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Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum 0.23 Ounces

Lines, wrinkles & circles disappear in 3 minutes. For delicate eye area, use daytime or evening to look your best. Look younger in just 3 minutes. Doctor tested. This remarkable Serum works unlike anything you have ever used before to make the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, lines and puffiness disappear, instantly. Within minutes this Serum firms and tightens your under-eye area to smooth out lines, wrinkles & puffiness while minimizing dark circles. This unique, temporary, quick-action formula lasts for the day and can be refreshed and touched up anytime. Manufactured in the USA.

Key features

  • For delicate eye area, use daytime or evening to look your best!
  • Results Guaranteed
  • For a temporary under-eye “lift” whenever you need it
  • Lasts for hours!

Honest reviews


Dont waste your money

Dont waste your money on this product – you’d get the same result buy painting clear glue under your eyes – It’s extremly drying and made my wrinkles more noticable. Not something I’ll ever buy again.

Jeanette Atlantic, NC

Can’t tell

Only used this product once so far. Can not comment yet. Hopefully will make my slight crows feet around my eyes look less pronounced. Time will tell whether I purchase this item again in the future.

Cynthia Amory, MS


If this serum did the trick it would be on the first page of the ENQUIRER as National Headline. It don’t work folks. I’ve tried everything for my under eye bags and this was so highly recommended I thought I’d give it a shot. Well, I did it and GIRLS, it didn’t. I discovered it on Dr. Oz who I absolutely adore but this time the Doc was incorrect.Save your money folks.

Janine Prescott, MI

hard to please

Don’t smile. Seriously, don’t smile. Once you put this on you can’t move your face muscles. It cannot be used under or over any other face product so why bother. After one hour it’s effects were gone for me.

Harriett Wiseman, AR

It works !

It works great for under eye sag. You can feel it tighten. But like other reviewers, use very little or it will look white chalky. You cannot use moisturizer before using this stuff or it won’t work. Which is why I deducted a star. I hate not using my moisturizer everyday . So I only use this on special occasions, or when I had a rough night with no sleep. Let it dry completely and use sparingly before applying foundation . You can mix in with foundation , but I found it did not tighten as well with that application.

Flora Erbacon, WV

Not for me…

I purchased this when I saw it on the Rachel Ray show. It might work for some, but for me, just felt sticky and showed more lines than without. I didn’t care for it, but maybe it’s not meant for my needs.

Lourdes Ithaca, NY

Great on bare skin – tricky with makeup

After reading reviews and doing my own experimenting, this is what I’ve learned:**shake the bottle before use**skin must be clean and oil-free**if skin puckers, dab gently with wet fingertip**mixing with foundation will reduce the effectivenessAs far as flaking is concerned, I haven’t noticed any, although my daughter said it flaked a little when she tried it. I really need to wear foundation (due to pigmentation issues) and so I will continue to experiment.

Madge Gardners, PA

not sure

I am purchasing this product for the first time. I should have read the reviews before I placed my order but I did not. After reading a few of the postings it makes one not want to purchase this product at all. But I do understand that what might work for some people, might not necessarily work for others. So as soon as I get and start using this product I will post the pros and cons of buying it, if there are any. For the sake of the seller I hope that my post will be a positive one. Will keep ya’ll updated..

Rosalinda Glen Ridge, NJ


This product does work. I purchased it for my wedding and I looked amazing. No bags underneath the eyes at all!

Casandra Breckenridge, MI


I don’t have large bags under my eyes, but what bags I do have this product removes! Takes 10years off of my face.

Stephanie Lackey, VA

great purchase

this does work, and dries very fast, compared to other more expensive ones that I’ve used. I put on moisturizer first, after I found that alone it was too dry a look for my skin.but I would buy again….it takes just a couple of drops, so its very economical to use.

Leah Sanford, ME

Smooths my wrinkles.

This product does smooth my lines and wrinkles somewhat but I don’t like the white film it leaves behind. But I use it anyway.

Stella Afton, TX

big waste of money

I knew what this was and what to expect from it- but it didn’t even do that! I followed the directions but only did one eye to compare. I have tried it a few times and have had no results at all

Jennifer Ochelata, OK

Better than most out there

I put this on 2ce a day to help minimize the allergy bags under my eyes. I choose to smooth it down with water after it dries so it doesn’t look crusty. It doesn’t completely get rid of the problem, but it does help a lot.

Rae Manchester, ME

It works

I have to say I didn’t think this was going to work; because of the reviews. It really works for me and I look about 5 years younger. I put a little on my forhead and it looks like I botox it, but I can move my face For the price you can’t beat it.

Francine Speonk, NY

worse than horrible

I bought a trial size for $3, I’m so glad I did. This made the skin under my eyes crinkle like paper every time I smiled. I applied it as directed and at first I didn’t notice a difference but then I smiled and it was horrific! I had to immediately wash it off my face. I certainly do not recommend wasting a single penny on this product. I wish I could rate it negative stars.

Valerie Abbyville, KS

not worth it

This stuff is horrible. I guess it “firms” your undereye area, but only because it coats it with this horrible film that doesn’t move. It leaves a ugly residue that won’t come off until you wash it off. Which defeats the whole purpose. I wouldn’t recommend it at all, infact the opposite. Don’t waste your money.

Debora War, WV

Not good

It’s the same old stuff they have had around for years. Nothing new…use too much it leaves a white film.

Lakisha Silver Creek, NE