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Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo, 12.6 Ounce

Infuses Hair with Keratin Protein The Keratin Infusion line from Suave Professionals is formulated with Keralock Technology. This revolutionary system infuses hair with keratin and leaves it sleek, smooth and easy to style. View larger Formulated with Keralock Technology This lower* sulfate, pH-balanced shampoo, formulated with Keralock Technology, gently cleanses while infusing lost keratin inside the hair fiber and provides lasting smoothness. Directions for Use Apply. Lather. Rinse. For best results, follow with Keratin Infusion Smoothing/Care Conditioner. To enhance smoothness, try Keratin Infusion Leave-In Conditioner. *vs. current Suave Professionals Shampoos. What’s in the Box Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo, 12.6 Ounces. Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo contains keratin and gently cleanses & seals hair cuticle for: 48 hour frizz control Smooth & manageable hair Easy styling

Key features

  • Pack of two, 12.6-ounce bottles of Suave Professionals® Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo
  • Lower sulfate, PH-balanced shampoo for smoother, more manageable hair
  • Gently cleanses hair while infusing hair fiber with keratin–for lasting smoothness
  • Controls frizz for up to 48 hours

Honest reviews


Not what I expected

My hair is long, naturally curly, and can be difficult to manage at times. I wear it curly 24/7 and just towel-dry it, style it and go. With that being said, I was hoping this shampoo & conditioner would make my curls look smooth and frizz-free when dry.On the first day I used these products, I could tell a slight difference in the way my hair felt even while it was wet. However, the ultimate test was when it dried, and sure enough, my hair felt soft and smooth after it dried. I was pretty optimistic at this point. But these products claim to keep your hair frizz-free for 48 hours…um, no. It didn’t even keep my hair frizz-free on the first day, let alone the second!The only thing it did was change the way my hair felt. But hey, for $2.74 a bottle at Wal-Mart, you get what you pay for I guess. Maybe it’s just my hair type, maybe my expectations were too high, whatever it is I will probably not be buying this product in the future.

Maggie Northwood, IA

makes my hair soft and smooth and shiny

i got this shampoo because i had gotten the keratin treatment MONTHS ago and it hard worn out (I DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR USING WITH A RECENT TREATMENTS! -it has LOW sulfates that can undo the process).my hair has been so dry lately that i need a little boost. with just the first wash in the shower i cud feel my hair more smooth, then the conditioner really made it smoother and by the time i got out of the shower i cudnt stop touching my hair 🙂

Catherine Grays River, WA

Good for one hour

m yhair is short and extremely thick.I used it and i was really surprised for an hour. The next thing i knew my hair was dry and back to extremely thick . My hair is either to thick or the shampoo doesnt work well

Corrine Alna, ME

perfect companion to your Keratin treated hair

This shampoo is the perfect companion (along with the conditioner as well) to the Suave Keratin infusion 30 Day smoothing system. It helps keep hair smoother, softer, with less harsh chemicals. I would note that it contains LESS sulfates, and is not sulfate free,(my reason for 4 stars and not 5) but I still find it leaves my hair soft, shiny and smoother than regular anti-frizz shampoos. If you have had a Keratin smoothing treatment done or just want to tame your dry, frizzy hair, this is a great shampoo and is much less expensive than other brands.

Marisol Beech Bluff, TN

Way better than some expensive products

I absolutely love this shampoo and have NO IDEA how I will survive if they discontinue it. I have tried (and had problems with) Renpure and Nexxus shampoos and conditioners, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something that was a fraction of the cost. This shampoo smells amazing, it lathers and cleans REALLY well, and it leaves your hair feeling super silky and light. I have unruly/frizzy/wavy hair, and this product is able to keep it under control. I am not exaggerating when I say that after shampooing it already feels like you’ve conditioned your hair as well. This shampoo is great, and like I said it smells divine. Save yourself the disappointment and some money and buy Suave over the more expensive brands. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Ashleigh South Roxana, IL

No, I Do Not Recommend This Product

I was excited to try Suave’s professional line for the first time. I love trying new products. However, this shampoo is horrible.I am Native American and African American. My hair is VERY long and thick. I started shampooing my hair and it got extremely tangled. It was hard to even distribute the shampoo throughout my hair because it was so tangled and I had to very carefully pull my hair apart to clean it thoroughly. Of course I could have went out and got a detangler, but I’ve never had to use a detangler on my hair and if I knew it was going to get in such a tangled mess, I never would have bought it. At first I thought that since it had stripped my hair so badly of all the oils, that it was the main cause of the tangled nightmare and that it could be rectified once I did a deep condition. I was WRONG and naive! My hair was still a tangled mess after the deep condition. I’ve never in my life seen nor experienced my hair being so tangled. I spent about an hour longer on my hair than normal because it took so long to get it untangled. I spent more time on detangling it than actually getting it blow dried.I bought it at my local grocery. It was actually on clearance (hmmm… wonder why) so I didn’t lose much money at all. If I would have paid the regular price, I really would have been pissed. I still have over half of a bottle left of this shampoo and don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I’m tempted to throw it away. I may just find someone to give to or donate it to the Goodwill or something! I may give Suave professional line another try by trying one of their other shampoo products before I dismiss it altogether. But no, I will not be buying this particular product again.I apologize for the long-windedness! *LoL*

