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Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask, 8 Ounce

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask, infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, helps improve your hair’s texture, intensely moisturizing your hair to make it both soft to the touch and noticeably shiny. Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Hair Mask is proven to add shine to your hair as well as a salon brand, leaving your hair touchably soft with enviable shine.

Key features

  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask, infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, gives your hair brilliant shine and long-lasting conditioning benefits
  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Mask intensely moisturizes hair to noticeably improve your hair’s texture
  • Get touchably soft hair that shines when using Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Hair Mask
  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Hair Mask has a luxurious fragrance and is salon-proven to make hair shine as well as a salon brand
  • To enhance shine and conditioning, use with Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil

Honest reviews


Do you love your hair? THEN DON’T USE THIS CRAP!

I have beautiful hair. Seriously- i get compliments on it all the time. It’s frizz free, very easy to manage, no split ends.Or at least I used to be able to say those things about my hair.2 applications of this crap have DESTROYED it- it feels like straw now.I can’t imagine what it would do to someone’s hair if it was already damaged.UPDATE: I switched to infusium and aussie 3 minute miracle (both comparable in price and exponentially more effective in repairing damaged hair, in my case)and my hair went back to normal after a few washes.

Sara Taylor, MI

My hair looks no where near as model

I color my hair and I’m sometimes lazy about getting it cut because I’ve been trying to regrow it out to the length it was 3 years ago. My hair is below my mid back. I use Peter Lamas products, being new parents with 1 income, I am personally always looking for a way to cut some of our expenses. This isn’t it. Do you seen the overly shiny hair on the model? My hair isn’t half that shiny with a fresh cut and color let alone with this product. It smells good. That’s about all I can say that’s great about it.

Adriana Lonsdale, MN

This also works on my beard

No kidding, I do use this on my beard as well as on my head, and it works very nicely giving my beard a softer feel and shinier look. Same of course goes for my head of hair which is still fairly plentiful. I do presently test other products, but this is one of those that I can honestly recommend for us guys as well as for the target female community.

Marsha Center, KY

Treat Yourself

This stuff is amazing. Suave’s Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Mask gave me incredible shine and softness. I alternate withSuave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner 28 ozand my color lasted about 2 weeks longer than usual. I live in South Florida so fading is a huge problem that Suave seems to have fixed. It does not weigh my hair down and the shine lasts until the next shampoo. Suave is known for affordable, quality hair care and this is a salon quality product at a fraction of the cost. Treat yourself!

Claudette San Felipe, TX

Didn’t deliver: Left my hair softer, but not shinier as per a “Shine Mask”

My hair is mid-length, colored (at home), medium thick and wavy/curly (depending on humidity!). I’ve used a LOT of conditioning products and hair “masks” over the years so I have a fairly broad frame of reference to products that are out there. Some are better than others at keeping hair smooth (at least for a few hours) and unfrizzy. In my experience, shine comes from adding a glossy spray (after drying and styling) or something like a Frizz-Ease silicone-based serum to wet or damp hair. Not via a rinse-off or leave-on conditioner or mask.Had heard a lot about the “authentic Moroccan argan oil” ingredient in this and other products and wanted to give it a try.Out of the package, it’s a bit more liquid than a cream. I guess I had been expecting a firmer, cream-like consistency but no matter. The key thing I found is to be very careful about NOT putting too much on your hair. Followed instructions and found myself spending extra time to rinse it off (it just seemed like it wasn’t rinsing out).Scent is highly personal and subjective. I personally did not like it while using in showr (it smells good at first, in the packaging) and really did not like it when my dried hair also smelled like it (I don’t like products where the scent isn’t washed out. I don’t want scented hair.)I did not use the matching shampoo and I wonder if the mask works better AFTER shampooing with the specific shampoo. (double dose of argan oil?)I let my hair dry naturally (curls/waves), blew it out straight and also set hair to dry to see difference in impact the treatment had. In every instance, my hair was softer to the touch and seemed smoother to the eye. However, there was no increase in shine.Having used no other hair products with this argan oil ingredient, I can’t say how this product compares to others in terms of features and performance. Given the price, it’s probably worth a shot to see if it works for you.However, if you are definitely looking for shine (as in the company’s description of “Shine Mask”), I think you may be disappointed with this product.FYI: I wonder how much of the argan oil is actually in the product as it is listed pretty far down on the ingredients listing.

