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Suave Professionals Shine Conditioner, Moroccan Infusion 28 oz

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner, infused with Moroccan argan oil, provides your hair with noticeable shine, long-lasting conditioning and a luxurious fragrance. Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Hair Conditioner conditions your hair while smoothing the cuticle to make hair shine as well as a salon brand.

Key features

  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner, infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, gives your hair brilliant shine and long-lasting conditioning benefits
  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner is infused with Moroccan aragan oil – a lightweight miracle oil that absorbs instantly
  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Conditioner conditions hair while smoothing the cuticle to make it shiny
  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner is salon-proven to make hair shine as well as a salon brand
  • To enhance shine and conditioning, use with Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil

Honest reviews


left a lot of residue after a few weeks

I am editing an earlier review, now that I have used this product for several weeks and am seeing drastically different results…(just fyi I am using the Suave shampoo along with the conditioner so I assume the result is from use of both products).I thought my hair looked fantastic in the beginning, but as the weeks went on my hair was starting to feel progressively limper and grimier…to the point where I started switching back to my old shampoo a few times a week. Today my husband actually asked me if I’d washed my hair recently, or if I’d used a lot of gel. When I ran my fingers through my hair I realized it felt completely greasy and stringy, like I hadn’t washed it in days! This Morroccan oil is just too heavy for my somewhat fine hair. I am very thorough when it comes to washing/conditioning my hair and I spend a long time rinsing everything out, but over time this stuff really builds up and is hard to wash off. Maybe this works better for coarser and thicker hair (I don’t know), but it’s just too heavy for mine.

Courtney Arcadia, FL

Not a fan

I really liked the smell of this, I am however not a fan of Suave after trying a few of their products. The conditioner doesn’t coat my hair well enough. I don’t want to fit my tangles but I don’t want my hair to feel like it’s weighed down by conditioner. I tried this out for a week, it didn’t do anything for my dry ends. I felt like it was just coating & weighing my hair down.

Kristi Marcellus, NY

Moisturizing conditioner

This is another new Suave product that I am pleased with. The Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner has good slip and moisturized my hair pretty well. The moroccan oil is a nice addition to the formula. I look forward to reviewing more of these new products.

Yolanda Ingleside, MD

bye bye tangles

I was pretty skeptical about the “argon oil” promise, as it seems just like the “shea butter”, “avocado oil”, and “olive oil” supplements offered in this same products over the last few years. It seems like a trendy ingredient and not necessarily beneficial. I’ve rec’d face lotions and even hand cream with argon oil, so it’s everywhere.But, I was very impressed with this conditioner as it really polished it off. It’s thick and rich, and it helped my hair that is prone to tangles. I was actually able to use my fingers to comb out my hair in the shower to detangle it, rather than fight with a comb.My hair felt noticeably thicker once the conditioner went on. I patted it dry and my hair styled beautifully. I’ ve always liked Suave…..I’m broke so it’s what I can afford, but back when I used to use Redken and Biosilk, my hair was never this soft.

Christi Coulee City, WA

Very nice product

I have used Moroccan oil in my hair before, but never used a conditioner with Moroccan oil infusion. Works great. My hair is full, soft and shiny.As soon as I got out of the shower I was able to run my wide tooth comb through my hair without any tangling. Used my blow dryer and my hair has no static and styled very easily. Moroccan oil is great stuff. I would recommend this conditioner.

Mia Windsor, MO

Infusion Shine Conditioner

I’ve used a lot of Suave conditioners over the years and my biggest complaint has always been that it takes 2-3 times as much product to get the same result I get from other brands, so the value is lost. This is not the case with this product! The first time I used it, I used what I would consider a normal amount for Suave conditioner and it was WAY too much! Now, I’m at a point where I use a very small amount of this conditioner and am getting great results. Even though this is more expensive that many of the other Suave conditioning products, I will definitely be buying it again because a little goes a long way! I’m not sure what the difference is. I don’t actually know what Moroccan argan oil is, but maybe that’s it!Because the product conditions so well, I also agree that the shininess of my hair has increased. This may be due to the Moroccan argan oil or just because my hair is better conditioned overall, but the end result is that my hair definitely has more shine to it.

