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Suave Suave Kids Ocean Blast Gel, 7 Ounce

Suave For Kids Cool Ocean Blast Styling Gel, 7 Ounces Formulated specifically for kids, Suave Kids Cool Ocean Blast adds a bit of “cool” to kids’ style, without all of the crunch. Just one squirt is perfect for spiking, creating a wet look, or adding a bit of rock ‘n’ roll without buildup or flakes. View larger Hypoallergenic and Alcohol-Free Ophthalmologist tested and dermatologist tested formula is tear-free and hypoallergenic. Suave Kids Makes Bath Time Fun Suave Kids Bath Time and Hair Essentials are specifically formulated to be head-to-toe gentle and tear-free for little ones. Join Suave in Our Commitment to Water Conservation Did you know that your family could save money and conserve water by turning off the water when you shampoo and condition? What’s in the Box Suave For Kids Cool Ocean Blast Styling Gel, 7 Ounces. Suave For Kids Cool Ocean Blast Styling Gel is: Hypoallergenic Dermatologist Tested

Key features

  • Alcohol-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Residue free (visible residue)

Honest reviews


Doesn’t work on cowlicks

My little girl has a cowlick and I thought this was great as it’s alcohol free, the scent honestly made me think it was for a boy. While we could careless that our 2 month old has a cowlick, but for going to church, we thought it’d be nice to just pat it down. It didn’t work, it popped right back up.

Louella Oklee, MN

Not for a full head of hair…

My daughter is getting to that stage where she longs to be a teenager, and yet she’s a good seven years away from actually being one, and so whenever she can get her hands on a product that makes her feel bigger than she really is she’s in love. So, when I showed her the hair gel I got her she was ecstatic.Baby steps.I was initially really excited about this as well. My daughter has beautiful curly locks and with the right ply I felt as if she could have some really pretty looks. The fact that the gel is alcohol free and dye free and basically as safe as they come was a total bonus. With the promise of no visible residue (because who wants clumps of gunk in their hair?) I squirted the recommended `nickel-sized amount’ in my hand, rubbed them together and began to feed it through my daughter’s curls. It didn’t do anything. Apparently this is made for children with finer hair. My daughter’s hair is VERY thick and so the recommended amount of gel didn’t do anything but get a small patch on the top of her head wet. I used another squirt.Her hair still needed more.Pros here are the fact that it doesn’t clump. That isn’t false advertising there! It washed out really easy and the smell of the product is subtle and appealing. For children with finer hair or even less hair, I’m sure this works great, but for thick, long curls, this doesn’t do a whole lot. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the hold the gel had. After a few squirts in the palm, I was able to give my daughter a bit of a beachy look and the wavy part I gave to the top of my daughter’s hair held for most of the day. I just wish that I didn’t have to use half the bottle (exaggeration) to get the effect.

Trudy Dobbs Ferry, NY

Wonderful-did not irritate my son’s eczema

My 8-year-old was on a kick of wanting to put gel in his hair before school. The problem is that he has eczema and, at some point, the gel would start to flake and cause him to itch. This product did not cause any skin irritation. The smell was pleasant. It allowed him to have fun doing his hair without being miserable for the rest of the day. And it is an age appropriate product that is safe for him to use alone and easy to wash out. Priced right, this is a must have for elementary school aged children with a flair for their hair.

Sandra Mantua, UT

Holds my daughter’s hair in place for a long time, and doesn’t smell that bad

My daughter has a bob hairdo – really cute and easy to maintain, but man oh man is it difficult to keep her bangs out of her eyes. This is becoming an increasing medical concern as well, as she’s much more prone to eyelid styes when we’re not good about keeping her bangs in their proper place.Enter this product, and voila! – the bangs in eyes problem is reduced substantially if not completely. The bonus is that this product isn’t anywhere near as slimy or oily as other more infamous hair gels I have known, and even smells pretty good too.A definite winner here.

Pearl Montreal, MO

Nice kid-friendly gel

The first thing my kids do with any bath/hair product is smell it. It is hard to please three kids varying in age with the scent of on product. That being said, all three of my kids loved the scent of Suave’s Kids Ocean Blast get. It was girlie enough for the girls and manly enough for the boy.With that out of the way we actually tried using this product. I have to say that this gel creates a semi-firm hold without creating crunching hair. It really worked well and I will purchase it again.

