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Suave Professionals Styling Oil, Moroccan Infusion 3 oz

This weightless styling oil treatment, infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, is designed to dramatically revive hair. The ultra-light formula instantly conditions without weighing hair down, smoothing the cuticle for long lasting, silky shine.

Key features

  • Shine Styling Hair Oil Treatment 3 FL OZ
  • Infused with Moroccan argan oil
  • Noticeably, silky shine
  • Salon proven to add shine as well as MoroccanOil Treatment
  • Instant conditioning, touchable softness

Honest reviews


Fragrance Will Knock You Out

I have heard quite a bit about Moroccan hair oil and was looking forward to trying Suave’s Moroccan Infusion.When I opened the plastic container to place some in my hand to apply to my hair the fragrance hit me – so sickeningly and cloyingly sweet it would bring an elephant to it’s knees. I mean who could wear this in their hair? No one would get close to you. The fragrance ( or chemicals) are so strong I can still smell it even though the cap is back on it. Wear at your own risk!

Joanne North Jay, ME

Good product but misleading name

Moroccan oil is insanely popular now and, in my opinion, extremely overhyped. This “Moroccan Argan Styling Oil” is not a “Styling Oil” at all really. When you think “styling oil”, you think you are getting an oil based product. This is really a silicone based product and does not have much Moroccan/Argan oil in it. The first ingredient is Cyclopentasiloxane which is a silicone. Actually, there are 4 `cone’ ingredients in this so-called oil. Argan oil does not come until closer to the end. It comes AFTER fragrance on the ingredient list so you know there can’t be much in the whole bottle, let alone in a single application. In fact, there are a total of 3 oils in this product and they all come at the end AFTER fragrance. I feel the name is misleading as is the case with many, many so-called Moroccan or Argan oil products. I hate deceptive labeling and this product is guilty of that.In any case, while it’s obvious they’re riding on the Moroccan oil bandwagon, I still like this product, but it’s because of the `cones in the product. I like silicone based products. I love how they feel in my hair.

Katherine Cedar River, MI

Hair Therapy for the New Economy

Admit it – some years back, I was one of the fools that bought into all the hype about the original “Moroccan Oil” serum. Had some money laying around and laid out $38.00 (embarrassing!). Then and now, argan oil is the buzz word and selling point, and while the original product indeed contained it, it also contained a lot of silicones as well. This serum is Suave’s knock-off and similarly contains argan oil and silicones. It also contains coconut oil which is an excellent additive and highly conditioning.So having used the original product, Dove’s Nutri-Oil serum and various others, I can say this Suave product’s results are on the same level. Smoothes, detangles, defrizzes. In fact, I have no issues with the fragrance in this. Obviously, some people are more fragrance sensitive than others, but I did not find this in any way overpowering, and the scent does not linger a bit. For reference, I find Dove’s hair products much more fragrant and intrusive. Love the packaging and the serum dispenser is great because it doesn’t give you any more product that is warranted. Dove’s spits out way too much, and that’s wasteful.So all you ladies (and gentlemen) who are experiencing a little or a substantial pinch in your pocketbook these days, Suave has come to the rescue with a serum that will certainly smooth your do and render you ready for your close-up.

Susana Lithonia, GA

Love It!