Rae Geddes, SD

Wow, Suave…

In the recent decade, I’ve become something of a shampoo and conditioner snob, almost to the point of actually buying stuff from salons. I’m not sure what level that puts me at, but Suave is something I often snub my nose at. But with their recent lines clammouring to be noticed, well, I gave it a shot.And here it is: this is one incredible conditioner. I’ve been trying various masks (which are supposed to be the superultramega conditioning) and I’m now thinking, why not just use this? The result is soft hair that lasts for several days and that doesn’t even seem to be this conditioner’s selling point.As for the selling point: the shine. I went into that test with a supersilicious grin… but I was once again surprised. When used in conjunction with the shampoo, this truly does make for a healthy and fun glow.

Rhea Fort Rock, OR

Great conditioner to get hair soft and bouncy

Used this conditioner on a few different hair types, including “ethnic.” Thick, fine hair was made to be soft and bouncy and very healthy looking; the ethnic hair ended up the same way, but it also felt much, much smoother than before using it. I personally like the smell of it – a good concoction of whatever it’s supposed to smell like.Overall, a great conditioner that does well across the various hair types in the family. Would use and buy again!

Miriam Luxora, AR

Lustrous Hair

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner smells like flowers, honey, vanilla and cream. It feels great and thanks to the argan oil, leaves my hair lustrous with little buildup. I believe this conditioner has helped make my hair more manageable, attractive and healthy.

Donna Sumner, IL

Not for fine hair

I have fine, thin, limp hair. I must use a conditioner because my hair tangles terribly the moment water hits it. My ideal conditioner would leave my hair: detangled, volumized, and shiny, with a light, fresh scent. This Moroccan Infusion conditioner does detangle, but my hair is flat and lifeless, barely shiny and – worst of all – heavily perfumed. Ugh. I’m throwing the bottle out.

Laurel Havelock, IA

Hair is still tangled

I really liked the shampoo. It smells great, leaves my hair feeling good, and with my current conditioner (not Suave product), my hair always felt great. But then I decided to get this conditioner to use with the same brand/product shampoo and I was really disappointed. So I did like the smell, the bottle is easy to handle and is aesthetically pleasing, but it didn’t do much for keeping my hair soft. In fact, I ended up having all sorts of tangles in my hair which were not easy to get out.I gave this three stars because I do like the smell and my hair is shiny, but I wish it would actually condition more than it did, especially since I’m using both the shampoo and the conditioner together.

Luann Carpenter, SD

Coconut + Mineral Oils = Slippery Floor

I wanted to love this. Argan Oil is the latest trend is moisture and I did not realistically think that at the Suave price-point there would be much of it in the product. The 2 main moisturizers seem to be coconut oil and mineral oil. I’ve not noticed these in other conditioners I have used, so I was a bit concerned about it leaving my fine hair limp and lifeless from too much heavy oil. I was wrong on that account. It conditioned nicely – leaving my hair soft and smooth. I never put conditioner on my roots so I can’t say how it would work on the scalp. I also love the smell – spicy and slightly exotic – exactly what one might expect with a product called Moroccan Infusion.Why 3 stars? Because the type of oil used in the product has made my shower floor very slippery. I don’t know if it is the coconut oil or the mineral oil, but after using this product, the next time I got in the shower, I almost fell because the floor was slippery. This has never happened to me before on the textured shower floor; the only difference was the introduction of this product into my routine the day before.I won’t be using this long enough to see if it works to keep hair color from becoming dull.