Nola Clifty, KY

Love it

I’ve been using this gel on my almost five year old son. He has super short hair, coarse hair with a few spikes in the front. As the gel promises, it doesn’t leave flakes and I really appreciate that it’s alcohol free. It has a medium hold that isn’t sticky and the scent is very clean and fresh. My son feels special that he has his own gel to use and he has a little bounce in his step when his hair is styled. I will definitely purchase more when this runs out.

Yvonne Otisville, NY

Not bad

Our daughters had fun using this gel to make some small changes to their hairstyles. It isn’t stiff or difficult to work with, and the perfume isn’t overwhelming.

Kari Lolo, MT

Perfect kids gel

I tried this out on my own hair, since I don’t have kids but do love a nice gel on my hair to hold it in the style I want.We have ultra high humidity here and I need something to hold my hair and not get sticky. This really does the trick. I love it. I would absolutely purchase this for myself. I had occasionally been using the ridiculous hold of Got2B Glued, and love it as my hair is glued and molded the exact way I want it, but it IS glue. This is a happy medium. It has some of the glue quality while not making me hair completely stiff and sticky. Plus it smells amazing. This is a winner for Suave.

Elaine Ligonier, IN

Helps with ponytails …

My granddaughter has long hair and has trouble when her hair is braided or in a ponytail with the hair around her face coming loose. My daughter has begun using this on top of her hair after she braids it and it helps to keep that hair better under control, which makes all of us happy on school days.

Deana Grayson, LA

Does the job

This is a light gel that holds hair in place. It has a fresh clean smelling scent. Works best giving my little boy’s haircut some style and keeping way ward strands in place. It only works for a few hours and will not go the distance for a full school day when using the recommended dose. It doesn’t hold curl. Despite the description, it also does not add a wet look unless you saturate the style. What it does do is keep the kids from decimating my supply of pricier formulas. Plus my kids respond better to products marketed to them.

Brianna Schellsburg, PA


My six year old loves this product and it works well for spikes in front of his “faux-hawk”. But it only gets three stars for these reasons:…it’s insanely sticky…could be easier to rinse off (and shampoo out)….it has a weird “ocean blast” smell that seems more like a men’s cologne or medicine, not a kid product.PROS:It does hold well and the price is right, and some people may tire of ‘kiddie’ scented products.

Polly Warren, OR

Nice smell and no crunchy hair

My son loves a little spike in his hair, but I don’t like gels that leave his hair crunchy or are hard to wash out. Suave Ocean Blast works great – it holds the spike for several hours, is not overly stiff and is easy to wash out. We also both like the scent. The spike doesn’t hold for more than a few hours, but that seems to be the norm with all the other gels we have tried. Overall it’s been one of those great products I luck upon every now and again that we both like!

Elisha Plains, MT

Suave Kids Ocean Blast Gel

Suave Kids Ocean Blast Gel. This is awesome gel for styling kid’s hair. You can do a lot with it. It isn’t too greasy (that would be horrible!); it is just the perfect amount of “wetness”. It does good at styling the kids’ hair. You can do a lot with it.Awesome product. Highly recommended.

Leticia Ethan, SD

Works but Ingredient Worries

I got this for my two sons (ages 3 and 6) and they love it. It isn’t too sticky and it has no alcohol so their hair is still soft. A little bit worked to give them a solid hold all day.Why three stars then? The EDTA, methylparaben, and propylparaben ingredients. Search “paraben” online to see some of the dangers. I’d prefer a more natural take, especially on a child’s head. I only let my kids test it then I let them use some all naturalBurt’s Bees Hair Gel for Men 1 Tube 4 Oz.

Earlene Tiona, PA

Suave Kids Ocean Blast Gel

I like most of Suave’s products and this one is no exception. It’s a good hair gel for my 9 year old son’s hair. He has straight, fine, hair and this allows him to sculpt it anyway he likes and it lasts all day. It smells good too. The fun design of the tube makes it great for kids as well.