Crystal Zephyrhills, FL

Worked ok

This is my first time trying any Moroccan oil hair product, so was eager to try it. It has a nice thick texture like I like, and its smell is very nice. I actually received a few compliments on how my hair smelled when using it.That being said, results wise, I was not that impressed. I felt like the conditioning was very average, nothing special. It didnt seem any shinier, or deeply conditioned. I probably wouldn’t buy this product even if it was on sale.

Luisa Board Camp, AR


This is advertised as a Moroccan Oil treatment but there is more Petroleum and Mineral oil in it than the finer Argan oils. It has a lovely scent and smoothed my hair but I wonder about build up. It may also weigh hair down.I think it would be better to spend the money on real Argan Oil.It’s OK but not the best.

Lillian La Porte, IN

Great for detangling hair

My hair often gets tangled and has a life of its own. This product smells amazing, you can smell all of the different oils in this product (mineral, coconut, almond, Argan). It is great to put on your hair and take a wide-tooth comb to untangle. My hair feels smoother and softer to the touch when I rinse my hair with water. It is also at a very affordable price ($2.88 at time of writing). You can’t even get decent shampoo anymore at that price, so I do recommend this product. The only thing I would change is that I wish there was more Argan oil in this product, its practically the last thing on the ingredient list.With all of that said, If you want something to help you untangle, and will make your hair smoother, then this item is for you!

Effie Loretto, VA


Suave is great and this is no exception. Highly recommend d this for anyone wanting a bit more shine for their hair.

Kathy Auxier, KY

Not really sure about this stuff

So I tried this in conjunction with Sauves Morrocan Shampoo/conditioner line. I followed the directions and it left my hair feeling nice and smooth at first. So I was initially pleased, but then I had a night’s sleep on my hair and woke up SUPER slimy and greasy. I usually only wash my hair every other day with no problem of being too greasy, especially in the winter since it’s so dry. I tried it a 2nd and 3rd time and the result was the same. So, I would say if you wash your hair every day and style it with hairdryer/straightener, etc. then this will leave you smooth, but be prepared to wash your hair right away the next morning b/c you will wake up greasy!

Cora Ridgeway, SC

Moisture, less shine

This is another new Suave product that I am pleased with. The Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask had good slip and moisturizing qualities. I did not see the “shine” in my hair that it claims to have, but I was still very pleased with the moisture it gave to my hair. My hair also felt stronger and healthier after using this product.

Gretchen Marysville, PA

Smells Fantastic – leaves hair very shiny

I have thick, coarse, wavy, long hair and I wash it nearly every day because I work out and sweat a lot so it can tend to look dull and dry. I left it in for about 3-4 minutes in the shower and was totally impressed with how shiny my hair was – even just air-dried. It smells heavenly too – so much so that I went out and bought the shampoo and regular conditioner too. If you like oriental based fragrances you will love this. My stylist uses the high-priced Moroccan line on my hair at her salon and I think this performs just as well and smells just as wonderful.

Imelda Lyndonville, NY

Hard to beat, even by more $$$ brands

You cannot beat the price on this, even if it means an extra step. You wash with the Moroccan shampoo, then use this for several minutes (no middle step of add’l conditioner like Tresemme does). Rinse it and then you can use the Moroccan oil shine for a finish.The price for all three was under $10, which is less than I used to pay for Redken or Biosilk. The products smell great and don’t feel oily like some oil additive shampoos.I can’t praise this enough. I’ve sampled several this few months and this is what I buy now.

Queen Zephyrhills, FL

Soft and manageable…

I have shorter hair, and it is slowly but surely turning grey. I don’t color it, since to me that is a losing battle. But that does mean that the grey is more dry, dull and difficult to work with. So I was curious about using this, as I’ve heard good things about the argan oil. The instructions say to use a couple of times a week in place of your regular conditioner, but since I only need to wash my hair that much anyway, I just stopped using my other conditioner and put this in its place.I really like it. There is a noticeable difference in my hair. It is much softer and easier to manage – even the grey hair. There is a bit more shine, but I’m not sure how obvious it really is. No one has mentioned anything about it yet 😉 But even without any extra shine, it just feels better. I will continue using this and am planning on looking into the shampoo as well!

Polly Marana, AZ

Affordable but “High End” conditioner!

Suave has always been an afforable and reliable hair product. I was really excited when they came out with this “high end” product at an affordable price. Who wants those high prices int he salons for “product” when one can buy the same quality in their supermarket or drugstore for tless?I have use this as both a was hout an dleave in conditionaer and it works well both ways. I am 58 and my hair has changed in texture from “silky” to “wirey: . Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Depp Conditioning Shine Mask puts youth back in my hair without leaving it greasy.I HIGHLY reccomend this product!