Esther Rossville, IN

Good Detangler

I have long hair these days. Hair that tends to tangle and so I am very happy with this conditioner since I could have almost combed through my hair without needing any other products. (I use Magic 10 because I’m impatient)Previously I used the Suave Professionals Moroccan Conditioner for Processed hair and I think this is similar. Both, however, are superior Pantene conditioners which I’ve used for years. My hair came out very soft, and while I didn’t notice any particular increase in shine, I have to note that my hair is curlier. It’s generally too heavy to show the spiral curls my hair naturally forms, but when it dries after using the Suave Infusion Shine shampoo and conditioner, it curls. (go figure)So no more Pantene. I really like this line and I’ll be using one of the two Suave Professionals shampoos and conditioners from now on.Pam T~mom/fur-mom

Concepcion Darlington, WI

Good for a cheaper conditioner

For a cheaper conditioner, this works quite well. I really like the scent and it seems to last on my hair even after rinsing. You do have to use quite a bit though because it is not quite as moisturizing as the more expensive conditioners.

Heather College Corner, OH

Don’t Notice Any Extra Shine . . .

This is the second Suave conditioner if its type that I have used. It really seems to be no different than the other Moroccan conditioner. It smells the same, and my hair looks the same after using it. I’ve noticed, however, the longer I use these new Suave Moroccan products, the more they start making my hair flyaway looking, just like the usual Suave products. Also, I don’t think the Moroccan ones smell as good as the cheaper Suave shampoos and conditioners.

Crystal Maxie, VA

Suave does it again

Suave has really jumped on the Moroccan Oil bandwagon, and not a moment too soon, in my humble opinion. Argon, or Moroccan, oil is the best thing that has ever happened to this head of hair in a loong time. This great conditioner tames my frizzy, dried out hair and gives it incredible shine, body and volume, and the price is reasonable. The scent is faint and pleasant and it rinses away cleanly. The results are spectacular, as all the Moroccan Oil products I’ve used seem to give the same amazing shine and healthy look to my hair. I love all the Suave Moroccan Oil products. This isn’t the first time I’e been impressed with Suave products. This rivals any great shampoo out there I’ve tried, even besting my frizz taming last favorite, Frizz Ease. This makes my hair gorgeous.

Bridgette Walton, WV

Leaves hair soft and shiny

After applying Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner and letting sit in my hair a few minutes, I could feel how tangle free and silky my hair felt while rinsing it out. Thee is not an overwhelming smell and the aroma of argan oil is not to strong. Followed it with Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Argan Styling Oil, blow dried and styled as usual. My hair was soft, fizz-free, bouncy, shiny and manageable.I have been using products with argan oil for years now. Argan oil comes from the nut that is taken out of the fruit from the argan tree that are found mostly in southern Morocco. I am Latina and have thick dry hair. Argan oil hair products helps to naturally restore the moisture to the hair cuticle, helps tame frizz and reduce the appearance of split ends, and adds shine that last all day long. Besides taming your locks, it will also help counter the damaging effects of heat from flat irons and blow dryers.I would definitely recommend this conditioner to anyone who has dry dull hair that needs some shine and life back into it. It is economical and works as advertised.

Carrie Plymouth, PA

Smells like Perfume!!!!!

Leaves hair smelling really, really good. Also leaves hair soft and manageable. My daughter used this conditioner, and her hair was so soft and lovely; I also kept thinking she had put on perfume, then I realized that it was not perfume, but this conditioner. She said she loves this conditioner, leaves her hair soft and manageable. I sure do love the lovely smell from this conditioner.Highly recommended.

Anna Dadeville, MO

Love the Moroccan Infusion formula!

