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Suave Professionals Shampoo, Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil & White Orchid 12.6 oz

View larger View larger Enriched with special exotic natural ingredients, Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Shampoo is safe for color treated hair. Directions for Use Apply. Lather. Rinse. For best results, follow with Natural Infusion Moisturizing Conditioner. To enhance hydration, use with Natural Infusion Moisturizing Light Oil Spray. What’s in the Box Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Shampoo, 12.6 Ounces. *vs. non-conditioning shampoo. Shampoo with Macadamia Oil and White Orchid: 10x more moisturization* Softer, smoother look* Luxurious nature-inspired fragrance Safe for color treated hair

Key features

  • Infused with macadamia oil and white orchid
  • 10x more moisturization (vs. Non-conditioning shampoo)
  • Luxurious nature inspired fragrance
  • Safe for color treated hair

Honest reviews


Try a Different Infusion

I was excited to try this product after trying the "Keratin Infusions" shampoo and loving it. I am a total snob about hair products–I usually use the really expensive brands, and the only reason I was willing to try this was the claim that it was comparable to Pureology, which I love. This product has a great smell but makes my hair feel dry, tangly, and frankly just not very clean. The smell is pretty amazing though, almost good enough to make me want to keep using it. Try the "Keratin Infusions" shampoo from Suave Professionals; it is much better! It actually lives up to the claims.

Krystal Howell, UT

Very Strong Fragrance

I used the shampoo once and It makes a nice lather and leaves hair soft and clean. My issue is that it is highly fragranced from, I’m assuming, the white orchid infusion. It is really overpowering. I ended up shampooing again later that day just to get rid of the heavy fragrance. I don’t care for shampoos or any hair product that leaves a strong fragrance after use. I am very sensitive to perfumes of any kind. If you enjoy a sort of musky, white orchid fragrance in your shampoo, this would most likely be a choice you’d enjoy but it is simply not for me.

Gabrielle Boomer, WV

Would You Spend $50 on Shampoo?

No? Really? Well, neither would I, so I was delighted to hit upon Suave Professionals New Natural Infusion Moisturizing Shampoo with Macadamia Oil and White Orchid and one-tenth of that price. The fine print of its packaging promises that it compares to a similar product by Pureology, an extremely upscale line. I found the Suave variety to be perfectly adequate, with a subtle, pleasant scent. It’s been a long, cold winter where I live, making my hair dryer than usual, and after today’s shampoo, my hair is soft and manageable.This shampoo is worth a try for you, too.

Rosario Barstow, MD

Didn’t need conditioner afterwards

Well this Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Shampoo has a long name doesn’t it? However the name is why after shampooing only once you may find you don’t need to follow it up with conditioner (although the tube indicates that for best results to follow shampooing with their conditioner). Hair feels very soft and was very easy to manage. I like products that can do it all without having to use more than one product. The smell is very pleasant and so my overall opinion is very favorable. It isn’t that expensive so try it out.

Colette Pawnee, TX

Works Best With Coordinating Conditioner

Several years ago I went for a shorter, wash and go hairstyle. My only problem with this type hair style was living in a Southern Part of the US that has high humidity levels which causes my hair to be frizzy and fly-away. I used this shampoo a couple of times before theSuave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Conditioner, 12.6 OunceI ordered arrived. While my hair smelled wonderful and was softer I still needed a conditioner to bring my hair under control. I used a conditioner that I already had on hand,Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner, 12 Ounce, and it worked okay. When I received theSuave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Conditioner, 12.6 Ounceand used it with this shampoo my hair was much softer and easier to manage.I love the fragrance of this shampoo. If you can imagine a floral scent (similar to Magnolia) with a slight almond (nut) fragrance. It’s not overpowering and doesn’t bother my allergies as some fragrances, especially floral, cause me to have headaches.

Janine Port Heiden, AK

It’s pretty good, and smells great

I’m not the kind of person that likes all of the fruity fragrances that are in a lot of shampoos these days. Vanilla is OK, apples…not so much. I generally like to smell the shampoo before I buy it, but since I ordered it online I didn’t have that experience prior to receiving it.I’m happy to say that this shampoo doesn’t smell like a fruit basket, but has a very pleasing and not overwhelming fragrance. I also really like that it doesn’t have any parabans or dyes…I just wish that Suave would have taken it one step further and also made the shampoo without sulfates. I had a shampoo that was sulfate free, as well as paraben and dye free and loved my hair when I used it. Unfortunately, it was also fairly expensive so I decide to try this new Suave Professionals line.My hair does feel soft, though I’ve noticed that my hair is much frizzier from using this shampoo. Part of that may be that I am not using the companion conditioner (my previous shampoo was a shampoo/conditioner so I didn’t have any on hand) I love the fragrance and it seems to wash out fairly easily. I have a lot of hair so sometimes that’s a problem for me and if doesn’t all rinse out then it can leave a residue.In the end. It’s a shampoo. It’s very reasonably priced, and for what you pay I do think it’s a great value. It does it’s job, smells really nice, but I miss my other shampoo terribly. So while it does have a lot of positives about it, I will be going back to my more expensive paraben, sulfate and dye free shampoo. I don’t regret giving it a go though. If you are on the fence about it I think it’s definitely worth a try.

