Sunshine Spa Herbal Salt Scrub Lavender — 23 oz

Ingredients Sea salt, expeller pressed almond oil, high oleic safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, lavender oil, apricot kernerl oil, avocado oil, celtic sea salt, green tea leaf, St. John’s Wort leaf and flower and natural vitamin E.

Key features

  • 20.5 Ounces Liquid
  • Serving Size:

Honest reviews


Aromatic and Healing

Before you take your shower, moisten your body with warm water and then rub the salt/oil mixture all over your body. I’d avoid the face and neck. If the granules feel uncomfortable on your hands, you can wear a pair of latex gloves. This is also helpful when using the salt scrub to exfoliate your feet.If you want an even more aromatic experience, you can mix some of this oil with your favorite essential oils.This product should be used with a sense of caution. Put a towel down on the floor of you shower or bath before using this product. When you are dealing with oil in the shower, this is a good precaution and the towel is easily wrung out later and thrown in the wash. It is worth thinking about; otherwise you can risk falling in the shower.You will also want to consider washing out the shower floor with a good scrub cleaner before stepping in again. I found this out the hard way after sitting in the shower and rubbing an oil and salt mixture all over. I could not get out of the tub and fortunately, my husband was kind enough to bring me a towel.While humorous, I think caution is advised with this product.A luxurious spa experience that will make your skin feel amazingly smooth and nourished. Especially wonderful in the winter!~The Rebecca Review

Goldie Cottondale, AL

Noticable improvement where another higher priced scrub did nothing

Lots of scrub for the price. I had been using another salt scrub but wanted to try this for the price and reviews look good. Boy, am I glad I did. For the past month, I had started to get white spots on my skin. The previous scrub did nothing for this. In fact, I booked a doctors appointment to have it looked at. Yet, I’ve used this scrub only 3 times and the discoloration on my arms had faded 70%! My skin feel healthier and there is a noticable difference. It’s great to use before shaving the underarms, legs or etc as it prevents razor burn. I love this product and will be purching it again!

Kendra Arma, KS

Love this product

Makes your skin soft and removes the ravages of cold weather. Use all over and then shower off. I like both this and the brown sugar one, too.

Latonya Windsor, MA

Perfect fragrance-wonderful scrub

Best fragrance ever!!!!!! One of the greatest body scrub’s out there. I use this at least twice a week to exfoliate and moisturize my over sunned legs, arms and shoulders. This is wonderful for winter dry skin and summer sun and pool chemical skin treatment. For the price–this product cannot be beat–It is every bit as good as the high dollar scrubs–and I have tried them all–and always come back this. I hate to brag about how great it is too much–because I selfishly do not want the price to go up:-0 This fragrance blends perfectly with the body lotion and perfume & perfume I use. It is a soft fragrance. I think Lavender is a fragrance recommended for helping in relaxation:-0 I get compliments after using this on the glow of my skin and the fragrance. Do be careful as it does make the tub and shower a bit slippery. Thank you for offering.

Kirsten Dunkirk, IN


This is a great product that gently exfoliates and moisturizes leaving your skin smooth & silky! I love to use it at the end of shower, slathering all over my arms & legs. The ‘salt’ rinse off easily, and the essential oils are left behind to continue moisturizing.I will also use at the sink as a hand scrub. This not only does wonders to your hands, but it activates all your reflexology points providing an all-over boost whenever you need it!I have used other scents, but I REALLY enjoy the Tangerine! Provides the perfect ‘pick me up’ to start my day!

Jan West Louisville, KY