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SunBurnt Advanced After-Sun Gel, 6-Ounce

Too much time in the sun can wreak havoc on our skin: painful sunburn, dry overheated skin, unsightly peeling. Sourced from Mother Nature, SunBurnt Advanced After Sun Gel is a patented blend of natural active ingredients plus Aloe, formulated in a unique, non-sticky gel to help heal sunburn, rehydrate skin and restore your healthy glow.

Key features

  • Immediately cools and rehydrates skin
  • Helps heal sunburned skin
  • Reduces redness, itching and peeling
  • Paraben-free, Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Non-sticky formula

Honest reviews


I’m with Rabid–this is really just aloe vera.

Like Rabid, I did not notice that this product is homeopathic before ordering it. This is simply aloe vera juice, plus superstition. Homeopathy does not and cannot work, except via the placebo effect. Aloe Vera does have burn-soothing properties, but is available for less money in more convenient applications, and from manufacturers who do not play on consumers’ ignorance. I truly wish that homeopathic preparations came with a clear warning that “this product does not contain ingredients that can treat or otherwise impact any condition.” As it stands, I worry that homeopathy fans are delaying actual treatment for their ailments and thus putting their health, lives and comfort at greater risk.Please. If you want some soothing aloe vera, try Ocean Potion Skincare 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel After Sun Care — 20.5 fl oz or similar–you’ll save money and avoid supporting snake oil sales.

Nicole Fort Monmouth, NJ

Effective and Soothing

I ordered the Sun Relief just in time-first weekend on the beach became a nightmare of burning, to the point that I had to take aspirin to relieve the pain. Lucking the Sun Relief arrived before peeling started. Soothing, relaxing, little odor and greasiness. So far, so good…

Lila Mantorville, MN

Love this!

I am a committed aloe vera user and always have it on hand for sun burns and such, so I thought I would give this other product a try. I love it! I goes on super smooth (which is nice if you’re burnt!) and feels really cool and soft on your skin. I noticed that pink cheeks from being in the sun felt cool and looked noticeably better after applying. It seemed to help heal sunburned skin quickly, although it’s hard to say definitively. The one other thing I tried it on was some nasty insect bites that were itching like crazy. It actually really helped to take the itching away. I’m not sure exactly why, but it did seem to help.

Gina Mc Grann, PA

Great product, awesome for everyday burns

If you buy this product for nothing else but to keep in your medicine cabinets for the next burn that occurs in your house, then you’ve done well. This product is just amazing – I’m always burning my forearms since I’m baking so much and this stuff really relieves the pain quickly. It’s just one of those “finds” that you come across now and then that works so well, that you just keep it on your shelf all the time like Advil. Plus, it’s amazing for relieving sunburn pain, it’s original intent, especially on children. The cooling effect relieves the pain faster than anything I’ve used besides toothpaste (there’s a hint from Heloise there for you – I’ve been using toothpaste on bad burns for years and there’s NOTHING that relieves the pain faster, that is until this stuff came out!). But, what toothpaste DOESN’T do is reduces the color within minutes of a burn like this stuff does, and you can actually feel the hydration going into your skin! The BEST part – if you’re on a cruise or just going out to dinner after a long day in the sun, then you won’t smell like your medicine cabinet if you use this product. We all have very light, sensitive skin and this stuff has proven to be amazing.Give this a try and keep it in your medicine cabinet for sunburns but every other burn too. And honestly, don’t believe the skin peeling thing – once your skin has been burned, chances are quite high that IT’S GOING TO PEEL SINCE IT’S DEAD, unless it’s just a light burn. A heavy burn, well, again, it’s dead so you need to get it off anyway. If you want to recondition your skin and reduce the effects of scarring, rub in some Vitamin E oil – I had a hand surgeon tell me that Vitamin E oil will reduce internal scarring of tissue and it’s amazing on skin restoration after a burn. That’s what they used on my feet after I obtained sun poisoning at the beach one year. Afterwards, I had NO sensitivity, no scarring and no aftermath. Great, great stuff, highly recommend!

