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Sublime Beauty PORTABLE SKIN BRUSH for Body in Travel Pouch. HOW-TO Brochure Included. Models & Actresses Know This Secret to Better Skin & Well-Being. Featured in GLAMOUR MAGAZINE. Unlimited 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

A NEW DISCOVERY OF AN ANCIENT PRACTICE! HANDY PORTABLE BRUSH GOES WITH YOU EVERYWHERE! Dry Skin Brushing (Body Brushing) is an Ancient Practice That Seems Thoroughly Modern! – Remove Dead Cells from Your Largest Organ (Your Skin!) and Allow it to Breathe. We become less able to throw off old cells as we age, and this can cause stress. – Increase and Encourage Better Circulation – Detox Method to Support Your Lymphatic and Immune System Functions! – Feel Better – Stress Management! – Follow up to our long handled Skin Brush. Dry Brush Towards the Heart – only 10 Minutes Per Day to Better Well-Being It is estimated that about one-third of impurities are expelled through the skin, and it also acts as a barrier to the environment. Daily dry brushing keeps your skin at optimal level! Many like to dry brush in the morning before a shower (skin should be dry!), and some dry brush before going to bed. Enthusiasts do both! CORRECT TECHNIQUE ALWAYS brush lightly towards the heart. Start with your feet and use light strokes, not pushing too hard and not too light. Work your way up your body. Don’t forget under your arms as lymph nodes there will benefit. Skin will feel refreshed and may be a little rosy but it should never hurt. Avoid open sores of course. Do not brush face, but all other parts of the body should be brushed lightly. Drink a glass of water after your skin brushing. Wash your brush with plain soap and water once per week. START YOUR JOURNEY TO BETTER HEALTH, BETTER CIRCULATION AND BETTER SKIN BY PURCHASING NOW

Key features

  • Skin Brushing is INCREDIBLY EASY TO DO AND HEALTHY. Just 10 Minutes Daily Will Aid Your Largest Organ to Operate Optimally; it Will Exfoliate Your Ever-Changing Skin Cells and Toxins; it Will Boost Blood Circulation and Move the Lymphatic System; it Will Help Keep Your Immune System Strong.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and MONEYBACK GUARANTEE on all Sublime Beauty Products; Top Customer Service is a Core Value of the Company as Well as Educating!!
  • NATURAL BRISTLES, POLISHED WOOD WITH HANDLE in a HANDY POUCH. Body Brushing Will IMPROVE SKIN QUALITY: Clear Dead Cells & Toxins, Reduce Cellulite and Ingrown Hairs; and INVIGORATE YOU EVERY DAY!!
  • HOW-TO SKIN BRUSHING BROCHURE URL SENT after Purchase and in Your Packaging, With Helpful Hints and Tips.
  • * Featured in GLAMOUR MAGAZINE * Ideal for Travel, Take to the Office of Gym.

Honest reviews


Too small

I returned it as it was too small. I never really use it but it looks good for body brushing.

Kimberly Harman, VA

Love the size and the brush hair

So convenient this smaller size.Got the bigger one which I use at home but for travelling this size is just perfect!Also like that it comes in a little woven bag with drawstring and not much other packaging, which I often found just redundant and wasteful. The hair on the brush is also nice, not too hard yet it provides a good brushing experience and keep my circulation going.Got this brush within 2 days with prime, which I absolutely love and can’t live without as I like to get my stuff fast.

Stella Platina, CA

Absolutley Worth Trying !

I first read about "body brushing" in a magazine. I purchased this brush and have used it everyday. I noticed such a huge difference in my skin within the first week. My skin is so much smoother and my lotion absorbs much better. Body brushing is known to boost your body’s lymphatic system and rid your body of toxins. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and needs to be taken care of as well, just like the inside of your body when you take vitamins/supplements to boost your immune system and over all health. When you order this product you will receive a great informational link on how to Body Brush from the seller, they are great and this is a great thing to do for your body ! Happy Brushing ! 🙂

Jill Masury, OH

Like this brush alot

I used to dry brush a hundred years ago–but somehow forgot about it. Now that I have this handy brush I have rekindled my affair with dry brushing.

Sonia East Grand Forks, MN

New to dry brushing

I have been looking for ways to get rid of my keratosis pilaris (the unsightly red bumps on the top of my arms) and read that dry brushing was a good way to help reduce the bumps. So far, so good! My skin is definitely smoother and tighter, and the bumps are smaller. I’ve only been dry brushing for about 2 weeks but I find that it’s a pretty easy addition to my morning routine and my skin feels great. The bristles are firm, but not painful at all. This brush is a great size, fits easily in my hand and comes with a little bag to keep it clean. I’m hooked!

Cortney Pryor, MT

very well made product

Im very pleased with this purchase, the travel bag is very nice. The information and customer service was top notch. I think this product is perfect, Im lloming forward using this for mnay long trips in the future. Follow the directions provided and you will enjoy this item very much.

Jodie Townsend, MA

Good quality brush

This is a good basic dry body brush. The bristles are stiff enough, and staying intact. I don’t use it for travel, but for everyday use. I like that it’s small enough to fit in my hand as I brush. Tremendously helps with dry skin!! It might be good for travel, but I love it as my daily dry brush! Definitely worth a try.

Jayne Pulaski, MS


This product is perfect and easy to use.The seller is great and sends you instructions on how to use it, if you need to ask as I did.Everything came on time.This is a great way to start body brushing and a great product to do so with.

Jeannette Hillsboro, MD