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To Greasy

This product has 10% sulfur (great), but is in a greasy Vaseline type base. Not what you want to be putting on our face if your fighting acne and oily face. It may work somewhat, but I can’t handle the greasy feeling on my skin. I’m trying to take the oily shine off my face, not add to it. I’ve found Bye Bye Blemish 10x more effective.

Therese Greenfield, MA

The sulfur worked great on my acne

This product did wonder for my acne.I started getting acne again about 5 years ago and as an adult, this is really embarassing and I hatted it.I tried so many products and many just dried out but didn’t really help.I first started using this product as a mask 2 times a week, just as suggested by the label.But since my skin is quite used to acid and retinols, I started experimenting using it every other night over my forehead, where I have most of my stuborn breakouts. I put on a very think layer and leave it in. The next morning my skin feels great. I have seen fewer white and black heads and definitely less pimples.Beside this product, I also use the Peter Thomas Roth acne gel.You do have to be careful of NOT over drying your skin, thus the proper moisterizing of your skin is super important.For that, I use the Vitaville argan oil, which has amazing anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. A few drops on my hands, rub, and dab on the entire face. AFTER that I use this sulfur ointment and my skin does NOT get dried out.Once a week I also use a fruit peel, which helps to get rid of dead skin, which is important so that all the products really can penetrate into the skin and not just sit on the surface.Yes, this product smell, but hey, it has 10% sulfur in it, that’s why it’s effective for black heads and pimples. For that reason I only this this product at night time. Yes, the smell does linger a bit for more than 1 day. But what the heck, rather glowing skin and a bit smell then full face of pimples, which I used to have and it drove me crazy!

Glenna Elkland, MO

Great for breakouts.

I use this ointment when I have occasionally breakouts. It dries up the pimples quickly and leaves no scar. Great stuff!

Justine Philadelphia, NY

Doesn’t work for me

I have combination skin and ordered this product after reading some good reviews but it doesn’t work for me.I left it on over night for a week but it never absorbs in or gets dry… Stays sticky till I wake up in the morning…Would not recommend .

Casey Arjay, KY

Fast shipping, well packaged, and the product works

Product works as expected. It was a smooth transaction, the product was well packaged. The only thing I don’t like too much is that for an acne medication it is greasy which you would think would be something you don’t want on oily skin. I wonder if the company could look for another medium to deliver medication that works just as effective.

Emma Fulda, IN

The only acne medication that worked for me in 10years

I am only 25 and have suffered with acne since i was probably 14. I have tried it all (and i mean really ALL!) my dermatologist recommended accutane as a last resort, i refused to take pills for acne. I researched in amazon and tried nature’s cure, some other creams with benzoil peroxide or salycic acid, none ever worked for me. I was really desperate when i ordered this one and didn’t think it would work either but BOY!!!!! IT DOES!!!! my face looks clearer, my acne has drastically reduced, and even my dark spots are lightening up. The only thing i would suggest is to try not to use it every day AFTER you start seeing results because it peels your skin off every time and it burns! I felt like i was having "mini-peels" each time i used it 3 days in a row. But this thing really works! for real! I am happy!

Frances Land O Lakes, WI