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SUN MOON STARS by Karl Lagerfeld Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 oz for Women

SUN MOON STARS by Karl Lagerfeld Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 oz for Women

Key features

  • SUN MOON STARS by Karl Lagerfeld Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 oz for Women
  • SUN MOON STARS by Karl Lagerfeld for Women
  • Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 oz
  • Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
  • 100% Authentic Brand Name Merchandise!

Honest reviews


Something must be wrong with me….

I ordered this perfume after reading the reviews on Amazon. I’m not understanding how people find this perfume attractive at all. No one in my household likes it either. It smells worst than dog poo to me and honestly…no one could even PAY me to wear this. Worst part- not returnable to Amazon.

Pauline Mount Bethel, PA

the sun,the moon,and the stars

i first received this perfume about 8 years ago as a present and found it to be a semi sweet,feminine but still light and refreshing scent.The purchase here on Amazon was no disappointment.Packaging was perfect,shipping fast and the cost very reasonable.

Antoinette Burkett, TX


Whoever said you can’t tell a book by its cover hadn’t seen the container Lagerfeld designed for this fragrance – its as lovely as the scent it holds.Adding to his popular fragrance, Chloe" and his standby men’s scent, "Lagerfeld," Karl Lagerfeld introduced Sun Moon Stars in, I believe, 1994.While, to my knowledge it has not enjoyed the customer base that Chloe does, it is, nonetheless, an outstanding scent. It’s an attractive blend of oriental and floral notes.True to his designer roots Lagerfeld presents it in a stunning bottle – a midnight blue frosted glass orb rimmed by motifs of the sun, moon, and stars.

Liza Purdum, NE

Crossed off my list!

I *finally* laid my hands on a sample vial of SMS after resisting a blind buy for the last few months. Boy am I glad I resisted. This floral is definitely not for me.On me, the opening is very synthetic. At first, the aldehydes reek havoc, then the jasmine gets cloying. A fruit-floral-woods progression is absent. I faintly smell a powdery wonderfulness and occasionally get visions of dancing daffodils, but it’s not enough for me to give SMS another chance, even if it smells great on paper.I just don’t have the chemistry required for Sophia Grojsman’s blends (the perfume’s designer). If you’re like that too, you might just save yourself some trouble and cross SMS off your test list.

Marianne Severy, KS

💜Pleased Customer💜

This is the original perfume and not a knockoff. It came packed just like in the department store and smelled perfect! The bonus….. Paying half the price, free shipping, and no sales tax!

Carlene Rock Cave, WV


I used to wear this perfume in my early 20’s & it was my absolutely FAV back then! The stores here stopped selling it & when I found it here on Amazon I was SOOOO THRILLED! It was delivered very quickly, packaged safely & I can not beat the price ANYWHERE! =)I have ordered 4 bottles of perfume in the last 4 months & will continue to order more. GREAT for gifts as well! =)

Lenore Gore, VA

Old Time Favorite

I used to have an imposter of this perfume back in the early 90’s and I loved it. Then it suddenly dissapeared. I love it because it is a strong scent that last all day. Every time I like a perfume, it seems likeit gets disscontinued. One of my favorites of the 80’s & 90’s was Scoundrel by Coty or Revlon and I think Joan Collins used to advertise it? Please let me know if you can get this fragrance?

Jerri Albers, IL

Mom’s favorite

They haven’t made this in a while, so I was worried about purchasing it. It arrived well packaged. I gave it to my mom as a gift and she says it is just like it used to be and is still her favorite. So, YAY!

Bobbie Greenville, NY

Elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful

I wore this perfume about 10 years ago, and had actually forgotten all about until I saw it listed on Amazon. The scent is very light, but has great staying power. Most things fade on me, but this one remains throughout the day. It’s described as a floral scent, but on me I can hint more of the sandalwood and amber. I don’t particularly like floral scents, but this one is so unique and subtle. I was so excited that I could get the full-size 3.3 oz bottle for around $20 with Prime shipping! And the bottle is beautiful; unlike anything else out right now.

Leah Stittville, NY

Great Price

I love Sun Moon Star perfume. I’ve worn nothing but this perfume since I was like 18! I was so happy to find it on Amazon since I can no longer find any reasonable prices locally. Why pay $60 at the Mall?I would describe the scent but I just don’t think it’s possible. Everyone loves this perfume. I’ve had to write down the name for other people more times than I can count.

Adelaide Stanton, AL


i bought this as a gift my mom use to use it back in mexico and we have been trying to locate here in washington since i saw it here i bought it and she has been so happy

Julia West Liberty, OH

uncomplicated inexpensive (NOT cheap)

Soft, not overpowering or suggestive, not overwhelmingly alcohol-based.I like this for – don’t laugh – doctor visits! Up close and personal, I don’t want the docs offended by any chance odor – it actually seems to be OK to both the lady and men doc’s I see. (Moi have an odor? Perish the thought, right?) It is light enough to apply a full spray to both my nape underneath hair and to panty area (stop laughing!) without knocking anyone out – no allergic response or complaint from anyone yet.

Della Ford, VA