Lately, I have not been kind to my hair, and it has shown, unfortunately. I’m getting back on track, but in the meantime, what to do? My hair is just below shoulder length, very thick, and very curly. I’ve been wearing it naturally, but need more styling products to keep it from frizzing, and I think that has taken a toll. So I’ve been straightening it, and that shows far more damage.So, when Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil came available, I decided to give it a try. So, so, so glad I did!! I washed my hair thoroughly the night I received this product, towel dried it, and then applied this stuff. The instructions say to use 2 to 3 pumps, and I used 3. The consistency reminds me a bit of baby oil – I can tell it’s an oil, but it isn’t thick. I rubbed my hands together, and then ran them through my damp hair. I then combed the product through. Because I was going to be straightening my hair in the morning, I let my hair air dry, and went to bed.When I awoke, I could tell instantly my hair felt better. It was silkier and much shinier. Once I straightened it, I couldn’t be the difference! My hair looked so much better and shinier, but it didn’t have a “weighed down” look to it – it still had body to it. There was no stiffness, no stickiness. My hair felt silky, smooth, wonderful! And looked so much better than it did – with just one application!There was a scent when I opened the bottle and put the oil on, but I thought it was very light and not offensive at all. I think most soaps, shampoos and conditioners have a much stronger smell. And, once my hair dried, the odor was gone. Naturally, scents and odors can affect people differently, and what might not bother one person, may be extraordinarially invasive to another.When I washed my hair, I did not find any difficultly washing this product out. In fact, I went a number of days before having to wash my hair, and my hair still looked and felt great! I only had to shampoo once, and I felt all of the product was removed.I am really surprised by this product and its results. And the fact that so little of it is needed to obtain results. Who have thought it would have come from Suave? What a pleasant surprise!

Kerry Shedd, OR

Two Reviews

I use a salon brand Argan oil on a regular basis. I thought I’d try this product since it is so much less expensive. I had two thoughts:First, it was heavier than the product that I use, more like an orange oil or a silk extract. It left my hair a little greasier than the results that I get from my regular product. (I have very fine hair). Perhaps it felt heavier because this is a mixture of argan, almond and coconut oils where the product I normally use is exclusively argan oil. Second, I didn’t like the strong scent.Conclusion: I won’t be switching to this product despite the better price.My mom also tried the product. She normally uses a Moroccan Oil product (mixed oils) from a salon line. She loved the Suave. She said that she could not tell the difference between this product and the one she regularly uses. (She has grey hair that is dry and curly). She also does not care for the perfumed scent, but said it wasn’t a big enough factor to prevent her from purchasing the product.Conclusion: She is switching to this product due to its lower price point and effectiveness.So if you are considering this product take into account what type of hair you have, your expectations (what type of product you currently use) and whether you are sensitive to scents.

Chris Gardner, ND

It’s OK

I used this product exactly as the manufacturer recommended. I used Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner 28 oz and Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo 28 oz, then I toweled dry and added the Argan Styling Oil to my hair. I have very long and over-processed hair – I applied the oil from mid-shaft down and payed special attention to the spit ends.I let it air dry some more, then I styled as usual. I see some improvement, but naturally *nothing* like they show in the commercials!My hair is a tad softer but no less frizzy looking. The product when used with the shampoo and conditioner, leaves my hair smelling yummy though. This/these product/s did not dry out my scalp so no worries for me on that front.I did use the so called stylists trick that you read about on the back of the bottle, which is to add a tiny bit to your dry hair. I added a drop into my hands, rubbed then together and then rubbed that into the ends of my hair.Naturally my hair looked better after this, since common sense tells me that ANY oil rubbed into dry hair will make if look smoother and shinier. But it is nice that this product was made specifically for your hair and it smells wonderful.

Constance Grapevine, TX

Decent (and cheaper) alternative to morrocanoil brand

You know what they say: If it feels like morrocanoil, smells like morrocanoil and gives the same results as morrocanoil, then it must be morrocanoil. Well, almost.This Suave product is essentially an inexpensive knockoff to the widely popular morrocanoil brand product (Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment 3.4 Oz Bottle with Blue Box). Although it does feel, smell and give pretty much the same results as the morrocanoil brand’s way pricier “equivalent,” it is not the same color. The Suave _bottle_ is the same color (or nearly so), but the product within it is colorless. (The morrocanoil counterpart is orange [which doesn’t, by the way, impart any color to your hair] and comes in a glass bottle).All that being said, the product didn’t–near as I can tell–do any worse or better than the morrocanoil brand. After a few uses, however, it became difficult to pump the dispenser because the bottle tended to get oil residue from my hands as well as the pump itself. Although it’s apparently a different product than the morrocanoil version, it compares favorably with the other’s performance . . . and it won’t break too many styling budgets. A serviceable cost-effective alternative to the “real” thing.

