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Sun In Hair Lightner Lemon 4.7 oz. Pump

Brings out your natural highlights! Conditions while it lightens! The advanced conditioning system in Sun-In, with botanical extracts such as aloe, marigold, chamomile and flaxseed, pampers your hair while it lightens. Special illuminations give hair an extra healthy dose of shine for a bright and sexy look. Sun-In is alcohol free. Sun-In is recommended for blonde to medium brown hair. Reddish results may occur in dark brown hair. Highlights will be permanent. Contains no metallic dyes. Results may vary.

Key features

  • Sun in hair with botanical extracts such as Aloe, Marigold, Chamomile and Flaxseed, pampers your hair while it lightens.
  • Sun-in conditioners are light and won’t weigh hair down, leaving it smoother, full of body, and more manageable.
  • Sun-In is alcohol-free. Other spray-in products use alcohol which can dry your hair and may lead to split ends.
  • Sun-In conditioners are light and less greasy, leaving your hair smoother, full of body, easier to comb and with a healthy-looking shine.

Honest reviews


Advid user of Sun In

I am naturally dirty blonde with long hair. I use to get highlights every couple of months and it got so ridiculously expensive, I stopped 6 years ago and haven’t had my hair professional highlighted since. My sisters and I put lemon juice in our hair during the summer and I am very happy that I found a product that provides the same highlights, if not better, year around. Winter time is always tough because my hair gets darker and I’m tempted to go to the salon, but with this product, I will never be tempted again!I think the trick to this product is to start slow, very slow. I purchased a bottle of the tropical and started with spraying a little on my fingers and adding it to a few strands around my face because I was afraid that it would damage my hair or turn it a funky color. I would do this every other time before I would blow dry my hair, and I really liked the results. No damage and no strange, unnatural color – I also should mention I use this when my hair is towel dried before blow drying. I then got a little braver and started to directily spray it on small sections on the top of my hair, framing my face and then running my fingers through that section to distrubute it. I didn’t saturate with the philosophy that less is more. The top half of my hair is now really, really blonde and I am asked all the time if I get my hair high lighted. When I reply with Sun In, people usually do not believe me.I really did not use very much each time, and one bottle lasted my a year and a half. I was shocked it lasted me that long. It is a very good investment for the price. Now my next step is the under layer of my hair. It has gotten significantly darker now that it is January and there is a definate difference in color from the top layer of my hair. I’ve started to spray about 3-5 times around my bottom layer, towards the roots, and I am fairly confident that I will get the desired results.Through my experience, the key to this product is patience, patience, patience – less is more! I have always heard negative things about Sun In my whole life, but all of those myths are busted. I ordered one in lemon and one in tropical and that should last me a few years. I’m very glad I took that chance and started to use this product and I really hope they never stop selling it!

Cara Penland, NC

Really works!

I got this hair lightener on kind of a whim at Walgreens and I didn’t use it for a few months until one night I sprayed it on the ends of my showered hair and blew it dry. Didn’t notice MUCH of a difference, as my hair is already lightened at the ends. But the next night I used it as well, and I could definitely tell. I have dark, almost black, brown hair and my ends are light/med brown. I wanted to lighten them up but didn’t want to put them through bleach again (which just made my hair orange anyhow) and Sun In has been great for that. It doesn’t make my hair orange or unnatural looking in any way – just a lighter honey brown. It also makes my hair shiny and smell great; I don’t think it smells very lemony but still a nice scent. Would definitely recommend.

Jeanine Lawley, AL

great product

I spray this on my girls hair when they are swimming and they get a nice hint of highlights. Just enough that they look natural. NOT ORANGE HAIR just faint golden sunkissed streaks.

Mai Woodacre, CA

Good lightener

I bought this to help bring out my natural highlights a little more. I tried it for a few days and was able to see a difference, but it also turned my hair a little orange. I would better recommend either just going to a professional hair salon and splurge the cash, or try the John Freida Sheer light Blonde go Blonder.

Lucille Armstrong, TX

Great for maintaining light blonde hair

I’m a natural blonde and I use this all the time to keep my hair from going any darker than I want it. I actually like the smell I have the tropical one, it’s very summery. I use it in the summer just going out in the sun or in the winter with my blow dryer. I’m not very careful with this product since I’m already a blonde I don’t have to worry about my hair turning brassy or looking uneven. But if your hair does go brassy just pick up a purple shampoo at sallys for under twenty bucks and use it every couple days in the shower and it will make a big difference. It can dry your hair out so I recommend not using this every day. Just be patient with it, it definitely works.

Chandra Moseley, VA

Works wonders

I wanted to do the ombre look on my hair, so I dyed my hair brown, waited a couple days, and then added in the Sun-In and it looks like I got it professionally dyed. LOVE IT!

Stephanie Midway, PA


I love this sun-in. It is a cheap alternative for teens to gradually lighten their hair without breaking the bank.

Lacey Birdsnest, VA

Looked fairly natural

It definitely lightened my hair a lot and I’ll probably get it again next summer but I felt like my hair really got lightened on the top while the bottom stayed dark which left it looking a little strange.

Cora Pledger, TX


I love this product. I have dark brown hair so it turned my hair orange but that it was i wanted. The peroxide also straightened my hair a bit which was a cool bonus.

Dee Gordon, WV

Great! Wish it lightened even more

I have naturally dark blonde/light brown hair, which has bleach blonde and gold highlights throughout. I get my hair professionally highlighted about twice a year, so I like to use this stuff to blend my roots and refresh and brighten my color. It takes a couple of applications to get as light as I can go with this, and it still doesn’t lighten my hair as much as I would like. However, it is cheap, convenient, and subtle, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair color. Smell is tolerable. Repeat buyer.

Nanette Rhododendron, OR

love it!

It highlighted my hair ever so slightly to make it look natural. I would recommend this product, I used it as a kid and love it.

Jasmine New Milford, NY

Works faster than I thought it would…

I have medium to light brown hair and after using this just for a week I could see my hair was significantly lighter. I’ve been asked if I highlight my hair.

Kim Greenville, IA

Really good!

I stupidly dyed my natural blonde hair a light shade of reddish brown, and this was one of the products I used to lighten it. It works great and is natural and doesn’t make my sensitive skin react.I’ve previously used SunIn to give my blonde hair a bit of an "oomph" over the winter.It’s a great product!

Freda Willis, TX

Works great

Works great for blondes to get that extra blonde look in the summer. My sister and I have used it for years. Love it!

Jewell Westover, MD

everyone is commenting on my hair!

so far so good. its been a month and my hair is noticeably lighter. i started with a standard brown and worked up to a light brown. so its working!!!

Jenny Fredericksburg, OH

made my hair go almost blond

I have what my stylist calls "ash Brown" and it naturally kind of turns a little red in the sun anyway and I really turned red headed when I added this stuff in during my trip to Puerto Rico! I even had some blond high lights. It was fun for a little while but constantly conditioning it got annoying (your hair dries out a little bit) so I stopped using it, dyed my hair darker and got a deep conditioning. It as fun for that year but I would not recommend constant use. Just like during a vacation or something and then let it fade out as you do not want to dry out your hair too much

Shari Augusta, KS