Letha Hughson, CA

Kids’ Gel

My two oldest sons are like night and day. That includes their hair. One has dark, thick, wavy hair. The other has fine, light, curly hair. What they have in common, though, is that both of their hair can easily look like a rat’s nest. I have the hardest time managing their hair. This gel helps keeps it looking a bit more decent.They get their baths at night, so I’ve even put some in their hair at night just to see if it would help manage it the next morning. It wears out of their hair pretty easily. This isn’t a heavy duty gel. It’s very light-weight. It does help, though!I’ve noticed that this gel has a more sticky like quality in my son’s fine hair, as opposed to the one with thick hair. It really doesn’t take much if your child’s hair is fine and you’re simply looking for hair management. For more heavy duty hairstyles, of course, you will need more.

Chelsey Belvidere, IL

Nice Product, Not Just For Kids!

I always use a hair gel, and I like this one! I use just a tiny amount for holding power. Doesn’t leave my hair dry or greasy like some gels do. Smells good too. Good for young and old alike!

Kristy Woodside, DE

Teenager a likes It

I was afraid he would not like the child-centric package, but apparently he doesn’t care. This has a light kind of fruity scent that he says makes him think of his old nanny ( he still loves her like family) so I like that it gives him pleasant associations.It holds his little faux-hawk perfectly. It looks like it washes out easily, as he isn’t the most thorough of groomers and I would know. Great price.

Sydney Mount Zion, GA

Alcohol free and fun for the kids

My son watches me put gel in my hair every morning, so he was ecstatic when he got his own gel. Its packaged much like other kids products with great colors and cartoony kids on it – they gravitate to such things. The gel is clear and not very thick, probably the consistency of a hand lotion. Once its worked in, it doesn’t shine, but dries matte.This is a good gel for getting rid of bed head and cowlicks…

Eva Saint Marys, GA

My 14 year old LOVES this stuff!

The minute I opened my box from Amazon to see the Suave Kids Ocean Blast Gel, my 14 year old daughter saw it and grabbed it as she shot over her shoulder, “What’s this?” She spent a half hour in the bathroom playing with the gel and coming out with all kinds of hair styles she was playing with.She says that it smells similar to Feria Hair Dye perfume oil that comes in the box from the drug store. I think she has a point there and do agree.My daughter really loves this hair gel (which she has claimed as her own) because it is not sticky or stiff, but it helps you to style your hair and not stick it like glue. You can comb through it, but you can also count on some good hold. She is almost impressed because there is not and residue.I have worked with my daughter’s hair a lot and have to say that this gel is a nice styling gel. It does make you need to wash your hair a little more often, but it also does a good job holding in place all day and sometimes for two. The tube colors and design make it easy to identify and find too which is a huge plus, instead of being the typical plain mundane colors of so many hair products.

Bessie Shadehill, SD

Smells good

I used this on my daughter’s hair, and asked her how she would describe the smell (she is six). She said it is a little soapy smelling, a little like pears, and a little like paradise….It’s a mild gel with minimal hold. It says it is alcohol free and is cool ocean blast scented (maybe that’s where the paradise smell comes from?) It gave her mild hold (she has a short pixie, so we just used it for highlighting a few strands of hair). It seems like a good product. She is happy with the smell, and happy it doesn’t feel like her hair is glued to her head (her biggest complaint with gels or sprays).

James May, ID

Works Great

I usually use mousse in the hair of my 5 and 7 year old sons because a lot of the styling gels are a little too stiff. We’ve been using this Suave Kids Styling Gel instead of your regular mousse and it’s working quite well. It held their hair in place without being too stiff or looking like it has gel in it. I didn’t want that wet, hard as a rock look. My boys have wavy hair and this just gives it some control.

Michael Knoxville, IL

Kids like using this hair gel.

My young nephews are really into the wild, spiky, and messy look that’s really popular nowadays. This Suave Kids Ocean Blast Hair Gel is worth a try.Likes:>Large, easy to dispense tube.>Just use a few small dabs on damp hair and the kids can shape their hair the way they like it.>Refreshing scent that’s not too overpowering.>Doesn’t dry hard, crunchy, or flaky.>Specifically for kids: no alcohol, hypoallergenic, and leaves no residue/flakes.>Water soluble so the gel washes out easily.Slight Dislikes:>Flip open top doesn’t come with a factory seal to prevent tampering on the store shelves.>Kids will apply too much just for fun; parental/adult supervision or application suggested.Overall:>A pleasant smelling, non-greasy, easily washed out hair gel with safe ingredients for kids. Will certainly buy it next time.

