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SUMI HAIGOU Settuken Charcoal Bar Soap, 3 Bars, 135g

Absorbs dirt clogged in the pores and exfoliate, leaving your skin smooth. Large size, so both bathing and cleansing your with your family. Fresh cypress scent.

Key features

  • A terrific choice for the whole family to use in the bath or shower, face or body
  • Charcoal is known to extract skin impurities effectively
  • Helps treat oily, exfoliating and moisturizing the body
  • Has a clean fresh scent of cypress
  • Japanese package, but comes with English ingredients and usage instructions

Honest reviews


Not for sensitive skin.

I suppose I failed to notice a place where it said there mini exfoliating scrubbies in the soap. Acne-prone skin SHOULD NOT be scrubbed. My order was late with this seller but they completely compensated by sending me a ton of free stuff (so I don’t blame the seller, they are great). After scraping up my skin, it began to sting and burn (I only had it on for about 15 seconds). When I got out of the shower, my skin was raw, red, and dry in odd places (like that area between my eyebrows…weird). I use adapalene and clyndamycin phosphate lotion and needed a nice, mild, herbal soap to gently cleanse my face before applying the stuff – well, this is NOT it.

Marcella Essex, MT

Love this soap

This soap is fantastic. It feels clean, no residue, no scent really. people ask how my nails are so white, and I noticed that its after using this soap. Cost and delivery good, will keep using. Good quality product from Japan.

Nelly Packwood, IA

BEST soap on the market!

I really like this soap and how it feels after I use it. I miss the grains of sand in my charcol soap, but it seems everyone is stopping that practice. This is a great soap to help with sensitive skin. Is AWESOME on my eczema. And oddly, I get complimented on the soap smell REGULARLY! 3rd purchase to date and will buy these over and over!

Rhea Birmingham, AL

Great soap!

I love this soap, I use it in the morning alone to wash my face and then put Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer on. At night in the shower I use it to wash my face before using the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub, followed by the same CC moisturizer when I get out. My face has never been so clear! It’s a decent size and you get 3, I just use it for my face so I’m still on the first bar and have used it for few months now.

Vickie Milford, ME

Excellent for acne-prone skin

I’m a 24-year-old male with oily, acne-prone skin. My skin is highly reactive to my skincare regimen – if something isn’t right, it’ll show up immediately. The flip-side of that is that it also tends to be more obvious when something *does* work.This soap is excellent. It’s cheap (even cheaper at Mitsuwa market, if you have one nearby), of high quality, and does exactly what it should. I’ve been using this as my sole cleanser after seeing (and feeling) the immediate results from it. My skin is oily, and this leaves it feeling incredibly clean without feeling dry. The scent is good (a hint of charcoal, of course) and it lathers up very easily. With this being an integral part of my new skincare regimen, I’ve had my best luck ever with preventing acne and defeating it if anything ever does show up. I don’t see myself using another cleanser ever again when this one is so economical, gentle, and effective.By the way, my girlfriend also was getting a little bit of acne for a week until I gave her one of these bars. She has since cleared up completely.

Josephine Elm City, NC

Good gentle facial soap

Definitely helped out with my rash and pimple situation. I’m in a very damp place where I’m constant in sweat and all sorts of moisture. Keeps the rash and clogged pores at bay!

Sonia Laura, OH

great stuff

this soap has kept my skin so clear, I stopped using it for awhile and broke out everywhere but I got some more so no more problems! Wonderful soap would recommend to everyone 😀

Penny Carlton, WA

So far so good.

I like the smell of this soap and I feel clean after using it… no residue and a pleasant smell. I haven’t noticed much of a benefit so far, but I have only been using it for a couple weeks. I use this for my face/body. It is gentle and I have sensitive skin.

Willie Roosevelt, NY


I’ve tried several brands of charcoal soap. I live in an arid area and have sensitive and dry skin.Pros:Cleans well.Good for sensitive skin.Doesn’t dry out my skin.Price is very good for getting 3 good size bars.Foams well, don’t have to use too much like other charcoal soaps.Cons:Only one- and that’s the smell. It literally smells like crayons! I’m assuming it’s from the bamboo? Don’t know. Skin doesn’t smell like the soap after use which is good. I still gave this 5 stars as the smell doesn’t affect performance. Smell is strong when you first open the package but dwindles after use.*** Wanted to add: This stuff lasts ALOT longer per bar than other charcoal soaps i’ve tried.

Doretha Stewarts Point, CA

Works great for oily skin

I used to use the Nippon Kodo Pelican Deitanseki Soap, but decided to try this one because its item price was cheaper since it came with 3 bars. The Deitanseki soap worked very well for me before, and this one works great too. Though the Deitanseki soap smells better, this charcoal soap doesn’t leave a strong scent on you afterwards, so I don’t mind it. I used to break out once in a while on my back, but after using a whole bar of this, I haven’t seen any breakouts or problems with my skin. I don’t use it on my face because it’s a bit too dry and didn’t seem to provide any benefits. I will be purchasing these charcoal bars instead of the Deitanseki ones from now on.

Edwina Bethlehem, GA