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Suave Professionals Visible Glow Self Tanning Body Lotion, Medium to Tan 7.5 oz

View larger View larger Enjoy an even, natural-looking tan anytime by simply using Suave Professionals Visible Glow Gradual Self-Tanner. The formula’s subtle self-tanners gradually provide a streak-free experience that gives your skin just the right amount of color. Consumer-Tested Streak-Free Color Suave Professionals Visible Glow Gradual Self-Tanner gradually builds a beautiful, natural-looking tan that gives your skin the right amount of color. The formula offers 24 hour moisturization to keep your skin hydrated all day long. Directions for Use For best results, apply daily. Smooth evenly and completely, allowing several minutes to dry prior to dressing. Use sparingly on knees, elbows, and ankles. Wash hands immediately after application. About Suave For over 70 years, Suave has offered professional-quality products for the entire family with product lines designed to work as well as salon and specialty brands. The Suave mission is to make gold-standard quality attainable to all, so everyone can look good, smell good, and feel good every day. Suave Professionals Visible Glow Gradual Self-Tanner, Medium-Tan, At a Glance: Consumer-tested streak-free color Gradually builds a natural looking tan Gives your skin the right amount of color Provides 24 hour moisturization What’s in the Box: Suave Professionals Visible Glow Gradual Self-Tanner, Medium-Tan, 7.5 Fluid Ounces

Key features

  • Clinically tested to build color as well as St. Tropez® Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturizer. St. Tropez® is a registered trademark of St. Tropez Acquisition Co., Limited
  • This self tanning glow moisturizer moisturizes your skin for 24 hours
  • Subtle self-tanners gradually provide a streak-free experience, giving your skin just the right amount of color
  • Our self tanning lotion can be used for an even, natural-looking tan
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  • Clinically tested to build color as well as St. Tropez
  • Consumer-tested streak-free color
  • Gradually builds a beautiful, natural-looking tan
  • Gives your skin the right amount of color
  • 24 hour moisturization

Honest reviews


Good product, but is it any safer than a light tan from the sun

From my daughter: I don’t have any complaints about this product. It does at it says, but sometimes I feel safer just getting a little natural sun on my skin. I did notice after two days of using it that my skin was definitely a lot more tan. I might stop using it on my arms since they are tan enough, but continue using it on my legs. It gives my legs nice color and glow. Also, the scent is just so-so.

Jody Peck, MI

Did Not Work For Me at All

I was so disappointed in this product. I love Suave products and was excited to try this self-tanner. I have been using it now for 6 weeks daily. I have not noticed any difference whatsoever. I have tried self tanners in the past — several in fact — and so I am very familiar with how they work. This is the only one that did nothing for me. I followed the directions exactly.No one knew I was using it and I asked friends and families if it looked like I had a tan and they gave me a puzzled look and said, "No, why?" I told them I’d been using a self-tanner. They said they could not see any difference in my color. I took before and after pictures, which I realize are hard to go by, but I did not see any difference in them either. I mostly trusted my eyes. My skin is no darker than when I started.I have to say that I love the lotion and will continue to use it as a moisturizer. It goes on smoothly and has a nice texture. It smells good, even though the smell doesn’t last.One other thing I noticed — and the site did warn about this — is that it will stain clothing if you put clothing directly over the areas where you applied the lotion too quickly after applying. Make sure to follow the directions. I luckily put on a shirt that had stains on it anyway but was in a rush that day and forgot to wait a minute or two. My other 2 favorite lotions don’t leave any stains — even if you put clothing right on over them.My favorite for price and value is Jergens Self Tanner. It runs about $6.99, depending on where you purchase it. I love it because it’s affordable and it works great! It has a pleasant scent and also goes on smoothly. It works within days. As a bonus, it does not stain clothes — even if you put them on rather quickly. I highly recommend that one. Another one that I absolutely loved was Victoria’s Secret Self-Tanner. It was more expensive (around $30) but smelled so good and worked within a couple days and lasted for several days after you stopped using it. Both of these gave you a really decent tan. I was impressed with how much color I got from a lotion with these products. I don’t know if Victoria’s Secret still makes the same formula. They probably do and just changed the packaging but since I’m not sure, I wrote about it in the past tense. I haven’t tried it in a year or two because it is expensive.But now to get back to this product.I love Suave and I wish it worked the same as the ones described above. But I have to be honest and say it did absolutely nothing for me. I gave it a 3 because I did like the smell and will use it as a moisturizer and it is a good price for the money. I will try it again and if I get different results I will update my review. Perhaps it just doesn’t work with my skin. I have a medium skin tone. I used the same level, medium to tan (or whatever language each brand uses) with each product I’ve used in the past.Overall, I can’t recommend this product because it did not work on me. I wish it did.

