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Summers Laboratories DermaNail Nail Conditioner 1 fl oz.

DermaNail was developed by a leading dermatology research team to help patients with cosmetic nail problems. It helps prevent brittleness and control nail splitting, resulting in longer, stronger and healthier-looking nails.

Key features

  • Nail Repair
  • Brittle Nails
  • Healthy Nail Repair

Honest reviews


Very drying, causes splits around fingernails

I tried this product, and while it helped my nails to some extent, there was not much difference. It also caused cracks, very painful and deep, around my fingernails as it is so drying. I had one crack that was so painful I had to bandage up my finger for 3 days. I realized that it was the adipic acid in the product that was making the cracks. The product is too drying, even if you apply moisturizer immediately afterwards, as they recommend. I followed the instructions exactly and still had this problem so I gave up on the product. I have since switched to ProStrong fluoride nail treatment and it is much better. It is a brush-on formula that absorbs into the nail EVEN THROUGH POLISH and has completely transformed my nails. I would recommend ProStrong, available through QVC or the ProStrong website, any day over the Dermanail product.

Tia Matheson, CO

Finally, some honest answers to nail problems

All my life I’ve had a terrible time growing out my nails, only to have them split off and leave me with jagged and uneven nails and miserable hang nails. I tried the acrylics, which caused itching and reactions and more cuticle peeling, plus I tried "gels", weekly regular manicures (both wet and dry) and everything else in between. It was agony getting rid of the artificial nails. I started this product 3 weeks ago at my dermatologists suggestion, along with the special cream that comes with the DermaNail solution, and I am also using the Trind Balsam. The trio of products is already helping. If I forget the application, woe is me when I am away from home. I strongly recommend the DermaNail to anyone looking to leave the land of dry fingernails and cuticles. I don’t think I will even return to nail polish. This is a god send and a terrific product. The prices are about the same from Amazon, maybe a little more from the dermatologist, but every dollar spent on this nail repair is worth it to have pride once again in my personal appearance. Go for it, gals, it will be worth the month it takes to see significant results. Also, give the Trind Balsam a try. It does help the entire process, and makes my nails shine after the application with just gentle buffing.

Valarie Fulks Run, VA

my 4th bottle!!!

Okay, you need to try this stuff! It takes at least 8-12 weeks, because you applit it to the base of your nail by your cuticle. Then, your nail needs to grow out fully. You WILL see a difference! My whole life, I was a nail biter. Short, stumpy nails that peeled. I wore acrylics, wraps, UV gel, and those the UV color polishes – but they left my nails a mess. I used this upon the advise of my dermatologist. After 3 months, YES – my nails grew! I apply this product to the base by the cuticle, and on the edges when I wear nailpolish and it keeps my polish on for a full week. Ladies, do yourselves a favor – I never would have thought this stuff would work but I am ordering my fourth bottle today. Love it!!!

Marcella Putnamville, IN

The Best and Only Nail Repair

I have used Summers Lab DermaNail Conditioner for years. It was the only product that repared my brittle nails time and time again. It was recommended by my dermatologist and it works! I usually see the results after about a month of using it, and once the nails are repaired they remain strong and beautiful for a very long time. Unfortunately, my tendency to have my nails "crash" occasionaly is still there, but nowhere near as frequently as before I started using this conditioner. And now I don’t despair over the state of my nails, I just order another bottle of this product and know that in relatively short time (from 1 to 3 months) my nails will be strong again. By the way, one bottle lasts a very long time.I have nothing but praise for this product, and hope it will always be available for my nail emergencies.

Imelda Lisbon Falls, ME

No improvement visible

In all honesty, I didn’t use this every single day religiously, but fairly close. I really did not notice any major difference one way or the other. After reading other reviews, I was hopeful but as usual, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Neva Raynham Center, MA

Dermatologist Recommended

After three glorious months of gel manicures and then six months of pathetic, peeling, splitting, broken nails, I asked my dermatologist for advice. Other than to stay away from gel manicures, she recommended this product. I was initially taken back by the price, but my nails were embarrassing. I haven’t been using this product for very long, less than three weeks, but my nails have stopped peeling and feel stronger. This is a very encouraging sign.This is a clear liquid that goes on with a small rod inside the cap. You place a few drops at the base of the nail and then allow the fluid to flow over the rest of the nail and let it dry without touching or massaging it into the nail. You then apply a good moisturizer on top.You are supposed to do this twice a day, but sometimes I forget.After the application of DermaNail, my nails look somewhat dull but look better after I apply the moisturizer.The manufacturer recommends Cutemol Emollient Cream (which it makes) to be used in conjunction with DermaNail. Cutemol is a very thick, lanolin based cream that is best used at bedtime.Hopefully, I will continue to get good results. It’s going to take at least another two months before I know for sure.UPDATE 6/18/2013:It has been almost six weeks since I started using DermaNail and I am very surprised how well it is working! The peeling and the splitting were the first to stop but now most of the chipping and breaking has been eliminated or greatly reduced. Very little of my original damaged nail is left, perhaps 1/4 of an inch and I can see the stronger, healthier nail growing in. I have been using the product twice a day, followed by either Cutemol or Argan oil massaged into the nail and cuticles.

Misty Coulee City, WA