Michell Latexo, TX

Good value, good product

I got this to give the nana-girls a bit of volume for when I do their hair. They are both growing out their bangs and for me at least (doesn’t seem to bother them or their parents), having their bangs in their eyes reminds me of a sheep dog–they look good on the dog, but not so good on the girls. This product is light enough to create volume and with the use of more of the gel you can kind of spike the bangs to the side. As an unintended bonus for me, I realized it also calmed flyaway hair and I could more easily braid their long hair into French braids or pig tails. The girls as a joke gave their little two year old brother a mohawk and he kept running to the mirror laughing and giggling. So a success all the way around!

Lottie Spalding, ID

Great styling gel for kids!

I am not into spending lots of time or money on a hairstyle for boys. But I used this styling gel on my grandson’s hair when he came to visit and before we took him for photos. He’s almost 3 and loves the spiky look. The gel smells great and goes on easily to keep the hair in the style we wanted. It’s alcohol free, which helps to prevent drying. It washes out easily and there were no flakes in his hair and it did not look or feel crunchy or stiff as with some other products. I also like the fact that it is hypoallergenic and dye free. You only need to use a small amount to get the effect you want even on thick hair.I’ll definitely buy this again!

Tina Delta, OH

A very clean smell

My 3 yr. old grandson loves this gel. He has very short hair, but a little longer on the top of his head, and my daughter used to use her styling gel on him until I saw this on Amazon. When it arrived, he was all excited that he had his own styling gel and couldn’t wait to use it. It not only held his hair up, but it smells wonderful. He is very pleased that he has his own now, and now he doesn’t give my daughter a hard time about doing his hair.

Jeannette Shelly, MN

Low Hold, Easy Wash

We only use hair gel for sporting events where the kid’s hair has to be seriously controlled. Ocean Blast gel is a low hold gel that just didn’t have enough grip for our needs. This would be good for smoothing flyaway hair or putting in a part, but it isn’t suited to sports or sculpted styles. I appreciate that it was alcohol free as other gels can irritate my kid’s scalp, but we went back to an adult gel for our household. On the plus side, it was pretty easy to remove.

Sonya Pembroke, VA

smells and works great

I really like this Suave kids gel. It smells great. I am not a child and I love it is not harsh it holds nicely. I like that it doesn’t have harsh chemicels.

Alma Rudyard, MI

Works Great on all types of hair!

I never would have thought that I’d be blessed with a son that has very prominent curly hair. I usually can run a brush or pick through it and it’ll just sit fine. But sometimes I like to shape things up especially when we may be out all day and I’m needing his hair to accomplish a certain look and keep up appearances. Suave Kids Ocean Blast styling gel is my go to whether trying to give his hair a messy or more neat and formal look.I’m often very careful of what products I use to bathe my son or to put in his hair. He has very sensitive skin is known to have skin irritations that really bug him. One thing that prompted me to try Suave Kids Cool Ocean Blast Styling Gel is that it’s hypoallergenic, alcohol free, residue free, and dye free. We’ve had no issues at all with it and he totally loves getting his hair done!I found this product to work wonderfully! It’s easy to apply with just a small amount. His hair holds great without being to stiff or crunchy like. I also noticed no build up or undesirable flakes. I can apply this in the morning and it keeps my sons curls all day! The gel smells fantastic too! Both my kids love the smell and it’s cool enough to work for a boy and chic enough for a girl.And for my daughter, I’ve used this in her hair to keep loose ends in when she’s wearing braids or ponytails. She has very thin hair and this keeps everything in place very well!This Dermatologist Tested product is one I would totally recommend. It’s simple to apply, keeps hair styled well, washes out easily, smells great, and it’s free from things I try to avoid in beauty products for myself and for my kids.

Ronda New Kensington, PA

Scent is too perfumy and floral for women or girls. Not a cool ocean blast?

Cool ocean blast scent is perfumy and floral. My son said it smelled too girly and he did not like it. smells more of womens hair product. 3 stars for the good medium non sticky hold on his curls, but since he does not like the smell we will not be using it.

Stella Bettsville, OH