Before using this Suave Moroccan Infusion shampoo and conditioner, I was using Pantene shampoo and Garnier Fructis conditioner. My hair is quite thick and currently pretty long, and I try to find hair care products that help keep my hair smooth and easy to manage. My hair is usually the softest after a deep conditioning treatment, but then it can often be a bit weighted down and may not hold a curl as well. This conditioner and the matching shampoo makes my hair as soft and silky as it usually is after a deep conditioning treatment, only it’s also still style-able. Using Suave Moroccan Infusion, my hair will still hold a curl and feels richly conditioned.Neither the shampoo or the conditioner have a lot of color or scent. The conditioner has a sweet scent that’s unlike any other hair product I’ve used. The shampoo has a very mild scent, that’s also unusual. More of a soap or mild perfume smell, than the typical citrus or floral scent.The shampoo bottle opens from the top, and the conditioner bottle opens from the bottom. So even though they look very similar, when the bottles are setting beside one another, you can tell which bottle it which by how they open. After using them on my hair, the first thing I noticed was that it was a bit easier to run my brush through my hair while it was wet. So the Suave conditioner makes my hair less tangley after washing than when I use my Garnier Fructis conditioner. After drying my hair, I was quite pleased with how it looked and felt. It was smooth and reminded me of the was one of my favorite shampoos/conditioner brands make my hair look, Pantene Ice Shine. I normally always use the Ice Shine, but it’s pricey and has a really strong overpowering fragrance. So I’m very pleased to find that this gives my hair the same look and feel as I get when I use my Pantene Ice Shine. So while it might not have bright colors and bold fragrances like some brands use, the shampoo and conditioner do work very well.I also love the Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care formula. I dye my hair each month a deep dark brown, and the Color Care formula helps retain my hair coloring, while giving it the same silky softness that this Shine formula does. Suave Moroccan Infusion is my new favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Manuela Durants Neck, NC

Noticeable Softness and silkiness

Argan oil has gotten major kudos for its ability to impart megawatt shine to hair. According to Suave, this conditioner has been salon proven to equal the shine enhancing properties of Morrocanoil, a salon only product. If that is so, I am glad I did not splurge at the salon as I was less than impressed with the shine.This is not to say that this is not a nice conditioner. It has a lush tropical scent, floral with undernotes of vanilla and maybe coconut. The bottle is easy to hold and the product a snap to dispense and apply. It rinsed cleanly. Overall, it detangled and left my hair enviably silky with a nice sheen. My hair was definitely more manageable. It did seem a tad heavy, less wavy than usual. This product is touted for shine. I can’t say that I noticed any difference in my hair with respect to shine.This is a nice product at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a pleasantly scented conditioner that will leave you with a silky head of hair, I would recommend it. If my experience is any indication, your hair will feel great and have a subtle sheen, but not any brillant shine.

Lacey Readlyn, IA

Actually thinner than the Moroccan Infusion Shampoo

I found it ironic that the shampoo in the Suave Moroccan Infusion product line is actually a little bit thicker than this conditioner. This product works as an excellent complement to the shampoo and the two of them used together gave me the soft hair that is expected of a Moroccan Argan Oil product, but it didn’t leave the sheen the hair model featured in the product adverts has – but what product does that without additional help? The conditioner rinsed out clean and my hair has managed to stay fluffy and natural looking.The 4-stars instead of 5 is based on the consistency of this product. A thicker conditioner is always better as it gives the product more hold while showering. Usually I put on my conditioner and then go about shaving or washing my face while letting it set a few minutes. With this product I felt I had to consciously avoid the ambient water from the water stream instead of just its direct path in order to keep the conditioner from running out before it soaked in.

Allene Amazonia, MO

Good For Frizzy Hair

I got this for my daughter, who has very frizzy hair, hoping it would tame her mane a bit and it did. It left her hair (and my hair) silky smooth. This has a strong smell to it that I don’t like very much but she loved. I wouldn’t want to use this conditioner all the time but when I want to style my hair straight this is good to make it nice and smooth before I even begin styling. It’s great for frizzy hair, it really tames it.

Jerri Aspers, PA

Left hair dry and limp

I have been usingCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounceshampoo and conditioner but with Argan oil being the newest and most buzzed about ingredient I decided to give Suave a try. The smell is a little strong, very middle eastern bizarre incense smelling. In my tiny bathroom it was a bit overwhelming, but the scent didn’t linger once I was out of the bathroom and dried off.My hair is dry and frizzy and fine. It flies away so often it has frequent flier miles. Since using the clear scalp my hair has felt like one of those cheesy romance books when they say the hair is like silk running through his fingers, my hair feels silky. In one usage of the Sauve Moroccan infusion, The shampoo, conditioner, and styling oil, my hair is static-ridden and limp, the ends are frizzy, and it’s not feeling silky on my fingers at all.The conditioner is nice in texture, it took a while to rinse out and my hair really didn’t feel super rinsed, it felt a little weighed down. Today it’s even worse, dry, fly away, and the parts not sticking out flying away are hanging limp. I’m going back to the clear.

