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Suave Professionals Light Leave In Cream, Natural Infusion Ginger 6 oz

View larger Salon-Proven to Strengthen Enriched with special exotic natural ingredients and free from parabens and dyes, Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Awapuhi Ginger and Honeysuckle Light Leave-In Cream makes hair stronger, preventing breakage for thicker, fuller-looking hair* that’s easier to style. Directions for Use Damp hair. For easy styling, dispense 2-4 pumps in palms and rub hands together. Apply away from the roots through ends. Comb through for even distribution. Style and dry hair as usual. What’s in the Box Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Awapuhi Ginger and Honeysuckle Light Leave-In Cream, 6 Ounces. *Vs. non-conditioning shampoo. Anti-Breakage System with Awapuhi Ginger & Honeysuckle: 2X stronger hair for less breakage* Thicker, fuller look* Luxurious nature-inspired fragrance

Key features

  • Infused with awapuhi ginger and honeysuckle
  • 2x stronger hair for less breakage (vs. Non-conditioning shampoo)
  • Luxurious nature inspired fragrance

Honest reviews


Can’t live without this!

As I resume my neverending quest for hair perfection, I have a few items on my list which I cannot live without, and this is one of them.I have fine, brittle, overprocessed (too much dye) hair, and I am now 62. I cut all my hair off last October and perversely now I am growing it back. I hate it short!!! You will not see a photo of me until the winter after this, I bet.Starting over is not easy, but in my corner, I have this leave in product, Suave Professionals Natural Infusion with Awapuhi Ginger (powerful strengthener) and Honeysuckle (yummy smelling). The force is with me and you should know as well that this contains no parabens.You barely need any of this and it dispenses with a handy pump. I love it.Way to go, Suave! I am your poster girl for older women who care about how their hair looks! Keep up the good work!thanks,jean

Germaine Nash, OK

Defy the Instructions (go with damp hair) and get Honeysuckle Light Delight

I’ve tried almost every leave-in product that’s out there, and for good reason. I have challenging hair. It’s long, curly/wavy, and prone to frizz, dryness and damage. In the past, I’ve tried various products (from cheap to highly expensive) that claim to be leave in conditioners for my type of hair. In the past, I’ve had trouble finding anything that worked consistently without leaving my hair flat or oily. Finally, I’ve found a product that I can recommend wholeheartedly.In general, the Suave Naturals line is excellent. I’ve used several of their shampoos and conditioners and found them on a par with expensive designer brands. The Natural Infusion Strengthening Light Leave in Conditioner is extremely easy to use. Wash hair as normal, then wring excess water out and apply 2-4 pumps of the product to very damp hair. (I find 2 pumps is plenty). I wrap my hair with a towel for a few minutes, then dry as usual. Every time that I’ve used this product, my hair has come out soft, fluffy, shiny and healthy looking, with no frizz and no excess oil or stickiness. The product has a perfumy smell which comes on strong at first, but quickly fades. You can use this product on a daily basis without any buildup – it is light, as they claim.My only caveat is that although the bottle claims that you can use it on dry hair (use less), I find that it doesn’t work as well when hair is dry. I highly recommend only using it on wet or damp hair for the best results. If you do choose to use it on dry hair, use sparingly or consider misting your hair with some water first.All in all another excellent product from the Suave Naturals line.{Review by hair-savvy family member: Ann Latner)

Clare Caspian, MI

Very strong smell; hair looked greasy; pump didn’t work

I tried this on my daughter’s hair, which is like straw right now because the house is so dry. She has serious frizz—think of Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter movies—particularly around her bangs. I applied this to that area (and not much, either), but the result was really just greasy-looking hair.The smell is really strong. It’s not unpleasant, and it does smell like something they’d use at a salon, but again, even just using a very small dab, it was strong enough that her winter hat still smelled like the product at the end of the day. The envelope it arrived in also smelled really strong.Also, as many others have noted, I couldn’t get the pump to work. Maybe that was part of the problem; I had to dump it out into my hands, so maybe I just got more oil than other ingredients. In any case, it should not be that much hard work to fix your hair.Bottom line: it will not be my go-to product for taming frizz, particularly (or maybe, given the oil, specifically) since we couldn’t get the pump to work.

Debora West Newton, PA

Beautiful smell, but not helpful for my hair type.