Dollie Virginia City, MT

So I’ve known a pretty full range of products

I’ve used sunless tanners on my legs regularly all summer for about 15 years, since I reviewed a bunch of them for a story when I was working at The Detroit News. So I’ve known a pretty full range of products. This Suave Professionals tanner I tried out in the past couple weeks for a trip out of town to cover an event. It worked great. The lotion (which is of a slightly thinner consistency than others I’ve used) went on easily. I used it over the course of a few days, and it did produce a nice, even tan, with some results on the first day. The tan was natural-looking. You do have to be careful to go light around the ankles and the knees, which is true of all sunless tanners.Couple things about this product that puts it above the others I’ve used: These types of products can have a pretty strong smell after they’ve settled in (hours after application). It can be a chemical-like smell or more of a perfume smell that radiates off the skin. This Suave product had very little scent — I could barely even detect it. Plus, the tan faded evenly. That’s pretty huge. Some of the tanners I’ve used fade in a rather chunky fashion — with (for lack of a better word) globs in certain places on my skin. And after a while, you can even scratch the stuff off, because it starts to flake. This product did not do that. So yea, five stars!

Eva Vining, IA

Pretty great

I’m pretty pale all year round. I try to avoid sitting in the sun without sunscreen on and if I do, I usually burn and go back to being pale. So I like to try using self tanners to avoid looking like a ghost. I found this self tanner to be pretty excellent. It doesn’t turn me orange, which is great because there is nothing worse than that tacky orange look that some people have. Not pretty at all. And this Suave self tanner is not streaky so it doesn’t look bad like you missed a spot or put it on too heavily.I’d recommend this for anyone looking for a gradual self tanner that looks natural.

Jeannette Fort Smith, AR

Suave Professionals, Gradual Self Tanner

After just one time it shows a light tan already on my legs, however, it also is streaky and blotchy. I made sure I had just a small amount and that I rubbed it very evenly on my legs so it wouldn’t blotch but it is blotchy and streaky. You can see it easily after just one use. If it’s like this from just one use, I’m not going to use it more times. The blotches will just get much darker than the rest and the streaks will look worse. I’m not planning on wearing shorts anytime soon so hopefully this mess will be gone before I do. Wish it had worked streak and blotch free because it sure did leave a nice tan color. I can’t think of anyway you can get it on exactly evenly all over. I also washed my hands off immediately with hot soapy water and I can still see a very faint yellowish color on the palms of my hands.

Marla Bartlett, KS

Works great. Really great!

Always searching for a self tanner and always coming up empty handed? This is the answer to your search. Holy-overnight-color is how I would describe this. No orange streaks (if applied correctly) and the build-up of color doesn’t take long. After two days I looked as though I had just gotten a high-priced spray tan from the salon. I used the Suave Professionals Gradual Self Tanner Visible Glow first night and slept with it on and awoke to clean sheets (that NEVER happens). Right then and there I knew this was for me! Yes… I’m easily pleased – sometimes! Applying this tanner is easy and it glides smoothly over skin. The fragrance is highly appealing and didn’t force my husband to sleep in the other room. I was extremely pleased and quite surprised that Suave could put out such a great product and the price point will keep me purchasing AND recommending this self tanner over and over again!

Michele Yreka, CA

It works.

I thought I might have to wait awhile before reviewing but I can tell you I have results after just 24 hours and one application. I have not used self tanners since the mid 80’s. Things are a little different. The smell is similar but not nearly as potent. The color is more natural and less orange.HOWEVER… you really do have to rub it in really well and take your time. When they say "streak free", it isn’t true unless you really take time to rub it in well…. as evidenced by my streaks. I thought I had rubbed it in really well but the results don’t lie. I have streaks. So just be aware that this will take time and effort to apply correctly…. but have no doubts… there will be results visible within one day of use although the bottle says apply for 7 days in a row. My next application I will be more diligent.