Allyson Scott City, KS

Moroccan Conditioner

This conditioner leaves my hair wonderfully soft! I LOVED the way my hair felt after using it.The smell…not so much. I’m pretty sensitive to strong smells and perfume. It’s rare that I find a perfume that doesn’t give me a headache. I’ve used the same one for years. This shampoo/conditioner is very strong like perfume. It gave me a sick headache after using it, because the smell sticks around throughout the day. I think for most women this will be a plus side of using it. It didn’t stink! I didn’t hate the smell itself. I just didn’t like how string it was.Overall, if you’re sensitive to smells, pass this one up. If not, I highly recommend it due to how soft my hair felt afterwards.

Marta South San Francisco, CA

SOFT & SHINY Results! (used with the Shampoo)

I’ve used the Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo & Conditioner products on a daily basis for almost 1 week and LOVE the results. My shoulder length, medium to fine hair is more shiny & soft than it has ever been. The results were noticeable after a single wash/rinse/dry and my hair wasn’t a bit “tired” feeling or looking after a night’s sleep. The conditioner is not greasy & does not weigh down my hair.The shampoo/conditioner smell is more exotic-y than flowery. My best guess is that the manufacturer wanted us to think of beaches/suntans rather than gardens/flowers. As best I can tell, the smell seems to be a combination of vanilla & coconut. It is a fairly heavy scent & it stays with your hair until about mid-day before subsiding. Scent-wise, it is no heavier than other name brand products.Other than a spritz of hair spray on my bangs, I do not put any product on my hair. The Moroccan Infusion shampoo/conditioner helped tame fly-away bangs a little bit more than my other non-professional Suave shampoo/conditioner.Overall, I really like this new Suave product. My hair has never been shinier or softer than it is now. Once I deplete my regular Suave line-up, I will move over to the professional line-up and not look back.

Glenna Tom Bean, TX

Love it!

I got this conditioner to go along with the Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shampoo. I love the combination of the two together – I feel as if I am getting a better infusion if I am both shampooing and conditioning with the same. I have to say that my hair does look more shiny than ever before and it feels just wonderful. The scent is very nice, not overpowering but strong enough to linger a little while after your hair is dry. I like that a lot. I want a scent that is noticeable but not too much. I love that my hair doesn’t feel greasy after using this. I already have oily hair to begin with so I refuse to use anything that adds to that.Also, with Suave, you can’t beat the price for the outstanding quality you get! Seriously, why pay more??

Ingrid Mariah Hill, IN

great conditoner

This conditioner is nice and thick. It is not watered down and runny. It left my hair feeling soft and well conditioned, probably because one of the main ingredients is a silicone. I have curly, colored hair and I like silicone based products so this conditioner worked well for me. It smells a bit like a perfume but it is not too overpowering.

Shannon Pavillion, WY

A nice product

I’m not sure how well I can judge a product that’s designed to be used in conjunction with another, because part of the overall effect of freshly washed hair comes from the shampoo that’s used before the conditioner is applied. That said, I think this is a nice conditioner.I’m the sort of person who changes shampoo and conditioner every time I need to buy a new bottle, so I’ve tried quite a few brands. This one is better than some: it doesn’t leave my hair (which is longish, straight, and very fine) feeling stringy or oily, and it’s got a nice thick consistency straight out of the bottle. (Some cheap conditioners have a watery consistency that doesn’t massage into hair well.) It also has a pleasant scent. I didn’t like it at first because it’s rather potent, but the scent dilutes once the hair is dry. And after about a week, I realized that I actually like how it smells.I can’t say that this is the best conditioner I’ve ever purchased, or that I would specifically seek it out the next time I go shopping, but it’s not bad.

Mai Madison Heights, MI

Five Stars

Love this conditioner for a reasonably priced one.

Edna Adrian, TX


I bought this with the shampoo and I must say, Im very happy. I have dry, course hair and this conditioner makes it feel really nice. I like to leave it in and style my hair and it works out really well. Would recommend

Ernestine Bondville, IL