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Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner, 5.1 Ounce

Keratin infusion heat defense leave-in conditioner. Natural keratin and protein in hair depletes over time leaving it unmanageable, frizzy and harder to style. This dual-action lightweight formula, enriched with keralock technology both infuses keratin inside the hair fiber for ultimate moisturization and helps protect hair while heat styling.

Key features

  • 5.1 ounce bottle of suave leave in conditioner for frizzy and unmanageable hair
  • Dual-action, light-weight formula fights humidity without leaving residue
  • Contains keratin and seals hair cuticle to make hair smooth and shiny
  • Controls frizz for up to 48 hours

Honest reviews


Doesn’t Smell Great

This product made my hair shine but it smells sort of manly and is a bit sticky for my taste.

Angie Petersburg, ND

I have never been this impressed with a product

I want to preface my impending praise by giving a little info on my hair. It’s relevant, I promise!My hair is bleached to a platinum blonde, and dyed even further to tone out all pigment. It’s blow-dried at least twice a week, and naturally curly. So basically, my hair is a nightmare for keeping under control. It’s dry, frizzy, my curls are messy and prone to tangling. You can imagine how much trouble I have keeping it looking and feeling nice, and much less being manageable.I usually stick with my higher end (and higher price tag) products, but I got fed up with slathering 4 different kinds of crap on my head in order to make it look halfway decent. Everything I tried just didn’t cut it until I tried THIS STUFF.It was on sale at my grocery store for like $2 when the line first launched and I figured for that cheap why not try it? I’ve never looked back guys, it’s amazing! It feels like I’ve had a fresh haircut all the time despite not having had one for the last 4 months. My curls are perfectly put together now, and the ends are neat without a hint of frizz. It honestly looks like I spent a long time curling my hair with an iron instead of towel drying and a little squirt of this. I haven’t had a single tangle since I’ve been using it either, and I can’t stop running my fingers though my hair!Most importantly, my hair has NEVER been this soft, even when it was at it’s healthiest with zero dye and never having been touched by any heat tools, and the shine this baby give you is incredible! Anyone whose ever had bleached hair knows how hard it is to get the shine back in your hair. Even celebrities and models often have un-reflective and dull looking hair when it’s bleached or dyed super light, even in the sun it doesn’t look shiny. Not so with this. My hair shines like freaking diamonds now! That’s insane, my hair has never been shiny like this in my life.I really don’t think it gets any better than this. If it had this much impact on MY hair, as difficult as it is to make look good, it will work on ANYONE. I can’t recommend this enough. With the price and the effectiveness, you can’t beat it.

Eva Peach Bottom, PA

This product is a miracle

Well, firstly, it smells great so that is nice. My hair is so poofy that I have gone through product after product trying to get it to be shiny and smooth yet still touchable – I don’t want to have sticky, hard, gritty, nasty hair that I can’t touch, which is what you get from most products. This stuff keeps my hair from frizzing out yet doesn’t do any of the above. I use it both when I straighten my hair and when I wear it wavy (I use more a bit when it’s wavy). My hairdresser said to be careful using protein products every day, that it can make your hair brittle, but I think my hair must be pretty weak because I haven’t noticed that at all. On the contrary, my hair feels better than ever since I started using this.

Frances Cora, WY

Suave Karatine Leave In Conditioner

I love this product. I have the shampoo, conditioner and the leave in conditioner. I recommend these to any one who wants to keep hair healthy while making it straight.

Simone Whaleyville, MD


Makes my hair feel sticky when I use it. I was excited about such a cheap heat protectant, but I don’t like it and I will probably just throw it away.

Hollie Bowdon Junction, GA

Great leave in conditioner

This is a very inexpensive but very high quality item that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good leave in conditioner infused with keratin. Does not leave hair greasy or with additional residue, my hair loves it!

Stella Clairfield, TN


~I have 33" long thick hair (which I plan on cutting off 4 to 6" soon). It’s a *itch trying to comb through with a wet brush when it’s still wet but sometimes I have to.So I purchased this but honestly didn’t think it would be any different than all the many other products I’ve wasted money on, at least this was very inexpensive compared to the rest I passed on to someone else or threw away.But IT WORKS!!! I can hardly believe how well it works & for such a great price too!It’s now on my Amazon subscription to make sure I don’t run out of these little miracle worker.One more thing… it doesn’t make my hair feel ikkie, oily or heavier!

Susanna Johnsonburg, PA

No difference.

When I used this product along with the conditioner and shampoo, i don’t see much of a difference with my hair. Now, I can’t vouch for anyone else, but me myself see no difference.

Dora Sweet Home, TX