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Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask, 3.4 Ounce

Sudden Change® Green Tea Facial Mask. Instantly rejuvenates appearance of dull, tired-looking skin. Adds moisture as it firms. Accelerates visibility of smoother, firmer skin. Contains green tea antioxidants.

Key features

  • Green Tea Facial Mask
  • Instantly Rejuvenates Appearance of Dull, Tired-looking Skin
  • Adds Moisture as It Firms
  • Accelerates visibility of smoother, firmer skin
  • Improves overall appearance of texture and elasticity

Honest reviews


extremely refreshing, brightening, and moisturizing

love this mask. it is very brightening, i can definitely tell the difference in my skin tone after i remove it. it is like the dull layers are removed and my skin is glowing again. also this is one of the few masks that actually moisturizes. a few weeks ago i was on benzoyl peroxide for some acne around my chin. it was the first time i tried benzoyl and i hated it and stopped after a couple of weeks because of its drying effect. my skin was peeling all the time and no moisturizing cream i owned could solve that. then i put this mask on and after i removed it my skin was fine and stopped peeling. my skin literally felt nourished again after half an hour of this mask on. i dont know how it does it, it could be voodoo for all i care, but i love it. it is a very refreshing experience. one of my must do’s now every week for my skin.definitely repurchasing this. you really cant go wrong with green tea products. i just hope they stop increasing the price for this. already gone up by two dollars since last month when i bought it.

Margo Elkins, AR

Like it a lot

I like this. It feels good and relaxing, tightens pores while keeping skin refreshed. I like this and use it weekly or as needed.

Sandra Cross Hill, SC

ohhhhh lala!!

love this and will use a lot for sure! right along with the other olive oil mask, I rotate these and its wonderful!

Alana Lambsburg, VA

I love it

I am a big fan of sudden change, so I trid this. bought another for my mom. she loves it as well. it does moisturize and tighten. goes great with other suddenchange products. highly recommended!

Pamela Gouverneur, NY

Doesn’t seem to do anything.

I was expecting more from this product but it didn’t seem to hydrate my face the way I thought it would.

Marva North Garden, VA

Sudden Change is a perfect title

This is a very affordble product and a great value. The mask is soothing and effective. I will use this product over and over again.

Janis Euclid, OH

face mask

I liked this ok. It doesn’t look like the picture on the box when you put it on unless you apply like 7 layers. But other wise it did soften and tighten my skin. Ive only used once and Ill have to see if it evens my skin tone out. I will update alter.

Lynnette Vanderwagen, NM

excellent mask

my skin GLOWS after i use this mask. i noticed it right away and after the very first use. i absolutely love how my skin looks and feels afterwards. after using my other mask, though my skin is soft and clean, i dont notice any obvious changes in my skin tone. this mask brightens your skin and evens out your complexion immediately. its very good. i highly recommend this.

Adelaide Santa Fe, MO