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Suave Professionals Shampoo, Rosemary Mint, 28 Ounce

Gently Cleanses and Increases Manageability Suave Professionals Rosemary & Mint Shampoo is infused with 100 percent natural rosemary and mint, which are known for their invigorating properties. It gently cleanses and increases manageability for hair that’s soft and shiny. View larger View larger Directions for Use Apply, lather, rinse. Use with Suave Professionals Rosemary & Mint Conditioner. What’s in the Box Suave Professionals Rosemary & Mint Shampoo 28 Ounces. Suave Professionals Shampoo, Rosemary Mint: Gently cleanses and increases manageability Infused with 100 percent natural rosemary and mint Use with Suave Professionals Rosemary & Mint Conditioner

Key features

  • For all hair types
  • Infused with 100% natural rosemary and mint
  • Shampoo and conditioner system that is proven to invigorate hair as well as aveda rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


developed crusty scalp and acne after using Suave Rosemary Mint

I *love* the scent of this shampoo, but after awhile I developed itchy crusty scabs on my scalp, neck and under, behind and in my ears. My husband (late 50s) was complaining of acne and one sore in particular lingered for many weeks. We switched to 365 herbal mint, over time our problems went away. We hadn’t made the connection and one day we were low on shampoo so picked up another bottle of Suave Rosemary Mint. Within a couple weeks I again had crusty scabs on my scalp and my husband again developed itchy “acne” scabs on his face. We quickly went back to 365 and our problems again cleared up. I mentioned this observation on Facebook, my step-daughter reports she uses Suave Rosemary Mint but said her fiance uses another shampoo since anytime he uses her Suave he also develops crusty scabs on his scalp. A few others reported noticing acne when they were using Suave Rosemary Mint. Lesson learned, we no longer run out of 365 Herbal Mint! Meanwhile since 365 shampoo is not yet available on Amazon at the time of this review, we also useJASON Natural Cosmetics Shampoo, Tea Tree Oil Hair & Scalp Therapy – 17.5 fl ozorJASON Natural Cosmetics Everyday Hair Care- Natural Biotin Shampoo, Ginseng & Chamomile, 16 Ounceswith great results.I would like to find out which ingredient in Suave is causing this crusty scalp issue and/or acne so we can avoid that chemical in the future.

Phoebe Lemoyne, OH

Who knew the most affordable shampoo would be the BEST one I have ever used?!

My hair stylist *whispered* to me about this stuff, with a “don’t tell anyone or I will get in trouble, but you got to try it!”, and so I gave it a shot. At the time my hear was dyyyying, it was coming out in handfuls, dry and always a tangy mess, could not brush it out enough. I was using Pantene again (I don’t know why I keep falling for their commercials), and again my hair was falling out like crazy and looking like junk. The first week it looks and feels great but than it their cheap wax starts to pile up and build up on your hair and scalp, causing all those problems. Anyways, so I decided to give Suave Professionals a try, bought this stuff at just about $2 a bottle, not expecting much since I was pretty used to $20+ a bottle brands back in the day when I could afford them. And WOW, both mine and my husband’s hair stopped falling out that same week! He came up to me at the end of that week and said something along the lines of “I don’t know what that stuff is but I love it!”, I didn’t know the man ever cared about shampoo at all! Ever since my hair did a complete turn around, and within a couple weeks I was getting complements on my hair and had so far at least five different people ask me what shampoo I was using! Everywhere from the doctor’s office, to the gas station, to the salon everyone wants to know and is shocked to find out that it’s the Suave Professional’s $2 bottle stuff! My hair is also very long so it often tended to look damaged, but now it’s shiny, smooth, full of soft volume and super HEALTHY looking! From the week I started and to this day, which is about two years since. Its my favorite shampoo/conditioner I have ever used and I will continue to use it until the day they stopped making it (at which point I hope to stock up in time!).Oh and I LOVE the smell! It smells like Mojitos in the morning! 😉

Selena Canisteo, NY

Clean & Fresh

My favorite shampoo is another brand and 10x the price. This is the best, closest, and lest expensive option for comparison.

Kara San Elizario, TX

Unbelievable. Gluten-Free.

If you’re not gluten free, skip the next few sentences.If you are, keep reading: Suave has a thing. They label gluten-ingredients from the ingredient source. If it comes from wheat or barley or oats, they’ll say, “From wheat.” They don’t hide gluten-containing ingredients.Also, apparently the entire gluten-free community has decided to participate in human trials for Suave products. People recommend Suave as being gluten-free with very few exceptions, and they have for years. If what is available online is any evidence, there is almost no evidence of anyone ever getting glutened from Suave products in the last several years.(For fun, I pull up product names and type in the words, “gluten, sick, and product name”.) Well, not exactly for fun, but everyone needs a hobby.What I actually like about the product itself, safety issues aside:This is like a moisturizing version of the Aveda shampoo. The bottle is huge–28 ounces is slightly more than half a six pack, if that helps with the visualization. I almost prefer it to the Aveda version, because it doesn’t require a conditioner afterwards. It smells wonderful.Fantastic. Standing ovation.

Irma Cosby, TN

Good smell.

I had to get used to this smell at first, but it is a good shampoo. I like the Suave all in one shampoo way better and wish it came in more scents than just one.

Leeann Viola, TN

Great scent

This shampoo has a great minty scent and is also great at moisturizing my hair. Very happy with this purchase.

Ebony Saluda, SC

Nice scent and it’s cheap

I bought Suave Professionals Shampoo for very little money and an Amazon coupon helped even more.The scent is quite nice and it certainly gets my hair clean. Frankly, I think a lot of shampoos are pretty similar, so a product that’s inexpensive, smells nice and works well gets my vote.5 stars. Recommended product!

Kellie Farina, IL


this smells wonderful and makes my hair feel very slick after I use it. Pair this with the conditioner and you are good to goQ Smells wonderful – even though the smell does not last all day – it is a great product.

Katie Como, NC

Cool and pleasant.

Smells so good. Mmmmm. And it feels refreshing on your head too. I really liked the amount of lather it produced as well.

Brittney West Ossipee, NH

Fresh Scent

I purchased this because I love to use Mint shampoos, the fresh mintly feel is so refreshing. I was a little nervouse about it having a rosemary smell, but it did not at all. Just a fresh mild minty smell. This is very comparable to the higher priced shampoos out there. It left my hair very soft and moisturized.

James Vandervoort, AR

5 stars for Suave Professionals Shampoo, Rosemary Mint, 28 Ounce

Gee, I loved this shampoo and it does a super job! Sure, it doesn’t smell exactly like the Aveda Rosemary Mint — the fragrance is more subtle. But I get similar results and I can’t beat the price. Definitely happy with this purchase.

Mellisa Waverly Hall, GA

It really makes your hair feel clean

I like to rotate shampoos and I’ve found myself repurchasing this one for months now! It now only smells great, but it lathers really well and makes my hair feel cleaner than any other shampoo product I’ve ever used. It’s definitely a keeper!

Melissa Fremont, NH