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Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser – 4oz

The Natural Sugar Provides Granular & Aha Cell Renewal Without Tearing The Skin, Melts Into Skin & Helps Lift Toxins & Dead Cells, Jump Starts Collagen Production, For Safe & Effective Deep Cleansing & Purification. SSS Colloidal Oat: Our SSS Technology – The Advanced Delivery Method Of This Powerful Healer, SSS Colloidal Oat In Our Uniquely, “Safe For Sensitivities” Format – No Caustic, “VSA” (Volatile Synthetic Activ) Side Effects – Peeling, Irritation Or Inflammation, Profoundly Calms & Soothes Skin Issues. Great For Babies, Bumps, Rashes & Chronic Problem Conditions. No Synthetic Allergens, Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrances / Dyes Or Sulfates. Appropriate For Even The Most Sensitive Skin Types; Tested Safe For Pregnant Women, Nursing Moms & Babies.

Key features

  • Safe For Sensitive Skin, We Promise To Use Only 100% Pure Ingredients
  • Purifies Pores, Reducing Toxic Build-Up, Dirt, Whiteheads & Blackheads, Reduces Dry Skin Build-Up & Blemishing Of All Kind
  • Promotes Radiant, Smooth, Even Skin Tone
  • Smooths & Softens Complexion and Jump Starts Collagen Production
  • Made in USA, Cruelty-free

Honest reviews



A small organic store close to me just recently opened up and i stopped in since ive been wanting to start an organic skin regimen. the first product i tried was called “Talulah”. It was ok, i wasn’t amazed by it. I then tried Suki and OMG leme tell you how amazing this stuff is! It smells soooooo good i want to just eat it! It leaves your skin so soft and so smooth and there is no dryness or tightness from it!My face has become more and more acne prone (i’m a 25 year old female who never had acne probs throughout my teen years) suddenly when I hit 24 acne started popping up like crazy and nothing was helping me! In fact a lot of the other main stream stuff out there (Clean and Clear, and Noxema, etc.) seemed to irritate my skin even more.I use Suki Lemongrass cleanser, and then the Concentrated Balancing Toner (previously called the White Willow Toner) and then I finish it off with the Balancing Day Lotion (previously called the Velvet Facial Cream) and WOW what a difference! Within the first 24 hours of using this series of face care I noticed a difference! Any blemishes I had had were greatly diminished and other redness in my face seemed REALLY faded and muted. WIth each passing day that I use it I can see and feel a difference in my face.The toner apparently has ingredients in it that reduce inflammation and can even help with bug bites! This is also true for the facial cream. I am SO happy to finally have something in my possession that calms my face and is helping to clear it up and helps control the oiliness! IT IS on the pricey side, but I don’t even mind! Can you REALLY put a price on how well you take care of your face and your skin????? I don’t mind spending close to $90 for all three of these products because a.) A little goes a long way and b.) I want to keep my skin beautiful for as long as possible, especially the skin on my face!(And of course, within the first week or two of using all natural stuff you DO end up possibly breaking out a little more then usual because your face isn’t use to such a natural regimen… but once that initial break out goes away I can not even express how AWESOME My face is now!!!! you’d just have to see it to believe it!)

Gertrude Wellford, SC

Sensitive skin takes a couple weeks & then WAHLA! Miracles!

I have very sensitive skin with rosacea on my cheeks, at first use, it was painful to use this cleanser. I soon found out it was user error – you have to use the tiniest amount and lather it with warm water BEFORE putting it on your face, start with your forehead and chin and then move to cheeks. My skin was irritated for the first 3 days and now I’ve been a loyal user for over a year!!! I LOVE SUKI!!

Rosario Linden, VA

totally addicted!

i’ve been using this stuff (and several other suki products) ever since my local co-op grocery started selling it a few years ago. the only thing to remember is after you get your finger-ful in your palm, you have to rub your hands together to make the cleanser lather. in the shower, i like to work it in and not rinse for a while to help my oiliness. also since it’s packaged in glass, don’t drop it!!!suki is indeed expensive stuff, but i’m very satisfied. i’d highly recommend using the whole line (cleanser, toner, serum). they don’t seem to make sense without each other!i love the fact that the ingredients are so clean that you could eat it! which really makes sense, because your face includes your mouth! ~ 😉

Candace Rhoadesville, VA

My favorite product from this line

I love the smell and the exfoliation it provides. You can mix it with a little water in your hand if you just want to use it as a cleanser, but I think if is fine to use every day as an exfoliating. It makes my skin feel clean and overall is a great product with good ingredients.