Shawna Birds, IL

Smells nice, cleans well, but costs more.

I recently got this Suave shampoo and a Tressame shampoo. Both are made by the Unilever company and as far as the ingredients go almost identical. But the Tressame is half the price. The difference is in the scent added to this Suave line of shampoos. The macadamia oil and white orchid smells nice. It has a nutty/buttery type smell. Can’t say I can pick out the white orchid scent. Would I keep buying this? Probably not. Given the ingredients are the same as the Tressame shampoo but this one costs twice as much I’d go with the less expensive shampoo. But still it cleans well and smells nice so if price does not matter to you then this is recommended. Hope this helps a little in making your decision!

Belinda Chama, CO

I truly love this stuff!

I find myself looking even more forward to washing my yard long hair than ever! Suave Professional Line really leaves hair feeling great with the shampoos acting almost like conditioners. And the smell….mmmmmm!

Lauri Aberdeen, MS

works fine but not really natural

This shampoo works fine. It has a pleasant but not overpowering scent and leaves my hair very soft and smooth. I was unhappy by how "unnatural" the ingredients were though – – very heavy on the chemicals for a shampoo with the word natural in the title. It makes me feel like it’s trying to deceive the consumer.

Edith Whick, KY

Suave never disappoints.

Rich creamy texture creates rich, creamy lather. My hair is clean and smells fresh; soft to the touch and healthy looking. It also makes my color longer lasting, which matters to those of us in particular who like to cover the gray. Highly recommended.

Lessie Oneco, CT

Good value.

You don’t have to use much to get a good clean, and its light fragrance smells so good! Leaves my hair feeling light and fresh, and it’s shiny too.

Arline Aquasco, MD

Soft moisturizing floral-scented shampoo

This particular shampoo from Suave is very similar to their other shampoos that are similarly packaged in the gold bottles. It gently cleanses the hair without stripping it and leaves the hair soft and silky. However, if your scalp is extra oily or sweaty from an outdoor activity or from working out, a repeat wash is needed. The scent is a light floral with sandalwood-like base tone. The scent does last throughout most of the day.Recommended for those looking for a gentle shampoo.

Diana Sweetwater, TX

On a par with other Suave products

Decent for what it is, but Suave products have never been impressive and continue not to be. They are priced low for a reason. My wife doesn’t care for this shampoo.

Rosario New Canton, IL

Decent Shampoo When Used with Matching Conditioner. Not all Natural though.

I’ll start with the practical aspects of this product and then get down to the possible hazards.When used with Suave’s matching conditioner, this shampoo leaves my hair manageable. However, when I left out the conditioner, the shampoo left my hair stringy-looking.The scent is light and not obnoxious. I prefer unscented products because I have allergies, but this fragrance did not seem to cause problems (unless I’m wrong about my itchy eyes being irritated by the pollen of nearby trees – I suppose it could be due to this product; too soon to say).Here’s a suggestion for Suave: Make the word Shampoo large on the bottle because it’s easy to confuse this one with the identical-looking conditioner. Most people don’t wear glasses while washing their hair!Now for the negative chemical stuff: Like the conditioner, the shampoo contains some undesirable chemicals. Don’t be fooled by the word "Natural" — it’s hype! Here are the ingredients that are of most concern according to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database:1. DMDM HYDANTOIN (FORMALDEHYDE RELEASER) – an irritant, and not good for the aldehyde-sensitive.2. METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE – Neurotoxic and an irritant3. METHYLCHLOROISOTHIAZOLINONE – Possible carcinogen, allergen, and a stressor on the environment.In fairness, most hair products contain stuff that’s bad for you or the environment. I find myself unable to use most of the really natural ones because I’m allergic to aloe, so I experiment with products trying to find one that’s good for my hair but still totally safe. I’m still looking.

Genevieve Sleetmute, AK

LOVE THIS!!! Super for boys in sports!