Leslie Mayer, MN

Really does help

During a late summer football game for one of the kids, my wife sat in ht bleachers wearing shorts. She cam home with some very red, sunburned legs. I suggested she try this to relieve the burning. She said the relief was fast. The usual side effects of a sunburn, like peeling skin were minimal. It had to have been the cooling and moisturizing effect of the Sunburnt cream. She was very happy with the product and has recommended it to several of her friends.

Pat Weston, WY


After getting an unfortunate sunburn on vacation this summer, I tried using this lotion — to no avail. I did feel a bit of relief upon the moment of application, but it was not nearly enough, and not nearly what I’ve felt with other similar gels and lotions. Within a few minutes, however, my skin was as dry, hot and painful as if I hadn’t applied anything at all. I tried countless applications over a matter of days, but nothing really changed. If I wasn’t on vacation in another country, with no other option, I wouldn’t have bothered with this product at all. As it is, I certainly won’t be buying it in the future.

Leona Seale, AL

Product didn’t work for me

I’ve been using Aloe Vera gel for minor cooking burns and sunburn, and this tube looked very similar to the products I’ve bought in the past. Imagine my shock when I put it on my shoulders after I got a sunburn and I got no relief! This felt nothing like the relief I had gotten from Aloe Vera gel in the past.I grabbed the tube and read the ingredients. I was shocked to discover that this was a homeopathic remedy — I hadn’t spotted anything about it being homeopathic on the label. I did see that there was some Aloe Vera in the tube, along with Calendula Flower and Coneflower extracts. The ingredients didn’t say how much Aloe Vera was in the tube, nor did it say how much of the flower extracts were there.I fear that I am going to be in the minority and that most people will love this. However, it didn’t soothe my sore shoulders at all. I asked my husband to run to the store and grab some Aloe Vera gel, which he did – it provided the relief I had felt before. Because of that, I am giving this a less than wonderful review. I gave it three stars because it felt moisturizing when I tried it before I got a burn.

Dona Tenino, WA

Good for minor kitchen burns, too

First observation: It took me forever to find a good time to test this, because we got it more or less along with the can of “Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone Sunscreen Continuous Spray SPF 30” that prevented all this summer’s sunburns!Second observation: When we had a very minor scalding-water burn in the kitchen, I thought, “Why not?” and tried putting a little of this relief ointment on the painful area *after* running the hand and wrist involved under cold water through a few minutes, then patting it dry. Amazing results! I know, the first aid book says cold water, then nothing, to let a minor burn heal, but this really did make it feel better instantly. Burns aren’t fun; usually, even showering, etc. after a minor burn is unpleasant. This ointment genuinely seemed to speed the healing process, and definitely soothed the immediate sting.I’m sure it’ll work just as well on the next sunburn we come across, although the six-ounce tube might run out if someone got a whole-body sunburn and the tube weren’t brand new. Whether we ever get to test it on a sunburn or not, though, this little product just earned itself a convenient place in my kitchen drawer!

Latoya Cavendish, VT


I do not typically burn. However I installed a pool last year and spend alot of time in it . I did not notice as I was floating around on my chair reading that I was burning. I was skeptical of this product thinking it was like all the rest . I found it to be soothing, reduce the hot feeling ,kept my skin hydrated and helped with the pain making it much easier and more comfortable to deal with the sunburn.

Samantha Olathe, CO


What I like the most about this lotion is that it is homeopathic and thus has almost no chemicals that are typically as likely to irritate my allergy-prone skin as to give sunburn relief. No allergic reaction whatsoever. The lotion has an extremely pleasant, clear, soothing, cooling texture. As for the intensity of the sunburn relief, I am not 100% sure of effect on severe burns, but having applied it to my slightly sunburnt skin, I can say that is does have a calming effect. I will definitely continue using this product.