Jeanie Jones, OK

Not really for me

I am not sure if this is made for white people hair…I have thick hair that is often frizzy, so I thought this stuff would work great for me, but even using the instructed amount left me greasy. I worked it in well and followed directions, but it still left my hair and scalp slimy.

Sierra Saxe, VA

Doesn’t Do Anything

My daughter has short red hair (processed) and I have long hair (au naturale), and we both tried this styling oil which we expected to add shine –and a bit of manageability to the dry ends of my hair.Neither of us was impressed.Now we have been using L’Oreal’s equivalent of this product–L’oreal Precious Oil Treatment with Argan Oil– and their oil leaves our hair shiny and healthier looking. [My daughter’s read hair just glows, and mine shines in the sunlight.] This Suave oil did neither of these things.–I’ve tried the Suave shampoos and conditioners–Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner– with the Argan oil and LOVE them. Consequently this styling oil was a big disappointment.

Coleen Verndale, MN

Smooth and Shiny

I confess I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this “Suave Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil.” Mainly I thought the name sounded cool, and I can be a sucker for that kind of marketing.It’s a small bottle, but you don’t need a lot of oil to get an effect. About two pumps does the trick. I liked the smell. It was what I was expecting–sort of a sandlewood/spice scent that goes well on men or women. I don’t have the accompanying shampoo/conditioner, so I used just the oil. Even without the full treatment, I was impressed.My hair was definitely smoother and shinier after using then. It’s not often that I get noticeable effects from hair product. It wasn’t greasy or oily. I was a bit worried about that, but the oil absorbs pretty quickly and you are just left with the goodness.My wife was even more impressed with this Argan Oil than I was. This is one of the few hair products in the house that we both use. With her super-long Asian hair she gets a much greater effect from the oil. She says she loves combing her hair after she has the oil in, because the comb just slides right through.

Judith Locust Gap, PA

Careful on how much!

I like this light oil to soften my hair for styling. It goes on soft and makes blowing out and styling a breeze. It also helps my hair in the back where I usually get tangles.Likely to last forever, this product only requires a few drops to work well. That means go easy (a few drops) or your hair will be greasy fast. That’s the only problem I had…the first few times I used too much of it. I also like to use it after I swim. I use UltraswimUltraSwim Chlorine-Removal Shampoo, 7-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4)and then after a few drops of this and comb out. It feels soft and takes away the chlorine smell and makes it bouncier. Without it, my hair feels like straw.The price is killer too for an Argan Oil product. Enjoy

Doreen Park Rapids, MN

You only need a little.

I just use a couple drops and rub in my hands and add to my hair when it’s still damp. I also use it if I get static in my hair – works great and makes my hair shiny.

Gayle Onekama, MI

Superb effects, and for an amazingly inexpensive price

I don’t know what I did or didn’t do to my hair over the recent holidays, but it looked AWFUL this morning when I woke up.I was at that “Ah,PLEASE don’t look at me OR my hair” phase.I must have had a restless night without realizing it. Or something. Maybe I went sleepwalking in the mind of Charles Dickens as he wrote the depressing part of “A Christmas Carol” and had I bad hair because of that. I cannot explain it. It was, in a word, weird.Frankly, my unrealized restless nights are the WORST for incubating and ultimately bringing forth potential BAD HAIR days.So this morning, I basically looked like a character in Alien VS Predator when I woke up.Fortuitously, my Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Morroccan Styling Oil was right next to my side of the bed, waiting to be reviewed.I grabbed it before I even had my cup of coffee, and here is how it scores:1) ease of opening when half asleep and your fingers don’t work but you MUST open it because you look like a nightmare: A+2) ease of applying when you can barely read the instructions: A+3) ease of relaxing and styling your pathetically snarled up hair from your restless night, just using the handy pump, putting some on your palms and rubbing it through your hair with your fingers: A+4) shine effect on dulled out hair: A+5) general feeling of well being about yourself and that you can GO on LIVING without being banished to a desert island all by yourself because you used to look horrible: A+Conclusion: I love this wonderful Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Morroccan Styling Oil because it works wonders! I have become a a phoenix, risen from the ashes of “ugly hair” (one of the most reviled and shameful qualities I can have, to my mind).Plus, it smells fine and not too strong.PLUS–the big plus–it’s a quality product at a very inexpensive price.How can you go wrong with this?You can’t.So don’t be banished to a desert island: get this terriific product!!!

