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Suave Professionals Shine Conditioner, Moroccan Infusion 12.6 oz

The new Moroccan infusion line from suave professionals is infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, lightweight miracle oil that absorbs instantly and is known to give brilliant shine and long lasting conditioning benefits. This Moroccan infusion shine conditioner conditions hair while smoothing the cuticle to make hair shinier. To enhance shine and conditioning use with Moroccan infusion Moroccan argan styling oil. Salon proven to make hair shine as well as the salon brand Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner system versus Moroccan oil moisture repair shampoo and conditioner. Moroccan oil is a registered trademark of Moroccan oil Inc.

Key features

  • Infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil
  • Conditions hair while smoothing the cuticle to make hair shinier
  • Luxurious fragrance

Honest reviews


The best $$ value ever

THE BEST Conditioner out there.

Pamala Chilcoot, CA

Suave’s Best Line Yet!

I’ve been using the new Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine shampoo, conditioner and styling oil. I really like the whole line. It has a great scent, it’s a spicy scent like you would imagine a Moroccan scent would be.The shampoo lathers really well. The conditioner left my hair feeling soft. The styling oil works for smoothing and frizz like most hair serums such as Frizz Ease does.Most of the time I don’t really notice any difference in shampoos and conditioners, they seem to all do about the same but after using the Moroccan line, my hair was soft and noticeably shiner. I really noticed a difference. It was smooth and straight but still had body and bounce. I’m quite impressed with the whole line.It’s my favorite of all of Suave’s products!

Allie Sassafras, KY

Love this stuff!

I used this conditioner along with the matching Moroccan shampoo from Suave and I am very pleased. I LOVE the smell and my hair was noticeably more shiny and soft. For the price it is definitely worth a try!

Sara Verona, MO

Fine conditioner with a lovely aroma.

Because I allowed my hair to air dry after using the conditioner I can’t accurately review the product for shine. I do like that it held my naturally wavy hair in curls (which probably ISN’T why most will be purchasing) and to me the scent is a wonderful deeper Wella-Balsam spicy scent, or what Wella smelled like about 30 years ago. I did not find that the scent lingers. I’ll reevaluate for shine on blow-dried or ironed hair at a later date, but I’m completely satisfied with the product on my waist-length curls as is.

Corine Watertown, CT


I love using this with the Moroccan Infusion shampoo and shine serum. It smells amazing and all three of them smell the same. It leaves my hair frizz free, untangles my curls, leaves my hair moisturized until the next wash!

Colleen Natrona Heights, PA

Smells WONDERFUL and makes my hair feel nice too.

The scent is very strong but I really like it. Makes my hair smell really good all day long and all night until I shower again! It does add some oil to your hair, but not a lot. Essentially I think it depends on how thoroughly you rinse your hair. I like to rinse my hair pretty thoroughly as not to make it greasy.

Valerie Milton, PA