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Suave Professionals Flexible Control Mousse 7 Ounces

Helps Define and Hold Natural Curl Patterns The alcohol-free formula of Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse, with anti-frizz complex, helps define and hold natural curl patterns. The whipped cream texture combines light conditioners and control so that curls are touchable, not crunchy. This mousse provides for 24-hour touchable curls, View larger View larger Styling Tips and Instructions Shake can well and turn upside down. Dispense into hand and emulsify between palms. Squeeze the mousse into wet hair. Gently blot excess water out of hair with a squeezing motion and thin towel. This helps work in the mousse for even curl formation. Blow dry with a diffuser on low setting. Tilt head from side to side allowing heat to flow from ends into root. For shoulder length curls, use 1-2 golf ball size amounts. Use more for longer, thick textured hair. Use less for shorter fine textured hair. What’s in the Box Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse, 7 Ounces. Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse: For 24 hour touchable curls With anti-frizz complex Helps define and hold natural curl patterns

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Not as great as other cheap brands

I bought this mousse because it was cheap and I wanted to give it a try to see if it was as great as the expensive stuff. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the way it made my hair feel. It made my hair feel sticky, some what dry, and very hard. It does an OK job of holding my curls for half the day but by the end of the day my hair is a little frizzy. I tried it three times before I gave up on this stuff and bought my usual hair products. I find a great alternative is Tresemme’s Curl Life. It’s a few bucks more but well worth it. It leaves my curls soft and prevents my hair from humidity all day long.

Alba Cedar Lake, IN

Cream Mousse

I have tried a lot of hair products over the years. I have naturally wavy hair and it needed some frizz and softness control. I have tried other mousse products but have not found them to be something I would purchase again. I love the Suave Whipped Cream Mousse. It is part of my hair regiment these days. It controls the frizz and keeps my hair looking and feeling soft. I will continue to use this product and hope others will love it as much as my hair does. It is not runny and does not build up on my hair.

Hannah Delhi, IA

Makes my hair feel nasty!

I have very thick, long, curly hair (big, loose curls, not like afro type curls) that tends to get frizzy, but otherwise has a pretty ideal texture…my hair is soft, never seems dry, and I never get dandruff. I have a few go-to products that I like to use depending on what I’m going to do with my hair or what the weather is like, but I’d heard great things about this mousse, so I wanted to give it a try – and for the price, I couldn’t NOT try it, right? When I first dispensed the product, I was impressed at how thick it was, as many mousse products seem to fizz away right after you spray them out. I applied just the tiniest bit on the top of my head as I need a little something for frizz control, but don’t like putting much product near roots; then I applied a fair amount to the rest of my hair. When I finished, I was surprised how my hands felt….it felt like they were covered in butter or some other really greasy thing! The regular hand soap in my bathroom wouldn’t wash it off very well, I had to go to the kitchen and use dishsoap. This did help cut down on the frizz, but it also made my hair look stringy and my scalp and the area surrounding my face and ears were flaky and looked like I had really bad dandruff or something (ewww!). I gave it three tries, doing things slightly different each time and I just didn’t like this product at all!! So into the trash it went! Some other reviewers seemed to like it, so maybe it would be good for someone with really dry hair, but it didn’t work for me at all. Though for the price, I’m not all that disappointed that it didn’t work.

Susanne Luke Afb, AZ

Not effective

My hair isn’t pin-straight, but it isn’t curly either. This product left my hair stiff and greasy, nevermind the fact that my hair didn’t really have curls, just blobs sticking together. I would recommend this only if you’re using a curling iron and/or have curly hair already. For straight-haired girls who want to stay away from hot tools, this would not work. The only plus for me would be the nice scent.

Allene Utica, KY

The best!

I’m not sure what kind of magic they put into this product, but it is hands down, the best hair product I have ever used in my life (I have 3a curls). Every hair on my head is in perfect ringlets when I use it. It looks like I’ve spent hours meticulously forming each curl into the perfect ringlet. I have used my fair share of different products and none of them even come close to beginning to start to approach how awesome this product is. I hope they never stop making it because I will never stop using it. It’s so good that when I travelled recently and realized I forgot it and would have to go a whole week without, I went out and bought another (good thing it’s only $3). You have to use quite a bit more than you think you’ll need, at least a golf ball for just below the shoulder length. It feels disgusting and sticky and horrible right when it’s first in, but if you massage it around until there’s no white showing and let it dry, it is not crunchy or sticky at all. It’s very important you put it in when your hair is very wet. Don’t towel dry it first. After using this my curls are soft and touchable, something no other mousse has ever allowed.Update:This mousse is weirdly good as a straightening treatment. I applied this like normal, then decided I wanted straight hair that day. So I let it air dry until damp and got to work. My hair cooperated and then some. I straightened it, put it up in a bun and let it sit, then when I let it down my hair was glossy, sleek and looked JUST like Kate Middleton’s hair. I was told multiple times I had princess hair and how amazing it looked. How odd! That just more solidifies that this is an HG product for anyone with curly hair.