Geneva Kinard, FL

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Argan Styling Oil

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Argan Styling Oil. This is oil, so of course it is oily. Don’t use a whole lot, or your hair will be way too oily. If used right, it can make your hair shiny and with just the right amount of oil that it needs. It could help dry hair. You might have to experiment to determine how much your particular hair needs. Some people would need more than others.Good product. Highly recommended.

Jewel Fairfax, MO

Good product but very impractical packaging

I found that this Argan oil was passable as a conditioning and styling product. My hair is not as healthy as it once was with the length of it suffering the worse, this oil did make it a bit softer. Unfortunately, for the oil, the packaging it is contained within offers little in the way of helpful distribution. The pump does not have the power to shoot the oil out with ample velocity to actually put it in the palm of your hand.Instead, the oil comes out and runs down the side of the bottle with only a portion of it ending up in you hand. The rest of it ends up on the countertop unless you immediately throw the bottle in the sink basin and rinse it off. I don’t particularly care of the high maintenance aspect of that, so I plan on screwing off the cap and dobbing the oil onto my palm.Fact for natural product lovers: This product labels itself as authentic Argan oil but the oil is not labeled as natural and/or organic.

Audra Landingville, PA


I have tried (and reviewed) both the shampoo and the deep conditioning shine mask for this product line and really like them both, so I was excited to try this as well. Unfortunately, it just did not work as well for me as the other two products. Actually, it did work. And it smelled really nice. The big bummer was that it made my head itch like crazy. Not in an “allergic reaction/hives” kind of way, but more like a “sudden onset of dandruff” kind of way. My head just felt all dry and itchy from the time my hair finished drying until I washed it out. Once it was gone, my scalp went right back to normal. As nothing else had changed, and as things are back to normal, I must sadly conclude that the styling oil and I are not destined to become close personal friends.It’s a shame…but hopefully others out there will not have this same problem. I do have pretty short hair, so maybe those with longer hair will have better luck at keeping it away from their scalp. I really did like how it felt in my hair…just not on my head!

Stephanie Orleans, VT

Shine on

Great stuff, really revitalizes and gives shine, but unlike other serums it feels almost a "dry" oil in that it absorbs so well.Argan is the miracle supplement du jour and it lives up to the hype.And it’s from Suave, so it’s guaranteed to be among the lowest-priced.

Blanca Saxton, PA

Works Beautifully, Heavenly Scent

I started using this as a replacement for the CHI brand of the same type of product. This works every bit as well as the CHI brand for about 1/3 of the price! I do reallllly like the fragrance in the CHI, but I’m even more happy with the lovely fragrance of the product. It’s a woodsy, slightly Oriental fragrance. It’s perfect for me, but keep in mind that I usually prefer men’s cologne too!

Antoinette Rosendale, NY

Smells great and makes my hair shiny and sparkly

As we all know Moroccan Oil is the new Shea Butter or Jojoba Oil; it’s in everything. I really love this light, little oil. This oil smells great and makes a great sealant on Natural (Black) hair or on any type of hair. If your hair is thin, this oil is perfect for you due to its not being thick. Love the smell. Love the texture. Love the consistency. Great buy!