Gabriela Dannemora, NY

Great Product!

From the aromatic scent that conjures up memories of a day of sun and fun to the silky smoothness of the lotion, I’m enjoying this self tanner. Gradual is an important word in the description. The "tan" doesn’t show up overnight but rather takes a few applications before the user can see a discernible difference in skin shade. This is a good thing for a person (like me) who’s looking for a natural tone. Going from lily white to tan overnight could be a bit scary.In addition to the smell, texture, and gradual effect of the self-tanner, I also like the fact that there is no streaking. A real plus! When compared to pricier items, the Suave self-tanner holds its own.

Kitty Palmyra, MI

As advertised

I use this as body cream after a shower. It builds up a bit of color and I don’t look so pasty. I use a separate self tanner for just my face and neck. I put it on every 2 days, because it really builds up. The good thing about a gradual self tanner is that you don’t streak or flake. It’s natural-looking. I don’t get any sun, and I take 2,000 IU Vitamin D3. I cannot go out in the sun because I am photosensitive due to medication. Also the obvious benefit of that is avoiding skin cancer. Highly recommended.

Sandy Clearwater Beach, FL

Invisible Glow

First the good news: There is no orange streaking with Suave Visible Glow. It goes on smoothly like a moisturizer. There’s enough in the 7.5 ounce tube for extensive coverage.Now the bad news: I have been religiously spreading Visible Glow on my face and neck every day for two weeks and there’s no visible difference. Visible Glow is invisible. There’s no glow. There’s no difference at all.We’re all different with different skin types so you may get different results.

Joni Sodus, MI

Finally a tanning product that smells great!

I have been using Jergens since it came out and they have changed the fragrance at least three times each time worse in my opinion and my husbands. He actually hated their last change and said I stink! He was right it did smell terrible.How refreshing to finally try one that smells really good! This suave will be my new tanner. As with jergens if you use to many coats it gets a bit yellowy orangeish but just one or two coats looks good, then I exfoliate before I use more. This was not only good smelling but it goes really far without feeling greasy but does moisturize well and gives a healthy tan look. I will buy this one again.

Clarice Omaha, AR

Pleasant product

Suave is know for decent products with decent results. I liked this self tanner. I didn’t find the odor overly offensive like some self tanners are. The medium tan gave me a nice tan without looking fake. It is a creme and also didn’t take long to dry or rub in, a bonus. The price is another bonus as most self tanners run over $10 to $50 bucks a tube or bottle. If you are looking for an inexpensive self tanner that gives good results without offensive odor, I would definitely give this one a try.

Gale Lawson, AR

Great for the price

I have used Jergens Natural Glow with amazing results. For a sunless tanning lotion it provides a sun-kissed glow to my skin. I saw Suave came out with a similar product and I thought I would give it a try. The price is somewhat comparable. The coverage is great and it does not leave my skin greasy or sticky. Visible glow doesn’t streak and you get flawless coverage. Unfortunately, the scent is the same as the Jergens Natural Glow. The smell isn’t horrible in the bottle but when you apply it in the morning, by the end of the day there is a chemical type smell. Sunless tanners have improved with time with the application but the scent still needs improvement.

Chasity Vinton, LA

Pretty happy

I’ve been pretty happy with this product. I can’t get in the habit of using it every day. I apply a bit a few times a week, but not all over. I mostly use it to catch up areas that are in the sun less often, particularly my shoulders and around the sock line. The color is light and It blends nicely.

Rosalinda Hahnville, LA

A Natural Looking Tan

After a day, this will give your skin a glow. After a week, you’ll look like you spend a few days bronzing on a beach in the Bahamas. This lotion goes on evenly and dries quickly without being overly heavy. I like it and I will be purchasing more as the summer season goes on.

Janie Davisboro, GA

Worked well

My wife wanted to try out a self tanner prior to moving to Hawai’i, so we gave these a try. The colour came gradually and didn’t streak. Also, it was a nice lotion for post-shower or when waking up. Worked great!

Suzanne Towanda, KS

Short Cut to Sun Kissed.