I have 4A/4B hair. The Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Awapuhi Ginger Honey Suckle leave-in conditioner is light weight and smells heavenly. At the same time, after using this product after shampooing, deep conditioning and using this as a leave-in, along with a sealer, I didn’t feel as if it left my hair moisturized, or more manageable compared to my preferred leave-ins (kinky curly or Karen’s Body Beautiful).But, the product smells great.

Sara Haviland, KS

It leaves my hair greatly conditioned and smells great. I’ve been really impressed with Suave’s products and …

This works surprisingly well. It leaves my hair greatly conditioned and smells great. I’ve been really impressed with Suave’s products and this is definitely one of the best in the line.

Leonor Kimper, KY

Great scent, great hold – just a great product

Prior to trying this, I actually didn’t know what a leave-in cream was. Seems like a cross between lotion and hair gel to me. 🙂 That said, I really like this stuff.I’ve used Suave products for many years, and I was happy to try this out. I didn’t expect much, but I was really impressed. Even being a guy, I quite like the scent of this. The scent doesn’t linger, but it’s pleasant when you first put it on and it’s still wet-ish. It rubs in very easy, and it’s not greasy or sticky at all. I do rinse my hands off after I put it in, but my hands don’t feel sticky or slimy like they do with hair gels before I wash them.My hair is shorter (about 1/4″ to 1/2″ most of the time) and thin (“thinning” was years ago…), and this cream tends to make it stand up a bit on top. It also gives it just a hint of a wet look, but just a hint. My hair isn’t shiny, mind you, but it looks darker than normal.I use one pump of the handle each morning, and have been for over a month with still some left in the bottle. So, this six-ounce bottle lasts a while.I really like and would recommend it to anyone that wants a bit more body in their hair without a stiff or sticky feeling.

Christine Rochester, KY

VERY soft but frizzy

I’m always on the lookout for products to help my hair. I’m not as kind to my hair as I used to be – the past few years it’s been through several dyes, pool chlorine and heat/stress from a flat iron. The damage was really showing. I changed shampoos and conditioners, I tried a few leave-ins, I trimmed the ends, and it still felt abused.I’ve used the Suave Infusion for two weeks now. After two days I noticed a big difference in the texture of my hair – it was back to being soft and silky. After the first week the ends started feeling less brittle as well. The scent is pretty strong, not necessarily unpleasant, but it lingers for hours. My hair is fairly long, down to my waist, and two pumps from the bottle is plenty. I expect the bottle to last a good long while.My only issue has been the wild frizz. Maybe the Infusion is supposed to add more body, maybe it’s just my hair, but every time I use the product, my hair almost doubles in size. The poof gets almost out of control. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve taken to putting it back in a pony tail to try to curtail some of the frizz and poofiness. For the softness and the change in texture, especially at the ends, I think it’s worth it, but that’s the only downside I’ve come across.

Lola Yellowtail, MT

Smells divine, works great

I’m honestly not someone who usually cares about conditioners. I’ve found most of them to be pretty much the same, and buy whatever’s on sale most of the time.However, this one was a pleasant surprise for a number of reasons: First and foremost, it’s not heavy — and thank heavens. Most conditioners I find to be way too heavy, but I suffer through them because I want my long hair to be well conditioned and strong. However, with Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Awapuhi Ginger and Honeysuckle leave-in conditioner, I love the fact that the texture is so light and oil-free. Blow-dry your hair after application and it just disappears, but with a noticeable shine.The scent is also divine — it’s not quite honeysuckle to me (it’s my favorite scent so I tend to be a tough critic) but it’s light and floral and very nice. When I used the leave-in conditioner even in just a week, I had friends and strangers compliment me and ask about my hair.The best thing I can end with is that I already bought a replacement. It’s worth keeping around if you have long or thick hair and value great conditioning, light feel, and beautiful scent.

Michael Lake View, IA

Nice leave in conditioner that doesn’t weigh hair down

I’ve been very pleased with how well the product work from the Suave Professionals line. In the past I’ve never been a Suave hair product user. I’ve always opted for products that usually end up costing a lot more. However that all changed when I tried Suave’s Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo. I’ve used a ton of shampoos, some costing ridiculous amounts of money, trying to find the perfect one for my hair. I would never in a million years guess that my all time favorite would be one from Suave’s new Professionals line.So for months now I have been using and trying out all their new products from the line, including this Natural Infusion Leave in Cream. This leave in conditioner works very well, making hair silky and smooth, while not weighing it down. Even those with thin, short or fine hair can use this and not end up with limp lifeless hair.It works well to use when I’m flat ironing my hair, since it makes my hair soft and flexible and helps keep it from looking too straight or brittle after using the iron on it. It has a light floral smell and it leaves my hair looking super soft, while still being very thick and full. This is a great product for all hair types.