Madge Rock Point, MD

Really nice product

Not too bad in price, and a nice size tube for packing along with your sun block and bug spray this summer.A nice clean aroma, but not overpowering.It didn’t have the cool “sting” of the aloe gels, and Solarcaine type products I have tried, and was not as much of an analgesic as those either I thought.However, the rich blend of ingredients helps the skin heal fast, I got some red shoulders camping that had calmed down in two days with this stuff, and I didn’t peel either – and I always peel!Definitely will be a summer essential for me – 5 stars

Debora Reliance, TN

Better off with just aloe vera

I wasn’t happy with some of the inactive ingredients in this product. I expected it to be all natural but a few of the ingredients are questionable and may have safety risks or side effects.Also, it is advertised as “homeopathic” but I’m not sure why. I don’t buy homeopathic products but this seems to mostly be aloe vera and a few other ingredients that are good for burns (calendula). I’m not sure how much of the “active ingredients” are actually in this though.It’s not very expensive, which is good, but you are probably better off just getting regular aloe vera. This didn’t seem to work any better than straight aloe for me and I am uncomfortable with some of the inactive ingredients.

Lynne Hamilton, IN


This sun burn gel is easily absorbed by the skin and feels non-greasy when rubbed in. I didn’t notice a scent so you won’t smell like you have “medicine” on. It has a cool feeling going on and then you don’t notice it once it is absorbed by your skin.

Irene San Angelo, TX

Cool, soothing relief for mild and extreme sunburns

It happens every year. The summer approaches and my family is suddenly being baked by the sun as we swim at the neighborhood pool, do yard work, or play at the park. The SUNBURNT THERAPEUTIC AFTER SUN RELIEF was used daily as we coped from the effects of the sun after not using sunscreen or not using enough. This product goes on smooth and dries quickly, allowing you to get dressed in no time. It provides instant cooling relief and does seem to minimize peeling and burning and itching. Still, the best advice would be to stay out of the sun or put on a lot of sunscreen.

Lynn Galvin, WA


The gel in the container does a decent job of being soothing. Given that it doesn’t really contain active ingredients, it’s really tough to take a guess at how much of any effect that seems to appear is just the normal healing process in action that would have happened anyway. The good news about this is that it’s unlikely to do any harm to give it a shot and see if you’re happy with it.I mostly wish that they were declaring in the product name or the primary product features that it’s intended to be a homeopathic remedy. That’s a pretty major detail in helping people to decide whether to buy or not, and I think it should be much more front and center in the marketing than it is. (It is in the product description and on the label, however.)

Kathrine Delano, PA

Sunburn relief that isn’t sticky!

As a pale skinned Woman who lives in Florida, I have tried just about every “after sun” product out there. I generally prefer the ones with menthol since they have a cooling effect. SunBurnt has Calendula Officinalis Q, Cantharis Vesicatoria 3x and Echinacea Angustifolia Q as it’s active ingredients. It also contains Aloe. I am not familiar with all the active ingredients, but they are supposed to act as an antiseptic and promote rapid wound healing, treat burns & scalds and aid in healing burns & blisters.SunBurnt has a slight stinky scent when you first apply it that fades quickly. After seconds there is no scent left. The best part is that it is not sticky! Most of the after sun products I have used are really sticky afterwards and you have to wait to lay down or put clothes on. I always hate that wait; especially since I get chills with my sunburn. How does it work? It did give me a decent amount of sun relief. While it did not give me the strong cooling effect of products with menthol, it did give me a cooling effect. It made my skin feel better and moisturized. It also seemed to make my sunburn heal faster and it didn’t peel as fast.I will use this product again. I am also wanting to try it on kitchen burns, but I am not willing to burn myself on purpose to try it. : ) This is definitely a great homeopathic alternative to other after sun products and is my new favorite since it isn’t sticky.

Colette Hartland, ME

GREAT for some many uses!