If you’re like me and trying desperately to find hair products that will clean all the sweat and dirt boy’s sports can inflict upon a head of hair, then look no further! This stuff cleans like none other – gets clear down to the scalp and leaves the hair soft and fresh. The boy’s love it – smells pretty awesome around here during shower time too! We have the matching conditioner as well and it really is great. It has been my experience that these Naturals are just that – natural, and do a far, far better job at cleaning than their counterparts. Plus, they don’t make your hair look like a dry box of soda crackers when you’re done either!HIGHLY recommend!

Glenda Olyphant, PA

Marketing at Work

The labeling on this bottle includes key phrases that are sure to grab the interest of many consumers today ~ an exotic nut, a beautiful flower all naturally infused into a product for which there are already more variations than customers could possibly want . Shampoo is something for which there is, objectively speaking, a finite need. Lets face it ~ how much hair washing can even the cleanest person do? And while there are differences, it is more about perception and emotion than anything else. Nonetheless, this is a decent shampoo. The scent is light and pleasant without being overly floral. It cleans well, leaves my hair soft, is not drying, rinses easily and you do not need a handful to create plentiful suds. I have always liked Suave and while the Macadamia Oil version is more expensive than the base model, it is reasonably priced and offers a good option. I would buy it again.

Hallie Kinzers, PA

A Little Heavy, But Could Really Help Dry/Damaged Hair …

I have normal hair. Sometimes I need just a pop of moisture because of the winter cold or the summer sun. When I tried this shampoo with the accompanying conditioner, my hair appeared substantially weighed down. However, since I feel this is actually a product that could rescue damaged/dry hair, I am leaving it in the four-star range.Great fragrance, rich lather.If your hair needs a serious boost of moisture, this might be a nice, inexpensive cure.

Jan Blackshear, GA

Good Shampoo

If you want a moisturizing shampoo that will leave your hair soft and silky, without making it flat, then you will want to try Suave’s Macademia Oil and White Orchid shampoo. I have thick, course hair and it works for me even without using the conditioner. It also has a nice tropical scent which reminds me of Hawaii, and makes a rich, creamy lather that rinses clean.

Latonya Davis, OK

A good everyday shampoo, or for an occasional change

There are a couple of things I liked about this shampoo. It has a nice smell to it that is not too strong and not too feminine, just a little flowery but very clean smelling. It lingers for a while without overpowering you or the folks around you. Secondly, it lathers up very nicely and gets down to the scalp, noticeably cleaning on the way, but then it rinses completely away leaving hair smooth and soft. The consistency is a little oily for me, which is why I use it only occasionally, but it makes my hair feel so soft, I don’t really feel a need for conditioning after shampooing. I have a bit of a nut allergy and was a little afraid the macadamia oil might cause some problems, but it did not. So when you get down to it, this is a nice, fragrant, effective shampoo that I have only minor inconsequential “don’t likes” about, which is why I give it four stars.

Deidra Stratford, OK

Great lather, mild flowery scent

I decided to give this new “Professionals” Suave shampoo a try. I’ve used various Suave shampoos for years and always been satisfied with them. As a male with short hair, I’m not too concerned with spending $40 a bottle on my shampoos. A bottle that costs a tenth of that works just fine for me.PROS: I do like that the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Shampoo thoroughly cleans my hair without leaving it too moisturized, resulting in greasy-looking or flat hair. While my hair is short, I do like a little substance to it, which moisturizing shampoos don’t allow. This particular shampoo also lathers extremely well, which makes me think it’s really doing its job.CONS: The scent is a pretty mild flowery scent. It’s not overpowering, but it’s not what I typically like my washed hair to smell like. It’s just “okay.”While this for me is a great product and works well for my hair, I probably wouldn’t get it again because of the scent. I’d rather use one of the many other scents that Suave offers.

Carrie Vina, CA

Leaves Hair Clean and Manageable

Shampoo has a pleasant fragrance, very creamy lather, and is easy to use. The product will serve for months as it does not take much to do a great job of cleaning and conditioning hair. The manufacturer claims the product has ten times the conditioner of other shampoos and testing by a female user indicates that this may well be the case. She felt that her hair was clean, soft and easy to style after using the Suave Professionals product.

Melinda Durkee, OR

not a bad shampoo

For a mass-market shampoo, Suave usually manages to do the job well enough, and this particular variety is no exception. It has a lovely fragrance, lathers up well, and leaves hair easy to manage, shiny, and soft. Suave is a dependable brand and I have never had any problems with any of their products.

Manuela Montpelier, IN

Great Value!