Alta Washtucna, WA

Light, clean scent

This is a nice product and I like the pump container as is allows one-handed dispensing. It has a nice clean scent that is not overwhelming. I like how smooth and my hair looks after styling with this. I am not so sure if it improved breakage–I have a problem with breakage and I did not see improvement. Overall, I was very happy with this product. My hair is a bit difficult to work with and I am so happy when I come across a product that works well.

Leanna Kershaw, SC

Great hair protection with a heavenly smell that doesn’t cost as much as salon brands!

I got this product because I loved the smell of the awapuhi ginger shampoo, conditioner, and hair whip that my hairdresser always uses on me. Their salon sells those products, but at 4x the price of this one! I use this leave-in treatment twice a week to keep my hair healthy because I blow dry my hair daily and use a curling iron every other day. I wanna make sure I don’t get dry or split ends. The first time I used this, I used it together with the shampoo and conditioner. They all smelled as heavenly as the salon brand and worked just as well at considerably less than the salon price! I use this product just before going to bed and massage it from roots to tips, putting more on the tips, then allow my hair to dry naturally. The next morning I just rinse my hair in the shower then blow dry it before going to work. The smell stays on in the hair overnight so I feel comfortable that my hair smells great . I just wish Suave also has a mousse equivalent that I can use for those days I style/curl my hair. This product is also great in detangling your hair and calming the frizzies.

Pam Desert Hot Springs, CA

Awapuhi Ginger and Honeysuckle

Suave is coming up with more and more great hair products; this one is no exception. The scent of Awapuhi Ginger and Honeysuckle makes me think of tropical flowers-very nice. I like the fact that the bottle has a pump, which makes it easy to apply the right amount to my hair. The fact that it’s a "light" leave-in cream is good for my straight colored hair too. It works great, smells good and is priced right. A winner!

Evangelina Goldsboro, NC

Great as a conditioner AND detangler!

My hair is colored AND recovering from massive hair loss due to some health issues last summer. As I have found over the years that I prefer leave-in conditioners to rinse-out, and I was already trying the shampoo that goes with this, I figured I would give it a go. I really like it. The smell is fantastic, and the conditioner is light like a detangler so it doesn’t weigh my hair down. I immediately noticed a difference the first time I used it, and in fact, my daughter commented on how soft my hair felt.I have also been using it in her hair, as she is only seven and hair-brushing is NOT her favorite time of the day. As a detangler for her hair, it has been wonderful. It doesn’t leave hair greasy and it is very light. I’m not sure it would be great for severely damaged hair, but for normal to slightly dry, it’s my new go-to.

Enid Patchogue, NY

Beautiful tropical fragrance. Easy to use

This seems to me to be as easy to use as hair products get. Just put some squirts on hands and work deeply into hair, them work away from roots, using hands or comb. It provides a completely natural appearance with soft but fuller hair. I love the exotic, tropical scent.

Luz Weesatche, TX

Not Many Benefits

I normally really like Suave products but this one doesn’t really do anything to my hair. It just adds a step in my hair routine without any added benefit. If you don’t use regular conditioner when you shampoo then you may like a product like this but it didn’t have an added benefit for me. I wash and condition my hair in the shower and I look for products that are going to help me soften, moisturize, defrizz, protect, and detangle my hair before blow drying. If a product doesn’t at least some of those, it is a waste of time and money for me. I didn’t find that this did any of those.It advertises that it provides noticeable hair benefits making hair stronger to prevent breakage for thicker, fuller looking hair that’s easier to style. To be fair, it doesn’t really advertise to do any of the things that I look for in hair products. We all want stronger hair but I really expect that from a regular conditioner, with a leave-in conditioner, I’m expecting a little more.I also do not care for the scent of this so it’s not a product that I would reorder again in the future.

Charmaine Lewiston, MI

Super Effective, Super Inexpensive …

When I noted the generous size of this bottle, there was immediate judgement: “This cannot possibly be any good!” I have paid a small fortune for bottles more than half this size! Nonetheless, I gave this leave-in a try. I first washed with Suave Split-End Repair Shampoo, followed with the matching conditioner, and then used three pumps of the leave-in. It smelled fantastic! And, it was easy to evenly distribute through my hair. It seemed to act as a detangler since my brush easily passed through my still damp hair. And, once my hair was entirely dry? Gorgeous!! Bouncy, shiny, smooth, and silky.I will admit I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I have tried considerably more expensive products that seem only to weigh-down hair or feel greasy. This product is light, effective, and super inexpensive.Another win for Suave!