I ordered this for our trip to Florida. It seems there is not one person in my family that doesn’t come out with a sunburn the first day or two. Sure enough I had 2 children that got burned…one on the shoulders (12yr) & one on the back(8yr). I used this lotion on their sunburns before they went to bed and I was shocked at how good their skin looked in the morning. They were virtually pain free (they only complained about “tenderness” as I would have expected) and they were ready to go in the sun with a coverup. They even said it didn’t hurt thru the day after the morning application (topped with sunscreen & a swim shirt) The peeling was minimal and I used the lotion thru the peeling process. Their skin didn’t looked mottled like when burns usually peel. I also used this on our burnt noses and no one could even tell we had burnt noses the next day. What I liked most is that the kids didn’t seem to complain about the pain OR the itching like they normally do. I’m totally sold on this product and do recommend it. It’s even good for bug bites, rashes & I even used it on a “concrete” burn when my kid fell off his bike.

Kristi Alger, MI

Cooling and Soothing, But Not Sticky

We have had an unusual year this year. We started having 90 degree days way back in the spring time when we are usually struggling to break 60! This has been cause for a lot of early sun exposure which has left skin a bit dried out and sun tired.Sunburnt Therapeutic After Sun Relief is an interesting product. It comes in a flip top tube which is sealed with a pull tab seal. The gel itself is a clear gel which has no odor at all.In applying to the skin, a dot of gel about the size of a large green pea will do my entire arm. The gel is very cooling when I first put it on and the cooling sensation lasts for about a half hour, depending on the day.The gel soaks in very quickly, leaving the skin almost dry to the touch, but not dried out, if that makes any sense. The skin has the feeling that it is moisturized, but it is not at all sticky or tacky feeling. It feels like regular skin- like you didn’t just put gel on it.Over a period of a week, I found that my skin didn’t flake or peel at all, and it maintained a nice level of moisturizing without having to reapply constantly. I only had to reapply a few times during the day. It did relieve burned skin and seemed to encourage healing some too. I didn’t notice any significant pain reduction because the burn was not that bad, but I did see a quicker healing time than normal. The key is to apply IMMEDIATELY after noticing a sun burn- that is highlighted in the instructions.I would purchase this to have in the house once I run out. It is nice to have around the house. I would say that this would be good for burns on the skin that are not serious as well- even if they don’t come from the sun, but the label does not say that.

Britney Rice Lake, WI

Best sunburn product I’ve used

It took a while before I could review this product, since I try to avoid sunburn in the first place…but now that I’ve had the opportunity, I have to say that it’s far more effective than I would have believed.The first thing I noticed upon using SunBurnt is that it cooled my skin almost immediately. My sunburn had been giving off some heat, and that seemed to disappear as soon as the product was applied. It felt like I had just been re-hydrated, and even after the immediate cooling wore off my skin continued to feel much better. I also noticed that within a short time after application, my skin was noticeably less red than before. It’s difficult for me to speak to whether this helps with peeling, but I have not peeled in any spots where I applied this product so the results are positive to this point.One other positive I found about the product is its lack of a scent. Having used products like Noxzema on sunburn in the past, I really appreciated the relief SunBurnt offered without having to deal with the strong smell. It’s just an excellent product, one that has earned a permanent spot in our medicine cabinet.

Bridget Gold Beach, OR

It might just be in my head, but it seemed to help

The best way to deal with a sunburn is not to get one in the first place. Great advice, right? If you do get one, though, it’s important to keep the skin hydrated and protected. I forgot my hat one day and got a little red on my forehead, so I used this product to treat it. I wasn’t really having any pain to begin with — more of a minor discomfort — but this cream seemed to address what I did have. It works well to keep the skin moist and to keep the air off of it. Is it any better than a regular moisturizer? I don’t know. But I would try it again.

Mercedes Goodland, FL

A pleasant surprise.