This is the 2nd Suave Infusion shampoo I’ve reviewed for Amazon, & probably the 4th or 5th in the line I’ve tried.Both this & the Moroccan Infusions are the most enjoyable budget shampoos I’ve ever experienced (& I used to use Nexus & a couple other of the high end brands in the 80’s when they were only available from hairdressers & cost a fortune).I do prefer the smell of this version to any of the Moroccans; it’s quite pleasant. My only concern was Amazon doesn’t mention it is intended for "dry to normal hair"; I didn’t learn this until it arrived. I have somewhat greasy hair & I was afraid it would make my hair too greasy, but that’s not the case at all.Watch for this line on sale at grocery stores also, where it’s truly a great value!

Wilda Mangilao, GU

good product

Suave is a great, inexpensive brand that works just as well (if not better) than pricier brands out there. This shampoo smells and works great.

Felecia Hakalau, HI

Good aroma and lathers well, but leaves my hair feeling slightly oily or slick

I have normal hair and this shampoo is good, but leaves my hair a slight oily or greasy feeling. This might be a better choice for someone with dry or frizzy hair who wants to tame it down. Still, it has a great fragrance and lathers up nicely.

Denise Sondheimer, LA

Value-priced, pleasantly scented shampoo that works well on my dry, frizzy, colored, wavy hair. Another Suave winner.

I’ve been using a variety of Suave body wash and haircare products for about a decade. This, like the others, has delivered in terms of my expectations for what I want from a shampoo: Moisturizing, non-drying, easy to lather and rinse out, economical and leaves hair easy to comb out wet even if you’re not using a wash-out conditioner.Scent is highly personal, so it’s not surprising that some reviewers have had a negative response. I’m very very fragrance sensitive and many haircare (and other) products never make it into the shopping cart because they have scents that are either too strong or unpleasant (to my nose). Fortunately, this was not the case here. I found the scent to be fairly mild in the shower and not the kind that lingers when your hair is wet or when it dries. What it does is turn shampooing in the shower into a bit of a spa experience. The scent, the color, the texture (very creamy) of the liquid all work together to make it feel as if I’m getting a shampoo in a salon. These are all plusses especially in a product at this price point.With my colored, dry, frizzy/wavy hair, the real test is how my hair feels wet after shampooing and how easy it is to comb out using my wide-toothed wooden comb. This product rinsed out easily (though it would be easy to put on too much given how creamy it is if you do not carefully monitor your application), left my hair tangle free and easy to comb.When my hair dried (naturally), it was clean, soft and did not have any lingering scent (what I love in a shower I do not necessarily want for my hair). All "good things" for any shampoo.

Deirdre Salamanca, NY

Wonderful texture and smell

This product works great. It has a rich, sweet smell (but not too sweet!) and lathers up nicely. It’s also very moisturizing, so it doesn’t dry out your scalp. Only use a teaspoon’s worth, tho, because it does lather up easily.

Claire Fort Pierce, FL

I love Suave products, and love how they have the most delicious fragrances which match other hair treatments which they offer!

This shampoo, Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid, has a great scent and really bubbles up! It is not harsh in the least however. As well, it actually has a light “leave in conditioner” available here (last time I looked) which you can buy to match the fragrance of this shampoo. I use them both together!I live in New York, which I am beginning to think is never going to warm up (we have temperatures twenty degrees below normal today). Arguably the next best thing to booking a flight across the country is to get in a wonderful comforting shower and pretend you are in the state of Hawaii, which of course has all those yummy Macadamia nuts and all those beautiful Orchids! Try taking a trip in your mind by using power of Suave! This product’s smell isn’t so strong that you will have a fragrance fight on your hands concerining the perfume (or body lotion) you may choose after your shower. In fact, my 23 year old son tried this shampoo last night and was very happy with the results on his long hair. He didn’t say a word about the smell.I do believe in the positive benefits of aromatherapy, however I am no expert.Then again, I cannot imagine anyone not liking the smell of this!Additionally, if you like to pamper yourself with your shampoo choices, but don’t want to spend zillions of bucks on the fancier spa brands, go for Suave. I do, every single time!thanks and Aloha!jean

Cathy Bartelso, IL

Suave strikes a rich note!

What a wonderful shampoo and fragrance. Both my wife and I have fully enjoyed this product and how it leaves our hair so soft and silky. It has a rich lather with such a small amount of the shampoo.We will definitely be buying more of this in the future.

Francisca Cottonwood, AZ


This shampoo smells great and leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth. I almost feel like I don’t need conditioner afterwards, I would definitely recommend and buy again.

Yesenia Thornburg, IA