Tanisha Belmont, CA

Didn’t Really Like This Mousse

I’ve brought almost every mousse sold at the drugstore and this one was one of my least favorites. I think the whipped cream texture makes it sort of thick to apply to the hair.

Lynda Saint George, ME

I love this.

This mousse is better than the costly ones. It defines the curl,has great hold,and keeps your hair soft. I Love it. You canspend all your money looking for that perfect mouuse for curlyhair,or you can take my word for it and try this mousse.I recommend this to everyone with curls.

Celina Cooke City, MT

Not a Winner

I bought this for my husband who is not a beauty product using kind of guy but he has wavy almost curly hair that tries to fro on him if he doesn’t use a mousse that will really hold his hair to his head. Since he works outside, it has to be strong and it has to hold all day. Probably less than about a quarter of the products on the market will do a sufficient job of that for him. This one is one that didn’t work very well. By the end of the day, the hold lets go and his hair is pretty frizzy.Also I purchased two bottles and the second one that we used wouldn’t dispense the product half way through the bottle so we had to throw it away.

Audrey Panama, NE

The Perfect Mousse

AWESOME!! This is my favorite type of mousse and has been for awhile. It works perfectly to hold my curls and style my hair! LOVE IT!!!

Mavis Chattaroy, WV

Love it

Nice Mousse and great price. Dosent make hair feel weighed down but gives you control of your hair =) Smells nice as well.

Sharron Grand Ronde, OR

Good for a day

This stuff works great at defining curl and holding shape. However, my hair becomes dry like sandpaper after washing this stuff out. It takes me a week to restore balance to my hair. Therefore, I can only use this once in awhile when I have the patience to restore moisture back in that this stuff sucks out.

Brigitte Whitewater, WI



Sharron Gardiner, NY

Works Great!

I have to admit this is much better than I thought it would be. I use it along with a curly hair spray like Pantene. Nice curl shape.

Margaret Rosine, KY

Suave Professionals Mousse

This is a truly excellent hair product. It keeps hair looking beautiful and really enhances curls. It is so great for keeping beautiful hair throughout the day.

Ashley East Mc Keesport, PA

An ok product

Try Beyond Zone Noodle Head or Got 2 B Smooth Operator, I think they work best to manage curls.This was an ok product.

Nina Middleton, MI


I bought this mouse because of the price. It work ok on volumizing my hair but i do not like the film it leaves on my comb. Not a bad product for the price.

Mable Ledyard, CT


Not as good as Finesse Self Adjusting Curl Defining Mousse, 7 Ounce, but does an okay job for the price. I usually buy it if I can’t find Finesse or if I’m low on cash.I’m have thick, curly hair so use a relaxer (at home) every couple months to make it easier to manage. I am not a huge fan of spending hours and hours at salons to get my hair done and like a low maintenance hair regimen. So every morning I wet my hair while in the shower, towel blot, apply mousse, comb through, style and let air dry. Once dry, my hair is not sticky or stiff but soft to touch and wavy/curly. My hair ends tend to dry out a little with this product but does not with the Finesse Self Adjusting Curl Defining Mousse which is why I prefer Finesse.

Raquel New Hope, PA

Love it

this mouse really helps my curls to come out- I have longer hair & my natural curls do not last after a few hours, but this mouse really held the curls all day- it can be stiff if use too much. But I do like this if I want my natural curls to be seen

Leanne Arminto, WY

Soft perfect curls

I have very curly hair and I am always stuck putting a bunch of junk in my hair to keep my hair from getting frizzy and to define my curls. I took a chance and tried this, and am so glad I did. To start off I pumped quite a bit in my hand expecting to need a lot. Well you don’t…. A little goes a long way. I can use just this alone and have perfect curls with no greasy residue or crunchy hair. It definatly stands up to it claim of being as good as Redkin if not better, plus the price is great. I also have noticed my hair feels very moisuruzed after using this product.

Lana Whiting, ME

Nothing special, but boy is it affordable

What a great price! I mean, as I write this, it’s under $3 delivered in two days! That said, it’s nothing supernatural.In my experience, this stuff gives more a glossy look. If you want matte/transparent look, this might not be ideal for you.One thing I don’t like is how messy the top/cap get after several uses. The tip design just sort of allows for a mess to happen. Not a deal breaker though.Other thing I don’t like is the smell. It’s not a bad smell, it’s just a big too strong. This is coming from someone that has to get hypoallergenic everything, so keep that in mind. Most people won’t be bothered by it.

Michell Parsippany, NJ

Just Ok

This product holds curls nicely but leaves a nasty crunchy texture behind. Less is more with this one. I’d use half the product you normally do to limit the crunchy curly texture, unless you like that. 🙂

Kimberlee Smithville, MO


I wanted to try this mousse because I have tried the suave alcohol free spray gel and really liked it. This mousse, however, does nothing. It doesn’t define or keep curls any better than water and the small amount of "hold" it does have wears off in about an hour and leaves your hair with a greasy film. Don;t bother with this one

Enid Saint John, ND