Opal Branford, CT

Not Much Actual Moroccan Argan Oil In Here

My hair is shoulder-length and fine, and I wear it blown straight so the focus is on the color and shine. As a result, I’m rather particular about my styling products: they need to enhance shine, body and manageability without dulling the shine or leaving my hair feeling greasy. This stuff certainly leaves a nice shine, but I felt like my hair needed more frequent washing and didn’t notice much of a change in its condition.It smells like Moroccan Oil, and it has a similar feel in the hand. As with Moroccan Oil, if you look at the ingredient list, you’ll see that Argan Oil is the second to the last ingredient, right before coconut oil. The primary ingredients are what you’d find in any shine-enhancing hair serum. So, yes, it maybe a money-saver but it’s not a hair saver, at least not for me.

Millie Cummaquid, MA

Use sparingly….performs like similar, more costly, styling oils

Through the years we’ve used similar styling oil products. Suave Moroccan Argan Styling Oil seems to perform the same as the other products. Oils tend to weigh my baby fine hair down, but work beautifully on my daughter’s long blonde hair. I apply a small amount to the palms of my hands, then rub the oil through my dried hair. My daughter applies a small amount to her hair after she’s blown it dry & used a flat iron. Her hair comes out shiny, but gets dirty more quickly when she uses any styling oil product, including Suave’s Moroccan Argan Styling Oil. She has also uses the oil when her hair has been dried and needs to tame the flyaway ends.This is a nice product which performs the same as similar, more costly, styling oils. We suggest that you apply a small amount to your hair & use it sparingly.I really like Suave’s line of Moroccan Argan hair care products especially the shampoos & conditioners. The Mask works great too, but might cause a build-up if used too often.

Petra Farmersville Station, NY

Lots of silicone, but works pretty well

It is interesting that most of the ingredients (the first few) are silicones or silicone derivatives and the last three are Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil. I wonder how much softening is being done by the oils, versus the silicones.With that said, my wife and my daughter both like it (they don’t like the smell, especially my daughter) and say that it makes their hair easier to brush. I can attest to that because I usually brush my daughters hair and her hair usually tangles and knots easily. With a little spray BEFORE the tangles start, usually after her bath, this works fairly well. And from what others are saying, and what I have found, the Moroccan Oil this is supposed to replace costs a several times more than this Suave product. It certainly is cheap enough to try out. I give it 4.5 stars, and take half off for the smell. I do think we will continue you to use the product in our house. Btw, my daughter says the smell is better than getting her hair pulled. 🙂

Marva Rome, PA

Not impressed

Im always on the lookout for something that will tame my wild mane. If you have seen any of my other product reviews then you know i have tried out a few.I had high hopes for this moroccan styling oil. However they fell flat. I had to used 3 pumps and it’s pretty thick. The smell is ok but doesn’t linger and i like my hair to smell nice.My search for a product that works for my hair will continue, so unfortunately i cannot recommend this product for someone with hair like mine. (Which is thick ,Frizzy, and right between straight and curly).

Jeanie Waterville Valley, NH

love Moroccon oil, prefer a spray

While I love Moroccan oil for my extra long hair, I much prefer the spray products as they apply more evenly and aren’t greasy on hands; this oil was no exception. The Suave Professionals Moroccan oil product series have been effective products, in general. Like, not love this particular one.

Jessica Kinderhook, IL

Loved the shampoo/conditioner, this not so much

For reference, I have baby fine, long, wavy hair, with highlights and lowlights. My hair ends tend to get dryed out and look dull. While I absolutely love the shampoo/conditioner in this line, this styling oil didn’t work as well as I had hoped on my hair.On the directions it says to put on hair when hair is dry, a small amount. Though this has a lovely scent, it made my fine hair look weighed down and oily even with a very small amount. This just isn’t right for my hair type.