Self tanners promise much; natural, healthy color without the danger of UV light. But frequently they deliver a streaky, blotchy neon orange glow instead of the desired sun-kissed look. Part of the trick is preparing for application. It helps to shower and exfoliate and apply to completely dry skin.. I use latex gloves to prevent odd colored hands. Putting moisturizer on elbows, ankles and feet protect against too much color saturation. The product itself has a light fragrance and has a smooth, silky texture. I found using circular strokes prevented streaking. I noticed a light,natural color after a few days of use with no noticeable streaks. It did not stain my clothes or sheets. My skin looked natural and felt nice and smooth.This product works well if you give yourself enough time to prepare. When done correctly, it is a shortcut to a great looking tan.

Lucille Duckwater, NV

It does okay with some patience

This kind of product can get tricky and annoying at times. It was easier because this isn’t the first time I’ve used self-tanners and I’ve gotten used to the fact that it tends to look more blotchy for a while and then you can even it up a bit over time. Some of it’s a matter of paying attention to where you might have used not used enough on previous applications and try to touch it up a little. Over time, most areas average decently well.I’d go with the lightest version of the product that you think might work for you, because then the mistakes are less visible and you can blend things in more slowly. Results definitely tend to get better with practice, so don’t use it just a few days before a big date or interview. You might even want to try it out initially in an area you usually keep covered, so that you feel a little more free to experiment without worrying that you’ll look odd.

Margaret Promise City, IA

nice self tanner

I’m not a self tanner kind of gal but I decided to try this. I have tried them in the past and hated them. I always had issues with it not looking natural on me. I tan very easily in the sun and my normal skin tone is on the darker side for a girl with blue eyes and blond hair. I really never burn in the sun so to find a self tanner that would match my shade of skin was always difficult. I’ve been using this a week now and I see a nice glow. It does not look orange or streaky or fake. It just gives you a nice tan glow. You still have to wash your hands after like the other products you probably have tried. There is a pleasant scent and it does not rub off. I workout and it doesn’t streak or drip or anything. In a week of use, I do look like I am sun kissed but not overdone where people would look at me and think I was nuts or fake. If you’re looking for a nice, subtle tanning product, this may be the choice for you. It also makes my skin feel wonderfully soft.

Sheryl Sackets Harbor, NY

no streaks!

I love this product, it gives you a light natural glow that makes it look like you’d spent a little time in the sun, without that ORANGE factor coming into play. I think medium would fit with most anyone just wanting to look a little healthier. I’m not sure why we associate a tan with being healthy, but there it is. This has that, "I spend time outdoors look." without the "I spend WAY too much time outdoors" look some self tanners have. It goes on smooth and creamy, I wear gloves when I apply it. It’s from Suave, they produce pretty good products for a reasonable price. Long story short, though, you can’t get Vitamin D from this, so head outside! 🙂

Yvonne Eastanollee, GA

Vastly improved over self tanners of the 1990’s

I was a little apprehensive to try this because the last time I used a self tanner was when I was in middle school in the 1990’s and the results were laughably bad. However, my sister swears by self tanners and has always had positive results so I decided to give this a try. I was pleasantly surprised. On my fair skin the color reads pretty natural (or at least reasonably close to what I’ve gotten when I’ve gone to a spray tanning salon). The coverage might be a little more even when I’ve had a professional do it, but it was certainly much better than what I expected by doing it myself. Part of it might be that I now aggressively exfoliate my skin, which seems to help create an even look. Seems like self tanners truly have come a long way.

Phyllis Proctorville, NC

More dihydroxyacetone for the money

This is a lot less expensive than some of the branded DHA tubes and they’ve all improved the way they color the skin. This is the only FDA-approved sunless tanning ingredient. Do not get this stuff in your eyes and do not inhale. Best to spray outdoors.The fake tan wears off in a few days when the outer layer of skin is shed.

Lydia Warren, RI


I really didn’t care for this product. While a gradual use product, unit left me with an orange-ish skin tone that was more citrus than tan. I have medium fair skin and thought it did an odd job.

Brandie Spiro, OK

Super easy to apply and works great. Great product.