Kimberley Bellingham, MA

Terrific for when I want my style to be loose natural curls

The Salon scent was a winner. I like that it doesn’t leave my hair "hard" when you touch it. It’s a good leave in conditioner providing a bit of moisture and shine.The Awapuhi Ginger is a hair strengthener. Free from parabens and dyes,For my hair type: brown (highlighted blonde with foils every 6 weekes), 50 year old, curly, Irish, sometimes flat-ironed/sometimes not, trimmed every other month. I use 2-4 pumps in palms and rub hands together and apply to the ends only then comb through. Any other type I would try one pump and go from there – I can see how fine hair or oily hair would need very little before it would be weighed down.

Bernadette Mount Washington, NH

works great

I love this leave in condtioner. I use it a couple of times a week to make my hair extra soft. I like the scent of it and I like that it is not heavy and doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Tara Humboldt, KS

Smells great

This is a lovely, light cream. I just used about a nickle’s worth and spread it through my hair when it was damp.It smelled heavenly. It is light and fresh and really clean. It stuck with me enough that if I shook my hair I could smell it faintly but it it not overpowering.This kept my hair softer and reduced tangles a lot. I really love this one.

Debora New Limerick, ME

Best Used on Hair Textures 2a-c -and- 3a-c Textures. Good Used on the Ends of Hair Textures 4a-c.

Best Used on Hair Textures 2a-c -and- 3a-c Textures. Good Used on the ENDs of Hair Textures 4a-c. This little lite moisturizer works pretty good. I tried it on the heads of different family members with different hair textures and the 1st sentence was the results from that experiment. Now, I’m a 4a texture and this moisturizer gets sucked up immediately by my hair but ends seem to love it. I put it on my ends then I put an Oil over it and it works well. This is my new end moisturizer.

Ethel Mohall, ND

Great product!

I find if I use this I can use much less conditioner and/or cheaper brands of conditioners. I probably could get by without using any conditioner although I’m unwilling to test that hypothesis. This stuff does make my hair much softer and easier to comb through, and I think it acts like a "de-frizzer" too, certainly I don’t necessarily need to use any other products in my hair after using this (depending on the style I am going with that day).This product was a big win for me. I’ve tried other similar products that I liked, but I felt this one had the best effect.

Phoebe Newtonville, NJ

THE BEST YET!! (Absolutely!!)

My hair is long, wavy/curly and I have been dying it for years. Over time, the texture of my hair has changed, and I am always in search of great conditioners — especially leave-in conditioner. To my surprise, Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Awapuhi Ginger and Honeysuckle Light Leave-In Cream has got to be one of the best EVER. After using this just once, my hair looks new again. For real. The ends of my hair look and feel as good as the rest — the kind of look you get right after a trim! You only have to try this conditioner once to know that this is a miracle product at a budget price.The frizzy look I can sometimes get when I let my hair dry naturally is completely tamed, but my hair seems full and definitely not weighed-down with product. And — the shine is fabulous. So, I’d have to say that this new item from Suave is a conditoner, detangler, anti-frizz and shine serum — all in one. I will recommend it to everyone I know!! You must try it!!

Tricia Foley, MN


I think this is the best hair product by far that I have found that doesn’t cost an arm, leg and a fortune. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and leaves it feeling silky, soft and fluffy. I color my hair so it’s hard to find products that don’t strip it or weigh it down. I will definitely buy more of this and highly recommend it. I have really been very satisfied with everything in the Suave Professionals Hair Product line. A definite keeper. Keep it up Suave. I’m a loyal customer!!