Dorothy Castro Valley, CA

Great for curly hair…

I have always wanted to try Moroccan Argan oil, but the high price always scared me away. Suave has came out with an affordable version of this well known styling oil. My 3 year old daughter has curly hair, but it is very fine and gets frizzy easily. I am hesitant to use a lot of hair product on her, because she is so young. I have been using a tiny amount of this in her hair, just about 2 drops. I lightly towel dry her hair, then I rub the oil through my fingers, and then through her hair. After her hair air dries, it is much more manageable. The oil leaves a nice shine on her light blonde hair, and the scent is subtle.This bottle will probably last us for a year or more, considering the tiny amount that I use on her hair. But, I will definitely purchase it again in the future when we run out.

Jayne Athens, OH

Shine? Yes, but it comes with a smell

I’ve heard the hoopla about argan oil. Suave finally makes it affordable enough to try it out. It does make your hair shiny, easier to comb, and healthy looking, but as it’s applied to hair (which is dead), I doubt that it does anything that actually benefits it or makes it healthier. Still, who doesn’t want shiny, healthy looking hair at an affordable price? The shine is so drastic that my hair almost looks fake. The day after applying it, my hair also feels somewhat heavier. I don’t have time to fuss with my hair, so I love that it’s so easy to use. You just put it on damp hair and comb it through. It adds about 3 seconds to your routine. There is one word of warning however. This product has more perfume in it than it does argan, almond or coconut oil and you can tell by the smell! It smells like insecticide, so that is a bit of a turn off. When I stand in a big room, it’s not so noticeable, but if you get in a small space- like a car- it can be overwhelming. Not a good thing.Break down-Price- A+Shine- A+Ease of use- A+Smell- C

Dina Tremont City, OH

Did a Decent Job

I have very dry hair and this really brought some life back into it – I had less frizz and fly-aways. My hair stayed in the style for the day and didn’t look weighed down or greasy. I didn’t use all that much, either – just some on the top and sides. In all, very pleased with this product!

Keri East Liverpool, OH

Gives Hair a Healthy Look and Feel

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil is very light and doesn’t weigh your hair down like some of the other Argan Oils that I have used in the past. I have human hair extensions in my hair and it’s important to keep them hydrated so that you can wear them for longer periods of time without them drying out. The Suave Moroccan Infusion oil gives my hair the sheen without being too heavy and also controls some of the frizz that I experience at the top of my hair. I like that this Infusion oil helps manage my frizz as well as my split ends and gives my hair and my extensions a very healthy glow.This product is just as good if not better than some of the other brands that I have used.I love that the Suave Styling Oil can add the silky shine as I flat iron my hair and the oil also adds a smooth polished feel to my hair. I love that this product is the same quality as some of the more expensive oils that I have used and leaves my hair looking and smelling great.

Lorene Boiling Springs, PA

Spicey scent

This is another product in the new Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion lineup. My stylist uses the original Moroccan Oil on my hair when she blows it dry and it imparts amazing shine. This product almost achieves the same look only less so.The main thing I dislike about this is the scent. It is a very strong oriental spice note and reminds me of Opium fragrance a bit. While some people may like a strong spice fragrance and not mind it in their hair products, this girl isn’t keen on it.For the first 24 hours after I wash and dry my hair, it has almost the same amazing shine and smoothness as it does after I come from my stylist. Then it gets greasy. I tend to have slightly oily hair to begin with, and this makes it so that I need to wash my hair again after 24 hours, instead of being able to go 48 hours between washings.In addition to the costly argan oil, this contains almond oil and coconut oil. Both of these are great oils to use on your body but I don’t need extra oil on my alread overly oily hair. The original argan oil doesn’t have the same greasy feel to it. It feels like a dry oil and does not impart extra oiliness to my hair.I recommend this for those with dry hair, course hair, thick hair or ethnic hair, due to the oil content. I think it would be fantastic for those hair types. For me, it gives great shine for a while but my hair ends up being too greasy from it.

Daphne Kulpsville, PA