Tammy Dufur, OR

Nom nom

I get the monthly beauty sample box from Birchbox, and this was included for April. I love sampling new products, but very rarely do I find something better than my old standby products–however, I did spring for this scrub/cleanser.I’ve been using it every morning for about two weeks. It’s very creamy/foamy and I like how the sugar crystals eventually dissolve. It leaves my face feeling very clean–I was actually a little worried that it would dry out my skin, but it hasn’t. I was also aware that the lemongrass could be irritating, but it hasn’t been a problem for me. Granted, my skin isn’t sensitive OR dry–I would perhaps hesitate before recommending this product to people with very dry and/or sensitive skin.It also smells WONDERFUL–and while I wouldn’t eat it on purpose, I can report that a little got in my mouth one morning, and it was nice and sweet. 🙂

Shana Lissie, TX

Gentle but effective

This is a very gentle exfoliate but effective. I have been using it for several years. It also has a wonderful scent and cleans very well.

Ashlee Hartford, WI

I got severe allergic reaction

I think it is a good product, if you are not allergic to it. After using it the third days, I got hives all over my body. It took me two weeks to get better from hives, and I am still taking Benadryl to make sure that all the hives are gone. I just threw the cleanser into the trash when I got hives.

Kaye Macon, GA

Smooth Skin

Use the size of a dime or less, add a little water, gently apply and wash off – that easy – noticeable improvement immediately – and over time, skin feels and looks more firm and smooth. Love the glass jar for product – no plastic – YEA!

Lucia Grand Island, NE

Skins feels so soft and clean

Love this product! I have sensitive skin so it’s not harsh leaves my skins smooth and clean. I love that i added this my my daily skin care regimen.

Lidia Newington, GA


I consider myself a beauty junkie and could open my own beauty store, this exfoliator is by far the best I have used. I was using Ole Henderikson Walnut Scrub but this scrub is my new go to product. The body scrub is wonderful as well. As all the other reviewers wrote the smell is heavenly and the product lasts a while. I am on my thrid jar and can’t see even trying anything new. I just ordered the toner and day cream. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Tia Christiana, PA

Love Suki products

I’m not sure that this product was the real deal or perhaps it was old. Different texture and cleaning that when I’ve used this same product in the past. On the positive side, I like the smell and it worked OK just not like what I remembered.

Carole Sidney, NE

great product

I had real issues with my skin. I bought this product in conjunction with another and it really helped to clear my skin. It lasts about a month so it’s a little pricey but I have been using for about five months now and love it.

Rosalie Falls City, TX

good for sensitive skin

This cleanser does foam and you only need a small amount . However, there is not a lot of scrubbing power behind it. The little "scrubbers" just melt into the foam. I think it is probably an effective cleanser, however if you want scrubbing power, get Burt’s Bees pomegranate scrub! The Suki’s scrub smells very nice and is not really drying.

June Briggsdale, CO

Wonderful Product!!!

I love using this facewash! It makes my face feel so clean and refreshed. The lemon smell is so refreshing in the morning and the way it foams up and the sugar dissolves is so awesome!! AMAZING Proguct!!

Alfreda Joaquin, TX

Best skincare line- period.. natural is just a bonus!!!

This skincare line is AMAZING. A little pricey, but well worth whatever you have to do to get that money! LOL. Seriously, I love natural products, and that’s why I tried this, but the results trump ANYTHING I’ve ever tried and I’m officially hooked for life. Thank you a million times over, Suki!!BTW, I normally have quite sensitive skin.. this doesn’t bother me at all and I use it daily… I guess it all depends on the person.

Lila Leonia, NJ

Best cleanser I have used

I have suffered acne breakouts ever since middle school. After using this for a year, my skin has almost cleared up entirely. I wish it were less expensive though, as I cannot afford to buy it every other month. (broke college student)

Sophie Monroe Center, IL

Three Stars

not so good

Ofelia Grey Eagle, MN