CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Acid.


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Best Sunscreen Ever!

I just bought this item and love it! It’s a great product. The smell is nice and not overwhelming. The coverage is nice and not greasy. I have mild melasma, so I am always looking for a good sunscreen to cover my melasma. I think I have found the perfect sunscreen for me. You skin looks and feels better right away. I am recommending this to everyone I know. Thanks Sweetsation Therapy!

Benita Louisa, VA

Rich and Moisturizing, But Doesn’t Absorb Quickly (UPDATED)

This facial moisturizer is indeed creamy and protective. As other reviewers have noted, however, the mineral component takes quite awhile to fade; on my face I had white lines in my wrinkles (not significant to me but somewhat frightening to people who had to look at me) up to two hours after first application. Because of my mottled, sun-dappled skin, I intend to keep using this high SPF formula regardless of the absorption issue. One caution – a single pump dispensed more than enough for my face, neck and upper chest! My arms and elbows got a dose of this lotion as well. A big plus is the very, very mild smell – no added fragrance!Update June 18, 2012: Better massaging has eliminated the smear-y white mark problem, and I continue to use the entire Sweetsation Therapy line for facial care. Am very, very pleased with this company and pleased with my complexion after more than a year of constant use.

Ophelia Harborside, ME

excellent product

Lets see, where to begin. I live in Florida where we need sunscreen year round, especially if your outdoors a lot. Aside from working I ride my mountain bike 100-200 miles per week (combination of trail and road, needless to say suncreen is important. This year I think I have tried every sunscreen on the market, literetly. All neutorgena products eventually made my eyes swell and constant water, aveeno did the same, as did olay, and every other brand on the shelf. One day I purchased Blue Lizard sensitive skin , as I thought it was a pretty safe product, and it is. However, I apply sunscreen every 2 hours when I am in the sun (as suggested) and the blue lizard seemed to get pretty greasy, to the point that I was taking a paper towel and pat my entire face to try and soak some of it up.Fallene products went on smoothly but dried my face out, as did the blue lizzard. Vanicream was nice, but greasy as well. I began to try products like badger and beyond coastal when I accidentlly came across the EWG website listing the 2010 best/safest sunscreen products.At the very top is sweetsation products. ALthough more money on intial cost, you actually are spending less because you need less. The products ingredients are all truly organic and that is why EWG name it top sunscreen/moisteruizer (spelling error).The SPF 50 is easier to spread than the SPF30. The product blends in immedietly, does not make your face feel greasy, and last along time (even for me riding 2-3 hours in 90 degree weather). I have not felt any stinging in my eyes or flushing on my skin. Absolutely no effects like every other sunscreen on the market has given me. I am not someone who likes strong frangrances, and this product does not have that at all.At first, it will leave a white cast, but if you gently rub it in and wait a few minutes the ghostly look goes away. The slightly white cast is worth the quality of the product.When I first bought the SPF 30 I was thrown off a bit applying it, as it seemed to clump up on my face. The clumps would go away once I was able to rub them in, but had to wait a few minutes. My face immedietly had this new glow to it, I truly had not seen my face look this fresh in years (33 years old now). I am not pregant, but since I ride my bike so much in the sun I have become concerned about my health and the safety of the products I use. Sweetsation products are the safest and do wonders for your skin. I find my face to have this fresh look, like a healthy glow. I have noticed friends looking at me, one friend told me how healthy my face looked. She commented as soon as she saw me that morning. I didn’t even mention to her anything about applying anything.Anyway, I really liked the SPF 30 and didn’t want to return so I emailed the company at the sweetsation therapy website directly, on a Saturday evening a couple of weeks ago actually. Too my surpise, about an hour later my phone had an incoming email, and it was from the owner of Sweetsation Therapy. Her email response was very impressive, how many businesses will email their clients on the weekends? not many. She gave me very helpful tips; suggested only apply a pea size or less at a time or putting a serum or day cream on first. This worked very well (the pea size amount) and no clumping at all. I was truly impressed with the cutsomer service. Since that Saturday (1-2 weeks ago) I have asked the owner a few more questions and she has always responded, never missed a question.Sweetsation products are truly great. Even if your not in the sun everyday, the products are worth every penny. They last a very long time, longer than over the counter products and most others.

Saundra Rio Linda, CA

Nice texture and works well.

Haha, I guess I am in the mood for reviewing my purchases today. Amazon keeps suggesting. I’ve got this sunscreen quite a while ago and even though I am out of it already it reminds me that when spring comes I will have to get it again. I liked it, it has smooth texture and goes on well, not greasy like most, and not dry. 2/3 of it is mineral sunscreen so it does leave ever so slight white hint, but not something you would notice if you apply a thin layer. The last time I was researching EWG it was one of the most safe, non-toxic sunscreens in SPF 50 range. All the antiaging properties that it has always help, we don’t get any younger unfortunately. It smells good too.

Marguerite Muscle Shoals, AL

The only high protection SPF 50 I found that rated 1 on EWG

Well that’s a great news. We finally have a sunscreen with SPF 50 that’s not toxic, has no parabens or oxybenzone. I like this product and it’s light texture. Goes on well, doesn’t leave a white cast and smells great, like sweet citrus. Anti aging properties also help to keep skin in great condition. I rate it 5 without reservations.

Billie Chester, OK