Esther Poyen, AR

Very Nice Conditioning Mask

I really like Suave’s Moroccan Infusion line. It has a strong “tropical” fragrance, but really gives my hair shine & makes it soft. As with Suave’s other products, the Shine Mask’s fragrance lasts for most of the day.The Shine Mask is slightly different thanSuave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner 28 oz. The two products share most of their ingredients (a couple in a slightly different order), but the Shine Mask also has the following ingredients: Glycerin, Petrolatum, PEG-180M. After looking up these additional products, it looks like they are mostly to add thickness & coating (hence a “mask”). However, after using both the Shine Mask & regular Conditioner, I really couldn’t tell much difference in results from the two.Upshot: if you like the Suave Moroccan line & your hair is in good condition, the regular Suave Moroccan conditioner will work just as well.

Miranda Worton, MD

Very Good

I am not a huge fan of Suave shampoos and conditioners, but this product works very well. It is a thick, nice smelling deep conditioner that left my hair shiny and soft. I have very thick hair that can be difficult to comb through. My hair is also a little on the dry side and this helped to moisturize it pretty well. I use it every other day, alternating it with my regular conditioner. Though the product boasts argan oil, the ingredient is pretty low on the list. This product contains a fair amount of petrolatum and mineral oil, which may weigh thinner hair types down.

Paula Fort Harrison, MT

Works Well, Especially For the Price

Suave is branching out to compete against salon quality and salon priced hair products. This conditioner has worked well in providing body to my fine hair. I will agree with others though that it is inexpensive because its natural ingredients are fairly far down the list of less expensive additives.

Penny Big Oak Flat, CA

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask

I also reviewed the conditioner of this same line within Suave. This is a DEEP conditioner for when your hair is REALLY feeling dry and difficult. With where I live we get a lot of wind and I like to have something I can put on my hair while showering and be able to wash it out at the end of the shower.I have only used this once but liked it. One thing I liked about about both this and the regular conditioner is the has Moroccan Argan oil in it and I am not sure if the Argan is part of the scent or not, but whatever, it’s a very pleasant yet unusual spicy scent. I’ve never owned products that smelled like this before. I think it’s a good once or twice a week conditioner, any more than that might be overkill…its not greasy after you have rinsed it out, that was nice, as other brands of these deep conditioners can leave a lot of residue on your hair.

Susana Smithland, KY

Loved the Product But Developed Allergic Rash

I have twin granddaughters with long hair and they hate it when we have to comb the knots out. This conditioner works well when used as a stay-in conditioner that we apply to the ends for quick combing. We put it on their hair every time they get out of the pool to go play. Their hair is definitely easier to comb and looks great. Even though one of the twins has very fine hair, this product doesn’t make it look greasy. We use it on the boys too to keep their hair from drying out.Addendum: both my daughter and I had to stop using any product with argan oil after we developed an allergy that started with a rash on our scalp and forehead and moved down our faces. The dermatologist prescribed a very expensive ointment but I never purchased it and the rash went away for both of us shortly after we stopped using the shampoo. I hate that because it really did make my hair look good.

Frances Wilsonville, NE

Quick Application And Shine Are The Selling Points

After shampooing, I applied this to my towel dried hair and left it on for three minutes. I rinsed thoroughly and blow dried and styled. I thought it left my hair manageable, shiny, and non-greasy. I also thought my hair seemed to have more body.I normally do not use the same products for an extended period of time to avoid build-up of a product. However, I liked this product so much that I plan to work this into my product rotation.

Yvette La Palma, CA

Reasonably Priced Deep Conditioning Mask …

“Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask” is a very reasonably priced deep conditioner that promises to deliver brilliant shine and long-lasting benefits. It seemed to be an excellent choice for everyday conditioning, but – for me – was not as effective as other deep conditioners.Chemically processed or more mature hair may become more dry and brittle. Refreshing the color – even when the product contains no ammonia – regularly may add to the problem. Many current styles require a sleek and smooth surface. Using “Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask” did not significantly improve my hair’s surface appearance. A small amount was all that was needed; less than a tablespoon was sufficient. However, flyaway pieces and broken hairs were still evident. This product did not, ultimately, deliver the promised shine or conditioning benefits detailed in the product description.”Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask” did have some major benefits. After using the product, my hair still moved freely; it felt light and very soft. There was no indication that my hair would quickly become “greasy” in appearance. This product has a light, pleasant fragrance that is difficult to identify; it is not floral, nor is it spicy. It would be suitable for use by both men and women.”Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask” would be a good, reasonably priced everyday conditioner. If your hair is chemically processed – colored, highlighted, or straightened – you should consider this product.