Janis Bristol, GA

Works for me, but Keratin may be potentially hazardous

According to ‘WiseGeek’ dot com, “Keratin shampoo is a hair care product designed to strengthen hair as it cleans. Manufacturers say that it tames frizz and makes hair less prone to breakage.” I had to look this up, because frankly, all I saw when I purchased it was the price (nice and low…) and ‘smoothing’ in the name. Then I took one sniff of the product and fell in love with both the scent and the idea of it.At the same time I purchased this shampoo at a local store, I also picked upSuave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Conditioner, 12.6 Ounce. For one week I’ve used the shampoo first, followed by the conditioner and then a cool rinse out of the conditioner before towel drying and then spraying my hair with a Morocan oil spray (a cheap one…). I’ve then blown my air dry on medium heat and followed the drying with flat ironing.My hair is color treated with Loreal Excellence color and is 30-50% gray underneath my unnatural medium brown. My hair is thick; almost coarse, and naturally very wavy – some would say curly. I’ve been having problems with hair loss, dry texture and breakage for months, which my doctor attributes to hormone fluxuations. I have had some success restoring the strength and moisture to my hair through supplements includingBiotin 5000 mcg, 180 Vegetarian Capsules – The Gold Standard Biotin for Hair Growth, Skin and Nails, but I’m always on the lookout for a shampoo that will consistently work its magic.Using this shampoo for the past week I’ve noticed an increase in softness, less fuzziness, and when I run my hands through my hair, it feels ‘sleek’ to the touch. Keratin infused products are supposed to be especially helpful to those who have hair that’s similar to my texture. Keeping a good moisture balance within the hair shaft.Once again from WiseGeek regarding potential dangers of Keratin shampoos in general:”Some treatments, including certain brands of shampoos, contain substances such as methylene glycol and formalin. **Neither of which did I read in the ingredients of this product.** When exposed to heat, such as that from hot water or a hair dryer, these become formaldehyde gas. This substance is a known carcinogen, meaning that it has been linked to cases of cancer…Allergic reactions can occur while using these shampoos…severe itching and rash. Hair loss is sometimes reported when using these hair cleaners.”I like this product very much, and for me, it’s doing wonders to the texture and feel of my hair. I think the reviewers who have issues with this product, would more than likely have problems with other Keratin infused products by other manufacturer’s too. It’s not necessarily this product, and it’s certainly not the fault of the reviewers, it’s simply not for everyone.For now I’ll keep using it, with the awareness of potential issues, and update this review if things change.

Kristina Oakwood, IL

added volume and strength to fine hair!

I love this shampoo I just bought my second bottle today. I have limp/fine hair which tends to get kind of knotty at the ends when it’s long. I used this shampoo daily for a week and each time I used it, I noticed more volume to my hair, it even looks longer (I know its not) but it looks so much better. I thought this stuff was supposed to straighten and smooth? well for my fine hair, this worked miracles. It really improved the overall look and manageability of my hair.

Maura Beaufort, SC


After several weeks of use, this item left my scalp very itchy and flaky. I have never had a serious scalp issues except seasonally, and have used many different shampoos over the years, including other Suave products, so it took me a little while to realize this product was the problem . I gave it 2 stars because it did keep my hair looking healthy and feeling nice. I would approach this product with caution.

Janna New Freedom, PA

great product

used this product a couple of times..i love the fragrance (light floral)..and it made my hair soft..great price as well!

Christina Woden, TX

keratin Shampoo.

I love this product. It works great. It makes my hair wonderful. It is soft. It is manageable. Great product for curly hair to go straight.

Vivian Little Mountain, SC

Great shampoo!

My hair is less frizzy and much smoother. The smell is ok, not the best, but not terrible like some reviews have said. I am giving this 4 stars simply because I was under the impression that it would do more to break my curl as I air dried.

Nichole Falmouth, ME

love it!

Great price. Love the way it makes my hair feel (smooth and soft). Lovely, mild fragrance. Like that it comes in a 2pk. Great value!

Joanna Fox, AR


Words cannot express how much I love this stuff!I have frizzy wavy hair, and while the ponytail part is generally fine, the hair around my face generally is just so fluffy frizzy horrible and the ends are dry and static-y.This shampoo and conditioner is just amazing; it moisturizes and softens my hair, and it radically reduces my frizz issues, while also magically not making my hair limp and flat.Another big secret, that I use with this conditioner too, that has really improved my hair quality, is “co-washing.” Use conditioner first, on the ponytail part and ends of the hair mainly, and let it sit in your hair while you’re showering. Then, rinse it out, and shampoo as normal. This helps your hair get so much more moisture from the conditioner, and still allows the shampoo to remove a bit of the dulling parts of the conditioner.If you have dry, frizzy or unmanageable hair, you need to try this!

Christa South Bay, FL

Best budget shampoo

I love the price as much as I love the product. Every time I use it my hair feels "lighter" than other shampoos. I use it with the matching conditioner and sometimes alternate with Suave Moroccan Shine Mask.

Joy Fort Myers Beach, FL