Doris Bethania, NC

sleek and shiny hair

I was half convinced before I even tried this product that I wasn’t going to like it. I figured it would just be like the Awapuhi Ginger & Honeysuckle Anti-Breakage conditioner, and as someone who sometimes puts actual, regular conditioner (rather than special leave-in conditioner) in her hair after towel-drying it, I thought this is just going to be a way to get people to spend more money to buy another product when you could just put the aforementioned conditioner on your hair instead. However, I was wrong.Using this on my hair after applying and rinsing out the anti-breakage conditioner, as well as studying the ingredients list of both products I can see these products are different. I like both equally and I like using them in conjunction with each other. This leave-in conditioner is full of cyclopentasiloxane, which is a silicone used to soften hair, add shine, and help other products penetrate. It then mostly evaporates, leaving just the stuff it helped to penetrate and distribute (so the directions call for four pumps, which seems like a lot of product, but later the water, alcohol and cyclopentasiloxane will be gone and it won’t actually be that much product in your hair.) In this case, the other products aren’t the ginger and honeysuckle so prominently featured on the packaging – that’s just dumb hype – but the cyclopentasiloxane is helping things like glycerin, mineral oil and petrolatum penetrate as well as helping other, non-evaporating silicone do its stuff.That doesn’t sound so fancy…imagine if it said "infused with mineral oil and petrolatum", it probably would not inspire you to buy it BUT the end effect is very nice, and if you don’t like it, it should wash out well with most any shampoo. I put this in my hair and then on the more damaged portions of my hair added just a touch of the Suave Moroccan Infusion Argan Styling Oil, which I added a few drops of actual, 100% argan oil to, and my hair turned out nice and smooth and silky looking (not it’s natural state these days.) So, overall I think this does a good job. (Not the product you want for lots of body, but good for sleek and silky styles.)

Consuelo Nutrioso, AZ

Makes hair really soft…

My hair is course and even though I use conditioner I still feel like it’s not as soft as I would like. I have started using this even after using conditioner and I really like the effect. My hair is much softer and looks better. Plus I think it helps save your hair from damage from a hair dryer and curling iron over time. If your hair is a little oily normally I would use less than directions say. They say 1 to 2 pumps of lotion but I only use one and my hair is short. The stuff smells really good too!

Annabelle Webbers Falls, OK

Light weight and light scent, but definite strength

I’ve been using this light leave-in cream for a few weeks now, and I’m really liking what it does to my hair. Because my hair is pretty long and curly, it tends to tangle if I don’t condition it quite regularly. Since I don’t wash it every day, I like to use a leave-in conditioner that will help with combing.Other leave-in conditioners have made my hair feel weighted down. I like this leave-in because once it’s in, I can style my hair, and by the time it’s dry (whether I blow dry or let it dry naturally), my hair doesn’t feel heavy and it doesn’t look flat. I’m also able to use this several days in a row without feeling like I’m getting a greasy buildup.I’ve used this on both wet and dry hair and find that it’s easy to distribute through my hair either way. The scent is light and pleasant. I actually got a random compliment on the scent of my hair when I hugged a friend. The scent is just slightly floral, but it’s very clean and not so strong as to overpower or clash with any other perfumes or lotions you might wear.

Angela Coleman, MI

Best Leave In Conditioner I Have Ever Used

I am not the kind of person who always puts products in my hair. But this winter has been extremely bad with making my hair feel dry and lifeless. Not to mention all the static. No any more. While this leave in is a little on the watery side, it seems to make up for it in other areas. After using my hair is extremely soft. It never has extra residue, nor does it leave my hair feeling stiff or greasy. This is my new go to when my hair needs a quick pick me up.

Nicole Ravenna, NE

Less is More, Scent it Sweet and Subtle

Suave Professionals Leave in Conditioner is amazing. It left my hair soft, sweet smelling, and looking shiny yet not overly so. The recommended amount is 3-4 pumps for your hair, however, I found that amount to be a bit too much for my thick shoulder length hair. One pump was definitely enough to get the job done, and it felt much lighter than when I went overboard with the 3 pumps I tried initially. This obviously will vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair.The scent of the conditioner is very good – if you like ginger it will leave a soft subtle scent in your hair. Overall, the conditioner worked very well, and I found no major issues with it. I will definitely be keeping this one in my hair care rotation. Highly recommended!

Sherrie Rehoboth, MA

I have to rinse it out

Good smell, makes hair nice and soft. However, I have to put it in my hair like normal conditioner and then RINSE it. It leaves my baby fine hair looking dirty if I don’t rinse it out…and it’s not meant to be rinsed. If you have baby fine hair, may not be the best for you either. I do love what it does to my hair but it’s not a "leave in" for me.

Myrna Robertsdale, AL

Great leave in conditioner…

I rotate my hair products, typically Paul Mitchell, L’oreal, Pantene, Tresemme and Suave and while people wont normally put Suave in that category for me it is. It performs just as well if not better in some cases. I really like this conditioner. For me I have hair that goes through allot of styling, coloring and other chemical procedures and this helped my hair feel soft, look great feel strong and manageable. My stylist is always telling condition condition condition so leave in conditioner are great way to make sure I get that done.

Rebecca Allen Junction, WV