Anita Notus, ID

Utter gloss

Great stuff, really conditions seriously beat up hair, but it rinses much better than other conditioners and serums I’ve tried.Argan is the miracle supplement du jour and it lives up to the hype.And it’s from Suave, so it’s guaranteed to be among the lowest-priced.

Luann Moorcroft, WY

More conditioner than mask, but hey, it works

Perhaps I’ve become a hair product snob in recent years (at least, thinking myself too good for Suave) but even with this being in the Professionals line with the fancy Moroccan word on it I wasn’t sure it would be much more than a bargain level hair mask.Now, while this isn’t at what you’d get at the salon/salon price level, this truly packs a respectable punch when it comes to deep conditioning.One of my favorite aspects is this is a “quick treatment”, giving results only after a few minutes’ of the application. I tried once leaving it on longer, but noticed no significant benefits, so this is definitely a product where a few minutes are all you need.My one concern is how different from most other hair masks I’ve seen. This is more like a conditioner–which is fine in and of itself, but I don’t know if “mask” is even close to being the best way to describe it. I don’t think it delivers the same benefits as a mask, though it’s great as a deep conditioner.

Miriam Taylor, WI

Smells fantastic!

Not only does this conditioner do what it promises, which is to impart a little extra shine to your hair, but the scent is absolutely amazing. It reminds me of incense. It’s got this deep, spicy scent to it that is nothing short of exotic. It’s a nice creamy conditioner; it leaves my hair soft and shiny and smelling divine. I am a convert. I will be buying this from now on. I feel like I am truly getting salon quality for a very fair price.

Gayla Fairfax, IA

Great for the price

I am in love with the Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion line. The conditioning shine mask has the same great, spice and nutmeg smell as the rest. It works on par with the daily conditioner, and at this price, I can’t complain. Since it’s much lighter than other hair masks, I make sure to leave it in the full 5 minutes before rinsing.The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because as far as a hair mask goes, it is nowhere near as effective as heavier masks through other haircare lines. If you’re looking for something to repair very damaged hair, this isn’t going to help as much as a more expensive mask.

Bobby Bonnyman, KY

I expected this Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask to be better

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask was a solution I tried after using the shampoo from Suave Professionals which I recently reveiwed.I expected a very good result after applying this, which was my solution to the continuing sage of my terribly damaged “old-person who started dyeing her hair for the heck of it way too young because she was foolish” long yet questionable attempt at repairing what some call their “crowning glory”. You want to know what I look like now, don’t you? Relax. I look a 61 year old bleached scraggly haired regular person who will not GIVE UP.So I applied a good amount of this (I needed MORE PRODUCT, you know?) and waited the requisite time. You are only supposed to need to use this mask two times a week. I need it around every five minutes. Either that, or it just does NOT work for me. Big disappointment as a “more product needed” solution to the shampoo.If I could recommend a product which works better for me than both this, the Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask , and the shampoo, it would be this: Suave Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil. I have a review over there of it.I don’t know what your hair problem is, but mine is very dry hair. Using that Suave Argan oil, NOT this, helps wishes,jean

Consuelo Colorado City, TX

One for the wife

One of the prettiest things about my wife has always been her hair. So I never complain when she wants to try out something new.According to her , Suave has done it again. Another great value – priced product to keep her hair looking it’s finest.Well , I guess there will be yet another bottle of hers in the shower !

Brigitte Twentynine Palms, CA


This product smells so yummy and makes my hair feel soft and thick. It’s quite powerful stuff so I will stick to using it per the directions. Once a week. But holy cow…it’s thick. In the past I didn’t care for Suave products because their shampoos and conditioners were thin and runny in consistency, I always felt like it was falling out of my hair before it could clean or condition. Their new professional’s line is top notch. It’s thick and creamy and yet it rinsed out of my hair without a hitch. I always rinse my hair in cold water because cold water seals up the hair shaft. I hate conditioners and treatments that are hard to rinse out because hello…COLD WATER!! This stuff was a zinch to use and rinse out.Thanks Suave, for the new higher end product line without the insane prices! And thanks for the squeeze bottle on this product. I want to be able to use every last drop!

Charlene Knox, IN

The smell….

First let me say this smells SO good! I have ethnic hair so after I wash my hair, I leave this on my hair at least 30-45 minutes before rinsing out, and my hair is well conditioned & shiny. It’s well worth the money…this mask is just as good if not better than many expensive brands.

Hallie Hannaford, ND