Having spent 3 hours in the garden recently with only SPF 15 lotion on parts of my sensitive, fair skin — I knew I’d be burned. SunBurnt is a new product to me and I don’t normally use sunburn relief products such as Solarcaine; I usually just suffer through it. I applied a light coating of SunBurnt and I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased at the results. The lotion is a clear gel with a faintly medicinal smell similar in appearance and consistency to hand sanitizer. It was cool on contact, relieving the burning sensation of the sunburn immediately and the relief was long-lasting — about 2 hours after a light application. SunBurnt relieves dryness as well and my skin was perfectly normal the next day other than a light pink color. I don’t normally peel unless I’m burned more severely and so I cannot comment whether it prevents peeling but the hydrating and reduction of burning sensation implies a prevention of peeling were I experiencing such a burn. 48 hours later and there is no trace of a burn at all. SunBurnt is made with Aloe, is homeopathic and lidocaine-free. The active ingredients are: Calendula Officinalis Q; Cantharis Vesicatoria 3x; Echinacea Angustifolia Q.My experience may not reflect everyone’s but overall SunBurnt is a product that works well and is priced well. Recommended.

Janelle Belton, TX

It worked for me!

It soothed my sunburn, didn’t dry out my skin. . . what more could you ask for! This definitely will be staying in my beach bag for next year.

Sabrina Standard City, IL

Soothing relief

Goes on smooth and relieves sunburn pain. I try to avoid sunburns but when mistakes happen, it’s nice to have this around.

Clare Kurthwood, LA

Another Florida Favorite

Living in SWFL fulltime, I look for a product that actually does what it says it will do. This product provided soothing coolness after a day at the water park, beach, and pool. I do have Mediterranean heritage skin so I don’t burn easily. I don’t know if this product would be just as effective on a person with a fairer complexion, but I certainly found it to be soothing.

Eunice Bayville, ME

sunburn treatment

used this product on the grand sons after a day on the river. even though they had sun screen on they still got a little red. the youngest complained of the burning on the skin from too much sun on his arms. we got home and put some of this on him. the reason for 4 and not 5 stars is that it worked great on the grandson. but a bigger tube would be alot better for more coverage and more people.

Nadine Buffalo Valley, TN


Feels good going on. Cool and instantly soothing. Liquid is clear with no noticeable odor or fragrance. Once applied, itching and burning is soothed instantly. I don’t see where it terribly outperforms prior burn ointments but it is very cool when applied and is good for soothing painful burns quickly. I noticed it also soothes other irritations like insect bites. I got bitten pretty good by mosquitoes the other evening while on the patio having a cigar and was itching like crazy. Immediately after applying this, the itching stopped. Haven’t had a chance to try it on a bad burn or really bad sunburn yet, but if I see anything worth noting, I will certainly update.

Sofia Lascassas, TN

great product!

This generously-sized tube arrived fortuitously just when my granddaughter had a sunburn on her shoulders. We applied it to her shoulders for quick relief. She was happy and the rest of us were happy. I am glad to have this available for such emergencies this summer as I am proned to getting burned as well and this product contains one of my favorite remedies — Aloe Vera.

Kristine Saint Charles, AR

Love it

This came at the perfect time for me since I already had a painful sunburn on my back. And after using if for a couple of days I would have to say that it’s definitely one of my favorite sunburn remedies. It goes on cool and soothing and provided immediate pain relief, I also like the fact that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and even more important doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals.

Kathie Dearing, KS

Just the thing for minor burns

Here’s what’s great about SunBurnt after sun relief:1.) It’s clear and clean. As an aloe vera based gel, this product goes on smooth and dries in about thirty seconds.2.) No weird medicine smell. You can apply SunBurnt and not worry about smelling like BenGay. Again, after about thirty seconds, the product dries and leaves very little scent.3.) It’s safe for kid as well as adults. SunBurnt is primarily homeopathic, so no worries when you apply this to tender, young skin. If you have more than a minor sunburn, however, this gel will not be adequate. Seek a doctor’s care for deeper burns, cuts or abrasions.I’m happy with this product–it works exactly as advertized.

Jenna Oceanside, NY

Works like regular aloe

I packed this sunburn relief product in anticipation of overdoing beach time in Mexico. Despite daily use of sunscreen SPF 50 someone usually gets sunburnt on the family vacation. It worked well, like regular aloe vera gel, which I brought along too. Not sure which product worked better but I especially liked the ease of using it from a tube.

Frances Pulaski, TN