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Suave Professionals Styling Spray, Vibrant Shine, 3-Ounce

For up to 50% more shine. *Based on salon testing using Sebastian Trillian. Sebastian and Trilliant are registered trademarks of Sebastian International, Inc.

Key features

  • For up to 50% more shine
  • Use with Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine Shampoo & Conditione
  • Rethink salon hair.

Honest reviews


It made no difference in my hair

I bought this product to add some shine to my perm-damaged hair so it wouldn’t look so dull and frizzy. I mostly used it for the ends of my hair. When I used it too close to the root it made my hair look greasy. I didn’t notice anything different, there was no shine, not even a little sparkle from the mica flakes in the liquid. Maybe it works for healthy hair, but for my damaged hair it made no difference. The smell is light and floral, not offensive at all, and it evaporates as soon as you put it on your hair so there’s no lingering scent.

Marisa Wheelersburg, OH

Does its job.

Maybe hair can have weird smell chemistry the way skin/perfume does, because I keep seeing people complain about the smell on Suave products — and I’ve never had issues with odor. I find what smell there is to be subtle and certainly not unpleasant.I think this spray is fine. It doesn’t blow my mind with how amazing my hair looks with it on, but it does add extra shine and smoothness. Like other reviewers have mentioned, shake before using. If you use too much it makes hair look oily and limp (all shine sprays do, I’ve found), but if you re-blowdry or straighten the too saturated strands, they’re usually fine.

Gena Mina, SD

An alcohol-based shine product?

SUAVE VIBRANT SHINE is a spray that contains some silicones, which are common in beauty products to provide lubrication and shine. It also contains mica which I assume makes up the shiny, pretty particles that are suspended in the liquid after shaking. I found it at my supermarket for under $3, and I was excited to try it. What a disappointment! I didn’t check the ingredients until I got home. The very first ingredient is alcohol which means the product contains more alcohol than any other component. Alcohol’s effect on hair is well-known, and that effect is not to increase shine. Alcohol is very dulling and drying to hair. Oh well. Maybe the alcohol is just the conduit for the silicones and mica? I hoped.I gave it several tries. When I took the cap off and took a big sniff, I could really smell the alcohol, but I didn’t get too much of that when I sprayed the product on my hair. I found the added scent to be fairly light and pleasant. Unfortunately, I got no added shine. I applied more product the next few times and still no shine. The rest went in the trash.The problem is most people don’t need shining products if their hair is healthy. Mine can be dull because it is processed with color and heated almost daily with various styling tools. If your hair is processed and dull (thus prompting you to look for a product that adds shine), an alcohol-based product may be the last thing you want to put on it!

Autumn Dunn Loring, VA

provides shine, just like it says!

I bought the miracle 7 shine spray recently and, for the $$, wasn’t happy. It was just “ok”.Saw this Suave Shine Spray at Walmart for under $3. I like the SHINE it truly does provide! Like everyone notes, shake bottle, then hold 6 – 8 inches from hair and lightly mist all over. I’ve only used this on dry hair and it gives a nice, healthy shine.The scent is good. Its a clean, decent scent and doesnt linger long. Very good shine spray/gloss!

Maryellen Bucoda, WA

left my hair shiny!

yeah it was really good. it made my hair shiny (dry on my ends) but all aside it did what it was supposed to and smelled nice.

Dora Irwinton, GA


Everyone made a comment that the smell was terrible – I disagree. Its a nice light scent- nothing over powering. Def makes your hair shiny, esp after blowdrying with all that heat! Dont add too much and avoid your scalp…it can get oily. a few spritz on the ends and brush through, the brush will distribute a nice amount to the rest of your hair. very nice product!

Gussie Nineveh, IN