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Sulphur Soap – Premium 10% Sulfur Advanced Wash

This premium 10% sulfur bar soap was designed by dermatologists, and is the leading sulphur soap worldwide. The product is freshly cured and ships directly to consumers from the manufacturer without the added expense of middlemen. Customer receives the best quality and freshest soap available. This is an advanced cleansing bar utilizing special processes during the making of the soap to ensure the efficacy of the active ingredient – each bar with pure 10% sulfur. Always follow your doctor’s directions prior to use. Important! To activate this advanced soap, soak the bar in warm water for 20 seconds. Apply directly with your hands while building up a lather. Unless directed by your physician, do not use a sponge or plastic device to initially apply. Do not use a sponge or plastic applicator to activate. Make sure to use your hands to apply the creamy lather upon your skin. Soap is packed fresh & pressure-sealed using wet pack process at the factory in central Texas for optimum activation.

Key features

  • Finest premium sulfur soap in the world. Also available in a separate listing with free Amazon Prime shipping offer – search ” 0028672410484 “.
  • Premium – 10% sulphur wash, with Australian tea tree oil. Plant based ingredients. Vegan care. Large bar, 3.5 ounces.
  • Special formation process, creates emulsion with active ingredients.
  • When activated following directions, lathers smooth and creamy.
  • Free shipping also available in separate listings for Amazon Prime customers in a 2 pack, 6 pack & 25 bar pack (free Amazon Prime 2nd Day shipping for Prime members). Search “B00DSOI73W “B00DSOKFXW” and ” B00DQBHTIQ “.

Honest reviews


Nice size bar, does not smell bad and this stuff works.

Great soap, I think it has a nice smell, given it contains sulfur. I got it for a skin condition, and so far it helps, I really like the way it lathers, and I soak it as per instructions, 20 seconds in warm water, I don’t think my condition was scabies, have yet to get a Dr. opinion. If this clears up my condition, well worth the buy.Update: I have been using this twice daily as directed, for one week now, and my skin condition is almost entirely clear. Now believe this was a scabies infestation, and this soap is clearing it, may skip the dermatologist appointment coming up. Highly, recommend. I can’ say enough about his soap, it did save me a $200 trip to a dermatologist, because the rash has disappeared , I will definitely be buying more.

Katie Browerville, MN

Good soap for acne!

I have hormonal acne and this seems to help a lot with it. I’ve read how sulphur helps combat against acne and I will certainly be using sulphur soap from here on out.

Jenna Tilden, TX

So far so good

I bought the soap because I have eczema and get breakouts mostly on my face. I have used the sulfur butter which worked great at clearing the eczema but it left my skin super dry. I’ve been using cetaphil soap and cetaphil cream for almost 2 decades now so I figured why not give this soap a try. I was amazed at how gentle it is. It does not sting or cause any discomfort when I use it. It also does not leave my skin dry. Usually if I don’t moisturize right away my cheeks feel like they will crack, but when I use this I don’t have that problem. One great benefit that I noticed too is it keeps the oil in my T-zone at bay. The soaps makes a silky smooth lather and has a pleasant smell. I will def order it again.

Tabitha Jewell, GA

Works Well – Recommended

This Sulphur Soap – Premium 10% Sulfur Advanced Wash is making a difference on my son’s complexion after a few weeks of regular use. We heard about this soap from a friend of ours and decided to give it a try. It does a good job at cleansing and there isn’t any noticeable sulfur smell left on the skin after rinsing.Recommended!CFH

Araceli Worthington Springs, FL

Soap with a purpose

This is a very mild soap that contains sulphur and is so good for the skin Cleansing deodorizing and disinfecting without any harshness to sensitive skin

Colette Fort Klamath, OR

Good quality soap. Smells like sulfur

I am giving this four stars because it seems like good quality soap. It lathers well and seems gentle and pure. It does, however, smell terribly sulfurous. Yes, I know you are thinking “well what do you expect, it is sulfur soap”. Still there is no extra fragrance or anything to hide the smell. On second thought, this is probably for the best since hiding it is probably not a viable option.I got this for acne, not scabies. In the end, I would rather use other products that don’t smell so bad to cure my ailment. I don’t want to live my life smelling like this unless it is absolutely necessary 😉 I would say that scabies falls into the absolutely necessary category.I would definitely buy other soap products from this company

Josefina Pinsonfork, KY

Great Sulphur Soap

This soap lathers pretty quickly. Unlike any other sulfur soap that takes a while before you get that foam. The scent is mild and not too strong which I like. I’d probably order more to have it in stock in case I needed it.

Gabriela Lawrence, MS

great product

I love this soap.. it really cleans your skin for your skin is the largest organ. so when you have any skin irritations it helps to relieve or remove it. for it helped with my sons acne . the smell is not that bad but it really works, i tried it for my legs since shaving can irritate my legs and make it dry and cracked . I was amazed that it helped resolve that issue for me so now my legs look amazing.

Misty Pirtleville, AZ