This self tanner comes in a 7.5 fl oz flip top bottle. I have used this off and on for a couple weeks now and it definitely works. It’s totally different than self tanners that I had tried in the past. Most of the previous products that I had tried gave quick results but could leave dark spots on you skin if not applied correctly. They can also can stain clothes if you get dressed too early. That isn’t the case with this self tanner at all. It’s super easy to apply and it’s really no different than regular lotion. It’s light colored and isn’t going to leave marks on your skin or on your clothing. Simply apply it after your shower and allow a couple minutes to air dry. It has a nice light scent and it moisturizes your skin at the same time. I mainly used it it even out my tan and dark up areas that weren’t very tan at all. It has worked well for this purpose.

Mariana Newport, ME

Average Tanner

I really like Suave products so I was looking forward to trying out the Suave Visible Glow Self-tanning Body Lotion. The packaging reminded of Jergens Self-tanning lotion so I suspected that the product would be pretty similar. If you haven’t tried a self-tanner in years then you will be pleased that the new self-tanners have less of that horrible self-tanner scent. This Suave is not unscented nor is it pleasantly scented. I can still smell the self-tanner scent as I can in Jergens but it is not as bad as in the past.The Suave is also like the newer self-tanners in that it is much easier to get an all-over, streak-free tan. As always, you have to be careful around ankles and feet because the product will absorb more into rougher, drier areas. I apply daily and it takes a few days to achieve the color that I want.The problem with self-tanners for me is not the applying but the wearing off. Eventually, no matter how carefully I apply, I end up getting patches that are just not wearing evenly all over. I end up having to scrub the tanner off the best I can with a brush and start all over. I still think the tan is worth the trouble. At my age, I just don’t want to be in the sun anymore. I’m more worried about my health and aging skin than I am in getting a suntan.I did like the Suave for an average tanner. I prefer Banana Boat in this price range. It actually smells good and wears with less of the unsightly tanner build-up.

Raquel Long Island City, NY

Color Me Surprised

Well color me surprised. In the past I have not found these types of products to be very reliable, but for once something is actually doing what it promised to do.Within 3 days of using this on one leg, I noticed a distinct difference in color from my nob Self-tanned leg. And it was not the ghastly pumpkin orange color for the days of your. It was actually a very nice natural looking golden brown. By the time a week had gone by, I looked like I had vacationed in the tropics.Of course don’t forget that the color is only good for about a week if you don’t keep up with reapplying it. It fades quickly. Shaving your legs makes it disappear even faster.You still have to watch not to get too much on your knees, elbows and ankles – you have to wash your hands very well or risk looking very odd.Make sure that before going outside you wear a good sun-block because the color you get from this product can fool you into thinking you have a good base tan and can get away without a sun-block for a couple of hours.

Serena Findlay, IL

Surprisingly Good!

I have pale skin with yellow undertones. I tan easily, but have been very diligent about not having a tan for decades. Still, sometimes I would like to look like I actually leave my house in the daylight. ;-)I tried a self tanner once before, and not only did it make my skin orange, it smelled SO bad (sort of like Nair) and the smell persisted. I’m happy to say this product does not have that same weird chemical odor. AND, I got a nice, subtle, sun-kissed color after two applications. I didn’t keep applying it, as recommended, as I didn’t want to get too dark–plus it’s a bit time-consuming to apply correctly in order to avoid streaks.I also didn’t test this on my face because I’m acne-prone and have a few areas of flakiness that I was afraid would turn into brown patches. I just used a bronzer instead and was good to go.Recommended!

Camille Jasper, MN

Not streak free

I love a good tanned skin–even better when I can just apply a lotion. However, after a few uses I noticed tons of streaks and I had thought I rubbed it in well. Perhaps I put on more in certain spots than others? So even though I did notice a tan hue, having the random streaks discouraged me from wanting to use the product again!

Keisha Norwich, OH

Worked great

I am so white and I never tan so this added just a bit of color to my legs for when I wear a dress or shorts. I used very little because I didn’t want it to be blotchy and it did a pretty good job. I will continue to use this product.

Betsy Collegeville, MN

self tanned moisture lotion.

Great lotion that punches my skin. Not only did it make my skin feels nice and smooth , used constantantly it provided a natural Tan glow, as if I had stayed out in the Sun ,but without all the negative problems of sun exposure.

Letha Rolesville, NC